These 25 Celebrities Live More Modestly Than You’d Think

When you think about a typical celebrity home, what probably pops to your mind are ludicrous mansions that are worth millions. After all, wouldn’t you choose to live in a mansion if you earned millions of dollars each year? Well, even though this is the case for most famous and successful stars, some of them have chosen to keep it simple, and still live in modest homes. Here’s a list of 25 stars who live in simple homes, despite earning fortunes.

#25. Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz is a famous singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He is most famous for being the bassist of Fall Out Boy, one of the most popular rock bands of this past decade. But unlike most musicians, his former house was not opulent at all.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

His former understated home was worth one million dollars, and it was surrounded by trees, bushes, and exotic plants. Even though he has recently moved to a much larger and pricier house, he has proved that he is not the typical overindulgent rock star.

#24. Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson is a millionaire American fashion designer, and as such, one would imagine her home to be a very lavish one. However, to everyone’s surprise, she has lived for over a decade in a small yet beautiful Manhattan apartment.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

After giving birth to her first son, Ronson and her husband moved to a bigger and fancier apartment in the same neighborhood. But despite this change, their current home is still nothing compared to the mansions of America’s most successful stars.

#23. John Krasinski

John Krasinski is a successful American actor who reached the peak of his career in 2005 after his first appearance in The Office. He worked in that TV show for quite some time until 2013, though he acted in several films in the meantime.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

Surprisingly enough, Krasinski lived in this modest understated house throughout most of his adulthood. This two-bedroom, two-bathroom bachelor pad was worth nearly $1 million, which is not that much compared to his savings. In 2011, he decided to go for a bigger and fancier house, which he very much deserved.

#22. Kesha

Kesha is an American singer, rapper, and actress, and she’s been performing ever since she was 18 years old. Her first big hit came in 2009 when she featured Flo Rida’s famous single Right Round. This famous pop singer lived in this small bungalow in Venice, California, until 2015, which she purchased for $1.6 million.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

Take a look at the picture above. Even though the house is beautiful, it’s far from what one would imagine from a millionaire pop singer like Kesha. She could’ve gone for a Beverly Hills mansion, but she chose to keep it humble and dial down the opulence.

#21. Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling has acted in dozens of successful comedies such as Trick and Scary Movie 2. But instead of settling down in LA as most Hollywood actresses, she has constantly moved from house to house and from city to city. In fact, between 2010 and 2016, she moved a total of 8 times!

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

After these crazy years, she finally decided to settle down in a simple and understated house in Malibu together with her husband and four children. Apart from the century-old oak wood flooring, her house is super simple, at least under Hollywood standards.

#20. Michael Symon

Although he’s not as famous as most stars in this list, Michael Symon is a successful actor, TV host, and chef. But even though he earned millions of dollars co-hosting the cooking show The Chewthe house that he recently bought is not precisely the typical Hollywood mansion.

Photo: Courtesy of Best LIfe

In 2017, he bought a property in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, for about half a million dollars. The house boasts five bedrooms, an amazing kitchen, and an enormous garden, but its quite humble compared to the average mansion of an American actor.

#19. Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry is a talented singer, songwriter, and actor, who became famous as the fourth-place contestant on American Idols fifth season. But although he now lives in a rather luxurious mansion, during the first years of his fame he lived in a much humbler house.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

His former house was located in Oak Ridge, North Carolina, and he purchased it for $690.000. As you can see in the picture, his house was extremely beautiful and quite big, but let’s not forget that he lived there with his wife and four children.

#18. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is most famous for her role in the romantic comedy 500 Days of Summer and in TV series Good Girl. But even though she earned nearly $100,000 in each episode, she was always quite modest when it came to spending.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

Deschanel bought this simple yet beautiful home for $1.7 million when she could’ve easily afforded a house ten times the price. In 2015 she sold this property and bought herself a new house in Manhattan Beach, but this time for $5.8 million.

#17. Vincent Kartheiser

American actor Vincent Kartheiser is most famous for his role as Pete Campbell in TV drama series Mad Men in which he starred from 2007 to 2015. But until 2014, Kartheiser lived in a simple yet cozy home… well, simple with Hollywood standards, of course.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

To be more precise, the actor lived in a 580-square-foot cabin, being the smallest house included in this list. And do you know how much it was worth? He bought it in 2003 at $547,000, which is nothing compared to his multi-millionaire fortune. In 2014, he moved in with his wife, Alexis Bledel, to a much bigger house, also in LA.

#16. Simon Helberg

Simon Helberg gained international fame after his performance in the TV comedy Big Bang Theory, in which he impersonates the geek and engineer Howard Wolowitz. Can anyone guess how much he earned playing this role? A whopping $1 million per episode!

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

In spite of this, Helberg lived most of his adulthood in this humble yet charming little house, which he purchased in 2008 for $950,000. A couple of years ago, he sold this 5-bedroom cottage and moved to a much bigger house. He definitely deserved it!

#15. Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo and Grey’s Anatomy are practically synonyms, aren’t they? Even though this American actress has actually starred in several films, she has spent the past 14 years playing the role of Meredith Grey in the famous TV drama series, and let’s be honest, she rocks at it.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

But can you believe that despite her millionaire fortune, this young actress used to live in a trailer? It was actually her second home since she also owned a mansion in LA, but it’s still very surprising! It turns out that she transformed her on-set trailer into a miniature home, and she sure did a good job decorating it! Do you know which actor also once lived in a trailer? Move on to #4!

#14. Adrian Peterson

NFL player Adrian Peterson is one of the best-paid football players in the US, and he has a net worth of $30 million. But while most famous sportsmen are extremely over-indulgent, Peterson seems to be an exception. In fact, he’s one of the two only sportsmen you’re gonna find in this list.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

In 2007, he bought this small house in Minnesota for only $665,000. I know it’s a lot of money, but not compared to his impressive fortune! Although he moved to New Orleans two years ago, he lived in this house with his wife and four children for nearly a decade. Go, Adrian!

#13. Dave Grohl

Here’s another rockstar who isn’t much of a spender. Dave Grohl first rose to fame when he joined the legendary rock band Nirvana, but he is most known for being the lead singer of the rock band Foo Fighters. Believe it or not, this artist is worth somewhere around $280 million. 

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

However, despite his unbelievable fortune, his former house was simple and modest. In fact, Grohl purchased this house in 2007 for $3 million and lived here until 2015. You’re probably asking yourself the same question that I am: if not on the house, what did he spend his money on?

#12. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest basketball legends of all time. But while most athletes of his level tend to go for extravagant and ridiculously lavish mansions, O’Neal proved that he’s more of a low-key kind of guy. Take a look at the house below: can you guess how much it was worth?

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

O’Neal bought this five-bedroom and four-bath house for only $235,000, making it the cheapest property in this list. Although this is not his only home – since he owns two or three more – it’s clear that this renowned athlete chooses to lead a rather modest lifestyle.

#11. Ellen Page

Ellen Page began acting at a very young age and earned her one and only Oscar nomination at the age of 20 for her performance in JunoBut even though she has a net worth of nearly $20 million, her home is worth a bit less than $1 million.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

I’m not saying that her house isn’t beautiful, but how many Hollywood stars live in a 2-bedroom house? Without a doubt, Page is not only an extraordinary actress but also humbler and less indulgent than most American celebrities. Kudos for her!

#10. Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci began acting since she was a little kid, appearing in classic films such as Adams Family Values (2013) and Casper (1995). Therefore, it is safe to say that she has been earning fortunes ever since she was a young teenager. But what type of house does she live in?

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

Even though she recently moved to a beautiful mansion in New York City, she used to live in the same modest home in Los Angeles until 2014. Her 1,891-square-foot home was worth 1,5 million dollars, which is actually not that much compared to her $20 million fortune. What does she spend her money on, one may wonder?

#9. Elijah Woods

Even though he has starred in dozens of movies, Elijah Woods will always be remembered for his portrayal of Frodo in the Lord of the Rings franchise. But even though his fortune amounts to nearly $20 million, his house is only worth $698,750.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

Instead of buying a lavish Californian mansion, Woods has chosen to remain in his modest Victorian house in Austin, Texas. He was never much of an opulent person since his former residence was a half-a-million chalet in Santa Monica.

#8. Jack White

Jack White is an American singer, songwriter, and producer, most famous for being the lead singer of the rock duo The White Stripes. He has won a whopping 12 Grammy Awards and his three solo albums have reached number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

But despite his millionaire fortune, he recently purchased a home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for just $510,000. Being an architecture lover himself, White purchased this modern building from industrial designer George Nelson, and as you can see, there isn’t anything opulent or lavish about it.

#7. Robert Pattinson

We’re all secretly in love with British actor Robert Pattinson, aren’t we? Especially after his performances in the romance films Twilight (2008) and Remember Me (2010). But have you ever wondered where this millionaire actor lives?

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

After breaking up with Kristen Stewart, Pattinson moved out of his fancy LA mansion and settled down in this cozy ranch-style home in the Hollywood Hills. While Pattinson has a fortune of over $25 million, he spent barely more than $2 million on this beautiful yet simple house. And look at that garden! Wise choice!

#6. Lea Michele

We all remember Lea Michele’s brilliant performances starring Rachel Berry in the TV musical series Glee. And after seven years hitting it off in Glee and surprising the world with her singing abilities, she has really made a fortune.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

But even though she now lives in a far more opulent home, she spent the first years of her successful career living in this small and simple cottage. She sold this two-bedroom house in 2018 for $1.8 million. It looks so welcoming, that who wouldn’t want to live there?

#5. Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is a billionaire businessman and is considered one of the wealthiest investors in the whole world. But believe it or not, his home cost him 0.01% of his income. This means that either his house is modest, or he’s literally the richest man in history!

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

Even though he is quite rich, the truth is that the first of the two options is true: his house is very modest. In fact, he purchased his stone-walled home in 1958 for only $31.500. Ever since then, he has always lived in this beautiful house in the same old quiet neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. Who would’ve thought!?

#4. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is one of the most popular and well-paid actors of this century. But even though he currently lives in a mansion with his wife and three children, he used to live in a humble Airstream trailer during his bachelor days.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

The actor bought and renovated this trailer house in 2004, and he used to park it permanently along the Santa Monica coast. “The thing about small spaces is that they’re relaxing“, McConaughey once confessed. It’s hard to picture an Oscar-winning actor living in a trailer, right?

#3. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s big break came in 2011 thanks to her performance in Winter’s Bonewhich earned her her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Two years later, she won her first and only Oscar for her brilliant performance in Silver Linings Playbook.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

Ever since then, Lawrence has become one of today’s most talented and highest paid Hollywood actresses. But in spite of this, until 2014, she lived in a quaint townhouse, which she had bought for $879.000. This house had minimal furnishing and decor, unlike the opulence of most Hollywood mansions. In 2015, she moved to a bit more luxurious house.

#2. Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are without a doubt one of Hollywood’s most famous and beloved couples. Canadian actor Reynolds has been on screen for over two decades, though he is most known for his leading role in the Deadpool saga. Lively, in turn, has reached international fame after her role in teenage drama Gossip Girls.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

The couple’s net worth is nearly $90 million. However, the house they bought in Bedford, 40 miles outside New York City, is only worth $2.3 million. This beautiful home features a 1.7-acre garden, a sun porch, and even a library, but it is nothing compared to the $50-million mansions that most Hollywood couples own.

#1. Mark Zuckerberg

We all know who Mark Zuckerberg is, right? The Facebook creator and CEO is literally one of the 50 richest people in the world, with a $77.6 billion fortune. However, his home in Palo Alto, California, cost him only $7 million.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life

The house shown in the picture is definitely beautiful, but if we’re talking about one of the wealthiest people in history, one would have imagined a house at least five times bigger. According to NBC News, Zuckerberg doesn’t really care for luxurious amenities but just cares about offering his children a decent and nurturing home.

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