Homeless Man Finds $17k in Cash, Chooses To Do This Instead of Pocketing The Money

Everyone has imagined how amazing it would be to stumble upon a bag of money at least once, right? This would make life so much easier. Although, what we all fail to think about is the person who lost the money in the first place. This is exactly what happened to a homeless man named Kevin Booth. You will never believe what the homeless man decides to do with the bag of money that he finds on the corner of the street.


19. New Car

Life would be so much easier if you somehow found a bag filled with $100 bills, right? You will never have to worry about paying rent or buying groceries anymore. With that in mind, you can imagine how life changing finding money would be for a homeless man.


While most of us would think about buying the car that we have always dreamed about after finding a bag of cash, a homeless man would have different priorities like finding a safe and comfortable place to sleep in.

18. Meet Kevin Booth


The man in this picture is Kevin Booth and he is homeless. Even though Kevin Booth has lived on the streets for this past couple of years, he didn’t let this change his great personality. Kevin is an optimistic guy and he always sees the best in people.

17. Hard Life


Kevin Both lives in Summer, Washington and things are not going too well for him. The man needs to struggle in order to survive every day because money are hard to come by since no one wants to hire a homeless person.

16. Good Food


It’s been years since Kevin Booth was last able to go to the groceries store and buy everything that he wanted from the raft. However, he always had a place to go and find a warm meal.

15. The Food Bank


The food bank has always been there for Kevin Booth. He always visited the food bank in his most desperate times and this is why he will always be grateful to the volunteers who work there. Nonetheless, let’s see what happened during one regular afternoon that changed Kevin’s life.

14. Life Changing Money


Kevin Booth was walking down the street as he usually does, but there was something different this time. He spotted a strange bag sitting on the corner. What could be hiding inside the bag, was it some food? Kevin asked himself. So he decided to check it out.

13. Finding $17,000 


To the man’s surprise, the bag was filled with cash. Kevin Booth couldn’t believe what he was seeing! He counted the money and found out that he is in the possession of $17,000. This is life changing money for most people and Kevin Booth was set for life.

12. Good Man


Even though Kevin Booth has been living on the streets for so long, he never forgot who he is. He is a good person and this is why he decided to do something amazing with the money. You better keep reading to find out what he does with the $17,000.

11. Big Surprise


Kevin Booth could take the money and no one would ever find out. However, he is a good man and he doesn’t want to be remembered as a thief. The man decided to give back to the ones who helped him and went to the food bank.

10. Massive Donation


Kevin Booth arrived at the front of the food bank and called the manager out. The woman had no idea what was going on. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw that Kevin Booth handed her a bag filled with $17,000 in cash!

9. Giving Back


Kevin Booth figured that since the food bank has helped him for so many years, the best thing that he could do with the $17,000 he just found was to donate them back to the food bank so that the community could have what to eat for another month. Can you believe this?

8. The Right Thing


Everyone was in shock to find out that a homeless man who found $17,000 simply lying on the street decided to do the right thing and not pocket the money for himself instead. This should serve as an example to us all that homeless people are still people after all.

7. Helping Kevin


The manager of the food bank was so grateful to Kevin Booth that she wanted to start a campaign to help him out. The woman managed to find shelter for Kevin. Do you think Kevin accepts this offer?

6. Comfy Tent


Kevin Booth told everyone that he doesn’t need anything in return. He just did the right thing. Not only that, but he also doesn’t want shelter because he has a tent close to the woods and he enjoys sleeping in it. Isn’t Kevin amazing?

5. Others Need It More


Kevin Booth also said that he doesn’t want to take up a bed in the shelter house because there might be some people who need it more than him. Kevin Booth is a man with a heart of gold and there is no doubt about that!

4. Keep The Money!


The food bank manager told the police about the money because she wanted to make sure that no one is looking for them. No one asked for the money for one week straight and the police told the manager that she can keep the money and use it for the food bank without any worries.

3. Groceries


The food bank manager rushed to the store as fast as she could and she filled the food bank with fresh groceries. She said that thousands of people are going to eat free food for the next months and it’s all thanks to Kevin Booth.

2. Feeding The Ones In Need


Who would’ve thought that a homeless man would put others in front of him? No one would’ve blamed Kevin Booth for taking the money in order to start his life, but the man decided to donate it anyways.

1. Life Lesson


The story of Kevin Booth should serve as a life lesson to all of us. We should always choose to do the right thing and help out. As Gandhi once said, “be the change that you want to see in the world”.

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