Kids Sit Together On A Field And Form Human Arrow, They End Up Helping The Police

One day the police were chasing a wanted fugitive with a helicopter and just when they thought that they were going to catch him, the man got out of his car and started running on foot through the woods. The helicopter couldn’t see the fugitive anymore, but what hey saw right next to the woods helped them find him! You will never believe what a heroic thing a group of young kids did during a Easter Egg hunt.

20. Police Chase

As we previously mentioned, the police were flying in a helicopter and they got their sights on the fugitive. However, the fugitive outsmarted the police by getting out of his car and running through the woods where the helicopter couldn’t see him anymore.

19. Clever Fugitive

The fugitive proved to be more clever than expected when he ran straight into the woods. The police helicopter was in the dark and no one had any idea where the thief was anymore…

18. Easter Egg Hunt

At the same time that the police helicopter was flying over the woods, a group of kids aged between 6 to 12 years old were having a great time. They were involved in an organized Easter Egg Hunt. The kids spotted the fugitive running away and they decided to do something amazing!

17. Something Is Wrong

The kids noticed that a man was running through the woods and that a helicopter was following him. Even though they are really young, they’ve seen enough action movies to realize that something wrong must be going on.

16. Helping Out

Even though they might end up risking their lives, the young kids decided to postpone their Easter Egg Hunt and to try and help the police find the fugitive. This was going to prove to be a more difficult task than anticipated. Check out the next picture to see why.

15. Waving Their Arms


The kids started waving their arms and making signs to where the fugitive was hiding. However, the policemen were not paying attention to the kids because they thought that they were simply waving at the helicopter. How could the kids get the attention of the policemen?

14. They Need Help!

Even though the police was not paying attention to their waving arms, the kids knew that the policemen needed their help. Fortunately, this is when one of the older kids came up with a rather….brilliant idea!

13. Brilliant Idea


One of the kids figured that since the policemen think that they are simply waving at them, they should try and form an arrow, just like he has seen in cartoons. But could this idea work and get the idea of the policemen?

12. Lying Down

The kids all agreed to lie down and try to form an arrow that points to the place where the fugitive is hiding. You better check out the next picture and see this for yourself.

11. The Human Arrow Newst Online

This is what the policemen were seeing from their helicopter. This grabbed their attention and the policemen knew that the young kids were trying to show them where fugitive is.

10. A Better Look

After the policemen took a better look at the arrow formed by the kids lying down, they realized where is the place that they need to go. You won’t believe what happens next!

9. Finding The Fugitive

The policemen pointed their camera at the place shown by the kids and they spotted the fugitive. Without giving it too much thought, the policemen instructed the ground troops where to go and arrest the fugitive.

8. Unbelievable Newst Online

The policemen managed to arrest the fugitive and they were still in shock that a group of young kids who were simply just having fun in the middle of the field managed to help them find him. The chief policemen said that “this is as unbelievable as it gets”.

7. Heroes

The kids that helped the policemen arrest the fugitive went on to become local heroes. Everyone was in shock by how brave they are, but most importantly by how clever they are. Who would’ve thought to form a human arrow?

6. Safe Town Newst Online

The policemen also said that the town where these kids live in is always going to be safe. Who else is going to even try to steal something when they know that these kids are here to help out the police find them.

5. Team Effort

Every kid put in the effort to help the police helicopter spot the thief and they all deserve an award for this. Let’s hope that they at least got to end their Easter Egg Hunt and have some more fun after the fugitive was caught.

4. Example To Their Peers

Even though what the kids did was a little bit risky because the fugitive could’ve spotted them, the kids are being given as an example at their school. They sure deserve all the praise that they are getting.

3. Viral Story Newst Online

As you would expect, the story of these kids lying down and forming an arrow in order to help the police went viral. The kids made the news and their parents couldn’t be more prouder of what they did.

2. Future Policemen

When asked what they want to be when they grow up, some of them said that they would love to become policemen. Seeing how brave they were, we think it’s safe to say that all these kids have what it takes to become policemen.

1. Important Lesson Newst Online

Let’s hope that this story serves as a valuable lesson to all thieves and all other types of outlaws. The police is going to get them all and you never know who might help them out.