Dog Waits for Owner for a Month after California Fire

The deadliest fire in California’s history was just a few months ago when the dry season paired with powerful winds ignited Butte County and made tens of victims. People lost their lives, loved ones, homes, pets, and hope. But Andrea Gaylord still believed that she would be reunited with her dog Madison that she couldn’t take with her. The old woman was forced to quickly leave behind everything she loved…

Only a miracle would have saved these dogs, and she has a name!

20. Camp Fire Swept the State

Andrea Gaylord only had a few minutes to escape the terrible fire that was inching closer to her house. Madison was nowhere to be found, and the old woman wasn’t allowed to go search for them. The wind swept the blazes as she looked around helplessly, knowing she had to leave Madison behind…

19. State of Emergency

Acting California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared that the Northern California area was in a state of emergency. Everyone affected by the fire was frantically looking for their family members, posting on Twitter that they are looking for those that lived in other parts of the city.

18. Looking for Their Loved Ones

People were concerned about their loved ones and their pets that probably ran away like Madison. Even though the fire killed 85 people and destroyed almost 14,000 residences, Andrea hoped that Madison would survive. Here is what she did…

17. Help Me Find My Dogs!

Andrea hoped that someone would find her dog and called for help from local animal rescuers. Her plea was heard by Shayla Sullivan who could not stand by and not help the poor animals that were alone and frightened by the blazing fires.

16. Anxiety Settled In

The area engulfed by the fire was over 150,000 acres. It was almost a month since Andrea left her property. She was anxious about not finding Madison after the devastating fire. But Shayla had some good news. Here’s what she said about the rescue mission.

15. You Are Not Alone

Andrea was not the only pet owner that hoped to see her furry family member again. K9 Paw Print Rescue was contacted by Shayla, and they helped animals during this unfortunate event:

“Madison’s parents were unable to get home to him when the Camp Fire spread. They hoped and prayed he would be OK.” Then, Shayla stepped in!

14. She Spotted Pets on Properties

Shayla began wondering the city, surveying the burnt areas for lost pets. Then, she reached Andrea’s property and guess who she finds! It was a dog that looked like Madison, but here’s where it gets weird!

13. A “Flash of White Movement”

For three days, she would visit Andrea’s property, looking for Madison. Then, she sees a white dog approaching her. But then she sees another white fur further away! “The third day I went in there, I didn’t know if my mind was playing tricks on me, but I felt like I saw a flash of white movement down in the canyon,” she said. There were two Madisons!

12. Which One Is Madison?

On the K9 Paw Print Rescue page, Shayla later explained the entire story. It seems that the other white dog that approached her was Madison’s brother Miguel! She left food and water for the two dogs that seemed to protect the area and came back with a heartwarming surprise for Madison…

11. Sharing the Story

The next day, Shayla met Andrea and told her the good news, bringing her Miguel. But the owner had to wait a couple more days to be allowed to check her property and see Madison. So Shayla went with other rescuers to give Madison a t-shirt from his human to smell her scent and keep his hope alive.

Prepare for a tear-jerking moment at #7!

10. Waiting For His Human

“If (the evacuees) can’t be there I’m going to be and I’m not going to give up on their animal until they can get back in,” wrote Shayla on Facebook. And she was there for Madison who was waiting for his human, even after a month of being all alone…

9. He Wouldn’t Budge!

Andrea tried to lure and catch Madison so that she could reunite him with the owner, but Madison is a breed of dog that will not leave his owner’s property just like that. The only way to get him out there was by bringing Andrea there. Here’s how he reacts when she sees his human!

8. Not Giving Up!

The evacuation order was lifted, and Andrea rushed to see Madison. Shayla described the reunion as being the best feeling ever when Madison saw their truck: “After feeding him for almost a month, but NOT knowing he was for sure still there, seeing him was surreal.”

7. Comforting Feeling

The video that is now viral shows Madison following the truck and wagging his tail happy to see the woman that fed him. Then, he smells Miguel who was in the car with Andrea. The dog’s reaction is simply the best!

6. Finally Together

After finally being together with his human and his brother, Madison received treats and cuddles and then went with Miguel to protect the home, wrote the rescuer:

“Miguel took guard over the lower part of the property and Madison took the top.”

5. Andrea’s Spirit Uplifted

“Andrea’s spirit is uplifting and she hopes to rebuild a new home for the boys to watch over,” added Shayla on social media, who also asked people to help the ones that were affected by the fire.

Here’s what happened in the next couple of months with the two white protectors.

4. “Keep Hope Alive”

As we mentioned, many other animals were waiting for their humans. Shayle urged people to “keep feeding, just in case, and keep the hope alive!”

In an interview, Andrea said about Madison that “you could never ask for a better animal.”

3. The Best Dog

She was now filled with hope that among all the things she lost, her pup was still alive and well. As for her home, she is now living with her family in a mobile home park. What about the two dogs?

2. Madison and Miguel Are Protecting the Home

The two dogs still protect their property, but Gaylord’s family make daily trips to feed and care for the dogs. They are working dogs that need space to run, and living in a small mobile home wouldn’t be appropriate.

1. Survivors

Sullivan’s theory on how the dogs survived is that they outrun the fire and then went back to their home once it was safe. She concluded that the two are survivors and proof that we can always hope for the best when it comes to lost pets like Madison and Miguel!

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