Man Finds Box Abandoned On Road, But When He Looks Inside…

A man was driving on the road towards work during a cold winter morning when he saw a strange white box sitting in the snow. Curiosity got the best of the man and he looked closer at the box. What he saw shocked him! A small kitten was sitting inside the box and it was freezing cold. The man drove off, but he couldn’t bear the thought of what was going to happen to the poor kitten and he decided to do something about it.

20. Strange Box

This is the strange box that the man spotted on the side of the road. The box is white and it can barely be seen in the snow. Luckily, the man noticed it before he drove off.

19. A Look Inside

The man decided to call his daughter for help. She is the one who decided to post these pictures and the cruel story of how these two kittens ended up on the side of the road during this freezing winter morning. What they find inside broke their hearts!

18. Freezing Kitten

The man and his daughter decided to take a look inside the box and they couldn’t believe their eyes. A small kitten was hidden inside the box and it didn’t look healthy at all. The kitten’s health is in danger!

17. A Second Cat

To their surprise, the man and his daughter noticed that a smaller kitten was hidden in the back. They have been sitting there for a couple of hours and they needed to be taken to somewhere warm as fast as possible.

16. Rescue Mission

The man and his daughter knew that they couldn’t leave the two kittens outside. They would freeze to death if they didn’t something about it and they decided to embark on a rescue mission.

15. Terrible People

The rescuers were still in shock by what they discovered. Who would throw two kittens outside in the middle of the winter? The people who did this are terrible, don’t you think so?

14. Going Home

They took the two freezing kittens to their home and minutes after feeling warmth they started moving. This is a good sign, it means that their blood is flowing and that their limbs have not frozen. What’s coming next might bring a tear to your eye.

13. They Are Scared!

The two kittens would start meowing continuously and crying if they were separated. They were too scared and didn’t know what is happening to them. If you think that this picture is heartbreaking, then you are not ready for what’s coming next.

12. Bad Shape

The bigger kitten was in bad shape. This poor kitty didn’t look at all and she needed a bath. Since the kitten has stayed in the same box freezing to death for so many hours, putting her in warm water was not an easy task and the rescuers needed to do some convincing before.

11. Warm Bath

Fortunately, the man and his daughter managed to give the two kittens a bath in warm water and they were feeling better. However, seeing them with their fur wet showed everyone just how malnourished they were! They haven’t been fed in a long while.

10. Comfy Bed

The best thing that ever happened to these two kittens was that the man was driving towards work in that morning. If he hadn’t passed by, then they wouldn’t be sitting in a comfortable bed, feeling the warmth and getting better. Not only that, but this story would be a whole lot grimmer.

9. Sweet Kittens

The rescuers say that they have never seen two sweeter kittens than these ones. They still couldn’t believe how someone could simply throw them to the side of the road, especially since they are so adorable.

8. Feeling Better

t didn’t take long for the two kittens to start feeling better. After two days of receiving special care and healthy food, they were running all over their house. The man and his daughter who picked up the two kittens are life savers and there is no doubt about this.

7. A Good Life

The two kittens don’t have to worry about being abandoned on the side of the road or about freezing anymore. They are safe and no one is going to harm them anymore! However, there’s still something that the rescuers need to do for them.

6. VIsiting The Vet

Since the two kittens have been staying in the freezing cold for so long, they need to be taken to the vet in order to get a full health checkup. Let’s hope that they are not sick so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest.

5. Abandoning Cats

The person who posted these pictures wanted to make sure to tell everyone that the two cats are going to be fine now. However, she also wanted to tell everyone that cats are a “furrever friend” and that they are not disposable.

4. Furrever Friends

Let’s hope that this story goes viral so that more and more people learn that cats are not something that you can get rid of whenever you want. People who aren’t sure if they can keep a pet shouldn’t get one in the first place.

3. Freezing Cold



We all know just how cold winter can get, especially when you don’t have anything warm to put on yourself. It’s a miracle that the two kittens survived and we are happy that they did!

2. Two Survivors

The two kittens are survivors and there is no doubt about that. They managed to find someone to love them, even though they were abandoned in the cold by their previous owners.

1. Happy Life

The only thing that matters now is that the two adorable kittens are going to live a happy life and that they don’t have to worry about freezing or starving anymore.

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