Bizarre Things People Discovered That Baffled Everyone

The world is filled with incredible things, and some people are lucky to stumble upon them. Most of us are curious by nature, and when we find something extraordinary, we know we must share our discovery with the world. These people found some really weird stuff, asking others on the Internet what they could possibly be. While some mysteries were solved, many of these things still made us wonder what they could be…

20. A Door In the Backyard

This man from California was thinking of restoring his lawn but discovered a metal door. What did it hide? Believe it or not, but it was actually a fallout shelter! When he got inside it, he found out that it was even fully stocked!
“It was a little like walking into a home that someone had abandoned suddenly, but 50 years ago,” said John Rabe, a former host of a radio show that documented the contents of the shelter.

19. A Strange Book In The House

“I found this book inat my aunt’s house, it’s got really weird writing. What is it?” – asked Redditer lalesswatch. After a while, people explained that it was actually a Masonic book written in code. A few users even told her what some of the symbols meant: +| = “the”, ∓ = “temple”, @ = “and”, % = “of”!

18. Finding The Culprit

What’s so baffling about the whatisthithing subreddit is that it also helped solve a crime! A police officer did some research and found out that someone discovered at the place of a hit and run a car part. Reddit user identified the part, which belonged to a 1986 Chevy K-10, and the driver was arrested!

17. A Giant’s Shoe

This woman found a size 20 shoe in a thrift store and couldn’t resist taking a photo of it! Did you know that the biggest foot in the world belongs to a man from Venezuela? His shoe size is 25!
Wait until you see another strange discovery at # 13 while fishing…

16. Under the Kitchen Counter

“What is this thing under the kitchen counter of my new apartment?” – asked Gesh777 on Reddit. While many wondered what it could have been, someone explained that it was an arc chute. This item was in quite a strange place because it definitely didn’t need to be used there.
“The previous resident must’ve been using it for something completely different. Which is a whole new can of worms in itself,” concluded Gesh777.

15. It’s Not A Frozen Leaf

Cusackjeff shared with other Reddit user this photo of a strange transparent leaf which was not frozen! It was transparent! This is a natural process called decellularization, but scientists can also do it in labs using special tools.
Talking about tools, here’s an antique “table.”

14. Is This a Table?

“Inherited this table from my dad. He used it as a sofa back for years,” said skippyjet. He thought it was a table, but it was actually an antique Roubo-style workbench. It has two wooden vices – one on the short side and the other one far right, on the long side.

13. Lucky To Be Alive!

Noriell shared these photos, telling Redditor: “Found this when fishing in Latvia, weighs more than 250 lbs. Maybe an old bomb?”
Believe it or not, but this man is lucky to be alive! He took what it is an actual naval mine from 1887 out of the water, rolled it uphill and opened to see what was inside… “Was pretty fun tho,” he said, admitting that it was not a smart decision.

12. What’s With The Door?

“Found some sort of a door. Any idea what it’s used for?” – asked Shoretrooper_70. While some theorized that it was used for storage, more people suggested it was actually an old Lime kiln. Even a local jumped in to explain that it was indeed used for cooking lime and people would do it there to make sure the gases don’t spread in the town square.
Here’s another strange door at #6!

11. “Machine tool?”

“It’s a box tool of some sort, the type I have used on turret lathes have two rollers instead of the three guides there. It might be for wood,” thought iolithblue, asking others their opinions.
It’s an old ratchet threader, explained a Reddit user. The next car part also helped solve a mystery…

10. Another Old Car Part

“Some driver hit one of our neighbor’s horses. I would appreciate it if I could find out what this car part went to,” explained unity57643 on Reddit. People immediately said that it was either part of a Plymouth Reliant from the end of the 1980s or part of a Chrysler model from the ’80s since they both had the same logo back then.

9. A Tall Wooden Box

Fabian_sigrist took to Reddit and asked others what was that strange tall wooden box he had: “it’s open on one end with a hole on the other end. What is this for?” It turned out that it was used to store wine, and he tested it on a bottle, and it perfectly fit!

8. A Strange Lock on the Side of a Car

“Noticed this weird thing on the side of this car near the light in London,” said steventb93. While not many people get to see it, a person had the answer:
“I see a lot of diplomatic vehicles in my line of work, and this is how they attach the little flags.”

7. Wiggly Giggly

While you might think this is a chew toy for dogs, think again! It actually is a toy for kids called Wiggly Giggly. The toy is very durable, and this is why many people do buy it for their dogs to play with and chew it!

6. Winnie-the-Pooh Home?

Someone found Winnie-the-Pooh’s house in a forest and people lost their minds, asking the person to go back there and knock to see if Winnie was home.
“Next time i will open it, i had no idea it was functional, as others have pointed out,” said Ed_Tivrusky_IV, the guy who found the tiny door.

5. A Strange Box

JasonOnTheBeach explained on Reddit that he found a rather strange box and thought that it could be a camera, considering it had a lens on one side… It did turn out that it was a vintage box camera, named Kodak No 2A!

4. A Tube of Balls… In the Wall!

What would a tube of balls do in a wall? byu/R6Dragon explained that h just moved in a home that was built in the mid-90s, and couldn’t figure out what this thing was. It turned out to be a termite indicator, and the green balls can still tell you if there are termites! Lucky for him, there were none…

3. A Hairy Fruit?

“Found at work, very hard and has hair on it,” said backwoodsbackpacker in the Reddit thread. People explained that it was called Hedge Ball, and it was the fruit of a hedge apple tree called Osage orange.

2. It’s So Pretty!

Reddit user Mrdazjames found a very strange ball that was actually made of glass and was all covered in seashells. We hope he took it home as a souvenir!

1. The Strange Foldable Hook

“This weird foldable hook. No idea what year it’s from,” wrote BAMBOOZLE_. People told him it was a pocket fishing spear.
We must admit these things were quite strange! Lucky for other Reddit users, or else we couldn’t solve half of the mysterious items!

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