They Found A Piece of American History Lying In The Woods

There are lots of cool shows available on the History Channel and one of the most popular ones is called The Pickers. If this is the first time that you are reading about The Pickers, then all you need to know is that this is a show about two guys who visit all types of strange places in search for important pieces of history. What’s great about this show is that you never know where Wolfe and Fritz (the two protagonists) might end up next and what they could find. However, their biggest historical find was in a small town of 1,200 people called Chesterfield.

19. Traveling the Country

The Pickers is such a hit show that it is now filming its 19th season! Nonetheless, the reason why the show’s rating is booming is because of the unexpected surprises that Wolfe and Fritz find in small towns all across the US.

The most interesting episodes of the show are when Wolfe and Fritz are called by hoarders. The Pickers always find exciting items when they visit hoarders and the next picture will show you why!

18. Hoarders

Hoarders are people who gather everything they find. They never throw away anything in hopes that something might prove to be a value. While most people would be afraid to step a foot inside the home of a hoarder, Wolfe and Fritz brave enough to do it. Keep reading to find out what are some of Wolfe and Fritz’s biggest finds.

17. Yoda Prototype

One of the craziest things that Wolfe and Fritz have found in the home of a hoarder is the original prototype model for Yoda. Yes, that Yoda! The Pickers managed to turn a profit of $6,250 by selling this Yoda prototype. If you think this is an amazing find, then you are not ready for what’s coming next.

16. Motorcycle Collection

The Pickers have once made $62 in profits after they purchased a bunch of old motorcycles. What the people who were selling these motorcycles didn’t know is that they are all classic “Indian” bikes that were are considered vintage gold. Nonetheless, let’s see what is the biggest find that The Pickers have managed to get their hands on lately.

15. Strange Call

Our story starts when The Pickers receive a call from a man who lives in a small town of 1,200 people called Chesterfield. At first, Wolfe and Fritz thought to themselves that nothing of significant value could be hiding in that little town, but they were wrong! Luckily, the man who called the managed to get their interest with this next line…

14. American Music History

The man who called told Wolfe and Fritz that he is possession of a priceless piece of American music history. What could this be? Did the man own a guitar that was used by one of the classics or what?

13. Priceless Treasure

Even though Wolfe and Fritz could be driving all the way to Chesterfield for nothing, they could also be missing out on discovering a priceless fortunate. So, without giving it too much thought, Wolfe and Fritz hopped in their car and started driving.

12. Meeting Phil

Phil is the name of the man who called The Pickers and he told them right form the start that they are in for a big surprise. This sparked an interested in Wolfe and Fritz and the anticipation was killing them. What could this man have?

11. The Anticipation

Wolfe and Fritz looked at the camera and they said that they should keep their expectations low. Phil might have something of insignificant value after all. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case and Wolfe and Fritz were left amazed after they saw what Phil had in his backyard. Check out the next picture and see for yourself.

10. Old Van

Phil told Wolfe and Fritz to follow him into his backyard because he has something special to show them. The Pickers couldn’t believe what they were seeing! You better keeping reading to find out what makes this van so special.

9. A Special Van

The rusty van had a strange drawing on it and while this might seem that special at a first glance, you will know what makes it special after taking a closer look at the next picture.

8. Aerosmith

Right next to the drawing of the man, there was the old logo of Aerosmith. Could this rusty van be the one that Aerosmith used when they first touring the US? This couldn’t be true, right? Well, The Pickers were determined to find out the truth.

7. Priceless Fortune

If this rusty old van does prove to the car that the Aerosmith used at the start of their career, then Wolfe and Fritz had just found gold! It’s impossible to tell how much this van could cost, especially since there are so many die-hard Aerosmith fans in the world.

6. Rock and Roll!

Aerosmith is one of the world’s most popular rock bands and their old van could be worth a small fortune! This is why Wolfe and Fritz decided to call in someone to help determine the authenticity of this old van. You will never believe who they call for help.

5. Ray Tabano

Ray Tabano was one of the original members of Aerosmith and he toured with the bend back in 1970 before leaving. This is why Wolfe and Fritz figured that there’s no one better that they could ask about the authenticity of the rusty van other than Ray Tabano himself.

4. The Truth

“That’s it, baby! I’m afraid to say how long it is, but it’s been like 40 years since we were in this thing,” said Ray Tabano after taking a quick glance at the old van. Can you believe this?

3. The Real Thing

Now that Wolfe and Fritz found out that the old rusty van is the real thing, they decided to buy it. To make things even better, Ray Tabano found an older picture of him and his bandmates sitting in the van. Check it out in the next picture.

2. Old Picture

This is the picture that Ray Tabano brought for Wolfe and Fritz so that they could see that the old van is the real thing. How much money do you think The Pickers gave Phil for the old van?

1. Rock and Roll History

Wolfe and Fritz made a deal with Phil for $25,000. However, Phil got the short end of this stick because he just sold off a piece of American Rock and Roll history that he is never going to get back.

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