Young Girl Goes Missing In Africa, Three Special Guardians Come To Her Aid

Our lives in the big city are tough, but we sometimes take everything for granted. People who live in third world countries have to deal with much bigger issues such as finding clean water on a daily basis. Not only that, but living close to the wildlife can be dangerous. This is why an entire village from Ethiopia got together to start looking for a little girl after she went missing in the bushes.

20. A Different Culture

It’s difficult for people who live in the West to understand the culture of people who live places such as Africa. Living there is hard and people have to make do with whatever they have. There isn’t any other option than to survive!

19. Big Families

The only way for people from Africa to put food on their table and get money for everything else that they might need is to farm the land. This is a highly demanding labor job and also why African families are bigger than usual. This makes it hard to keep track of everyone at times…

18. Traditions

While it might seem like the biggest problem that people from Africa have are wild animals and getting access to clean water and food this is not always the case. There are lots of barbaric tradition there and one of them is stealing young girls in order to marry them. Sounds crazy, right?

17. Incredible Statistic

If you think that the idea of people who steal wives is crazy, then you should know that a statistic shows that more than 70% of women from Ethiopia have been married by force. They had no say in who they get to spend their entire life with. What’s coming next is even more heartbreaking than this.

16. Young Girl

Our story starts when a 12 years old girl from a small village called Bita Genet went missing. The girl was working the fields as her entire family does when something went wrong and she dissapeared in the bushes!

15. Something Is Wrong

A couple of hours passed by and the little girl was nowhere to be seen. Her elders realized that something happened to her and they feared the worst…Was she stolen to be forced into marriage?

14. Start The Search

A group of men and the local police started searching for the young girl in the last place she was seen. What they didn’t was that they were about to witness a miracle! You will never believe what’s coming in the next picture…

13. Three Lions

As the men were searching for the young girl, they spotted three lions. These were adult lions and everyone froze in place. The scariest thing about this entire situation was that the young girl was sitting right next to them. Can you believe this?

12. Running Away

The young girl talked to her parents and out of nowhere, the lions started running away. The kings of the jungle were guarding her, this young girl must be special! Let’s see what she has to say about this.

11. Coming Clean

Even though the young girl was safe because the lions were protecting her from harm’s way, she was still terrified. She said that seven men kidnapped her and the lions came to her rescue.

10. Rushed To The Hospital

Everyone was still in shock to see that this young girl was protected by three lions from her captors. This is something unheard of and it makes it seem like we are talking about a Disney movie. Nonetheless, the young girl was hurt and she was rushed to the hospital.

9. Arresting The Kidnappers

The police didn’t waste any time and they managed to arrest four of the seven captors. The girl help identify them and she was no safe. Three were still out at large, but they will never come close to the young girl again, especially since they know that she is protected by lions.

8. Amazing Story

If this story isn’t amazing, then we don’t know what is. Can you imagine the emotional roller coaster that the young girl went through? She was first kidnapped and then freed by three of the nature’s fiercest beats.

7. The Explanation

This story went viral and animal experts posted an article about it. They said that this story makes sense because the young girl’s screams could sound like the ones made by a young cub and this is why the pride of lions decided to help her out.

6. Life Savers

We think it’s safe to say that even though they don’t know it, the three lions are life savers. The little girl was minutes away from being taken away from her family, but the lions came in at the right time.

5. Valuable Lesson

Let’s hope that the three remaining kidnappers who are still at large learned their lesson not to mess with little kids anymore. Not just that, but let’s also hope that the police manages to find and lock them in jail.

4. Woman Rights

Luckily, forced marriages have been in Ethiopia back in 2003. Even though some men might still try to kidnap wives, the police is quick to find them. Woman rights are being enforced in Ethiopia so that no one has to suffer living a life married to a kidnapper.

3. Something Magical

If there’s something that this story shows us, then it has to be the fact that magic still exists. What happened to the young girl is truly magical and there is no doubt about that.

2. No More

Women from all around Ethiopia have came together to say “no more” to forced marriages. Even though it might take some time for this barbaric ritual to be completely gone, at least it has been made illegal and police are helping out.

1. Incredible Turn Of Events

The young girl’s story was grim at first, but luckily, things quickly took an incredible turn of events and she is now safe. She can live with her family without having to worry about being taken away ever again.

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