Regular Food We Love That It’s Actually Dangerous

We all have a favorite food, and depending on the countries we live in, the diet is quite diverse! While a lot of foods are delicious, many of them can damage our bodies without even knowing it. Whether it is consumed in too high amounts, raw, or you are allergic to it, the foods in our list are very dangerous! Here’s what you should know about some dangerous fruit – such as #14 elderberries, veggies – yes, even potatoes or broccoli #5 -, and processed food that can threaten our lives if we eat them the wrong way.

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20. Wild Raw Almonds Contain Chemicals

The almonds we get from the stores are safe to eat, but the ones in the wild are dangerous. The bitter ones contain chemicals that our bodies break down and turn them into cyanide. Eat wild bitter almonds only after you cook them to break down the chemicals.

19. Green Potatoes Are Dangerous

While potatoes are a common part of our diet, make sure you never eat green potatoes. The ones that are under-ripe contain solanine, which causes vomit and even leads to cardiac arrest. Here’s something strange you might not have heard of about the next spice…

18. Spicing Up Food With Nutmeg

If you use Nutmeg in higher doses, it can lead to convulsions and can make people hallucinate. In even higher doses, it leads to temporary psychosis and death.
Always make sure you use ingredients in moderation, no matter how safe they seem to be.

17. Tomato Stems and Leaves

Although tomatoes are safe to eat, its stems and leaves contain glycoalkaloids that can cause painful stomach cramps. They’re not deadly, but still… The next veggie is deadly if you don’t cook it.

16. Uncooked Yucca

The root vegetable is very popular, but it contains glycosides that are poisonous and deadly for humans. This is why yuuca must be dried and cooked before you eat it. Here’s something you should not eat at all!

15. Apricot Seeds

I don’t know about you, but when we were kids, we’d eat a few apricot seeds and had no idea that they were poisonous! The chemical apricot seeds contain is called amygdalin, and when consumed, our bodies converts it to cyanide!

14. Raw Elderberries

Just like the apricot seeds, our bodies can also convert glycosides from raw elderberries into cyanide. But you can eat elderberries if you cook them properly.
Talking about cooking food properly…

13. Raw Castor Beans

Castor beans are used to make castor oil, and it’s helpful for when you feel sick. However, you should never try eating a raw castor bean because it has enough poison that it can kill a person. Raw castor beans are used to make ricin.

12. Uncooked Kidney Beans

While raw kidney beans are not poisonous like castor beans, these contain a toxin that will make your stomach ache. The toxin is called phytohaemagglutinin, and it’s eliminated after you cook it.

11. Raw Honey

Unpasteurized honey contains alkaloid chemicals that can make you vomit, causes headaches, and in some cases, it’s even deadly! Honey is delicious, but must be properly pasteurized.

10. Popcorn Prepared In The Microwave

If you want to eat some fresh popcorn, don’t cook it in the oven! The inside of the popcorn bags is filled with harmful chemicals and release perfluorooctanoic acid, which has been connected with the increased risk of prostate and liver cancer.

9. Fugu, The Dangerous Japanese Dish

Specially licensed chefs prepare a dish made from puffer fish. The fish contains a poison called tetrodotoxin, which paralyzes and asphyxiates humans, if not properly prepared. Fugu is known to be a notorious dish.

8. Peanuts – Serious Allergies

While most foods we’re allergic to should be off limits, peanuts are a common nut that people have allergies to. Unfortunately, those that are allergic to peanuts react even to a slight peanut/peanut product and can asphyxiate. Always make sure to ask people if they are allergic or intolerant to foods before giving them a snack.

7. Rhubarb’s Leafy Part Is Toxic

The sweet veggie that tastes like fruit can be dangerous if you eat the leafy part. Although eating some leaves isn’t lethal, they contain oxalic acid, which makes you nauseous and causes vomiting.

6. Margarine Linked to Cancer and Heart Disease Risk

Margarine is not poisonous or deadly, but it contains hydrogenated oils, also known as “trans fats,” which are linked to many health issues including cancer and heart disease.

5. Broccoli Not Good for Thyroids

Even though the cruciferous vegetable is very healthy, it contains thiocyanates that lead to the development of hypothyroidism. Make sure you don’t eat too much of it!

4. Eating The Right Kind of Mushrooms

Some of the most dangerous foods are mushrooms. Those bought from the stores are safe and not poisonous, but the wild ones can cause many symptoms: nausea, vomiting, kidney failure, and can even be deadly.

3. Shellfish – Serious Allergies

Just like peanuts, shellfish are tasty, but only to those that are not allergic to it! A protein in shellfish can react as a poison to allergic people. Some of the symptoms are swelling and asphyxiation.

2. Raw Cashews Are Dangerous

Cashews are delicious, but if you eat them raw, you’re going to have a very bad time. They contain a chemical that exists in poison ivy – urushiol. They also contain anacardic acid which burns the skin and is poisonous. Cooking the nuts will get rid of the chemicals.

1. Raw Milk

Finally, raw milk and unpasteurized dairy products are a risk we shouldn’t take, especially if we give them to children! They can carry listeria and E. Coli, so we’d better boil the milk before consuming it!

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