Girlfriend Loses All Her Memories, Boyfriend Wins Her Love Again

Can you imagine how terrible it would be if you lost all your memories at once? Everyone you knew is now a stranger and you need to make sense of everything all by yourself. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to a young girl by the name of Jessica Sharman who suffered from amnesia after having a stroke.

19. A Terrible Accident

These two are Jessica Sharman and Rich Bishop. They have been together for a couple of good years and they love each other very much. Sadly, Jessica suffered from a stroke and she lost all her memories, including the ones of Rich.

The couple were on the train when Jessica suffered a stroke. She was rushed to hospital and when she woke up, she couldn’t recognize anyone around her. Rich tried talking to her, but she was scared. She didn’t know who this man was!

18. Old Pictures

Rich showed Jessica a bunch of older pictures in hopes of reminding her about her past, but Jessica didn’t recognize him. The pictures didn’t do anything for her and she couldn’t believe what was happening.

17. Feeling Sick To Her Stomach

Jessica said that she was looking at Rich and she was feeling sick to her stomach. He insisted that they were in love just a couple of days ago, but she didn’t feel anything for him anymore. To make things even worse, she didn’t even remember her parents…

16. Who Are My Parents?

Jessica didn’t want to leave the hospital with anyone, but after her mom showed her a couple of pictures of them being together, Jessica started trusting her and went home.

15. Scared Feeling

Jessica says that one of the worst things that happened to her was when her mother put her hand on her leg and she felt scared. She couldn’t bear the thought of a stranger touching her. Can you even imagine how heartbroken her parents must have been in that moment?

14. Noble Mission

Even though most guys would’ve given up, Rich is not most guys. He decided that he wants to make Jessica fall in love with him. This is a noble mission! But how can he do this?

13. True Love Sharman

True love can never be forced and Rich knows that too well. The man wanted Jessica to be in love with him like they once were and he came up with a rather interesting idea of how to do this.

12. Memory Lane

Rich knew that he couldn’t get Jessica to fall for him just by showing her old pictures and he decided to take her out on a stroll down memory lane. Rich took Jessica to all their favorite spots and told her about them.

11. To The Park

The first “new” date that Rich took Jessica to was to her favorite park. He sat her down the bench and told her stories about how many times they visited the park before and what they did. Jessica was delighted to hear all these stories.

10. Old Friends Sharman

After visiting a couple of Jessica’s favorite places, Rich took her to meet some of their old friends. Rich also made sure to give her a short backstory on every friend so that she knew who she was meeting and what she means to that person.

9. Great Times Bishop

Jessica noticed that she and Rich would always have great times together. Their personalities were perfect for each other and she could finally see her being together with Rich.

8. Falling In Love Bishop

Slowly but surely, Jessica was falling in love with Rich once again. She was getting a hold of her life and this was making her happy. Isn’t it amazing how Jessica has managed to turn everything around?

7. The Second Time Bishop

Jessica said that she can’t remember when she fell in love with Rich the first time, but she definitely remembers the second time. Rich is a great boyfriend and there is no doubt about that.

6. Loyal Boyfriend

Rich proved that he is a loyal boyfriend and that he doesn’t love anything else in this world more than he loves Jessica. Even though the bond between them was broken because of Jessica’s amnesia, he never quit on her!

5. Big Family

Another amazing thing that Jessica did while recovering was that she got to meet her family, again. They were strangers to her just a couple of months, but now, they are her family.

4. Difficult Time

Jessica says that she still has some problems. There is always an old friend that she doesn’t remember who comes and greet her from time to time and this upsets her. However, she uses these moments as an opportunity to make friends again.

3. A Mother’s Love

One of the saddest things to happen related to Jessica’s accident was that she forgot her mother. This broke her mother’s heart, but fortunately, they managed to bond once again.

2. New Memories

On the bright side of things, Jessica still gets the chance to create new memories with people that love her and this is all that matters.

1. Incredible Story

This is one of the most incredible stories that we have ever heard and there is no doubt about this. Also, Jessica is always going to be safe because Rich and her family are going to make sure of that.

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