Weird Bald Creature Spotted Roaming The City And Nobody Knew What It Was

People in California began spotting a pink, scaly animal searching through their garbage. It looked bigger than a dog, but it walked strangely, and it only had a few wisps of hair on its back. Obviously, this isn’t a new species of animal, it is a creature we’ll all soon recognize.

But first, she had to be saved and treated. You won’t believe what this pink animal really is! Check her out fully healed a year later at #7!

20. What Is That?

When the residents in California saw a pink, strange creature roaming the community for more than a week, they called for help. Describing or telling the rescuers what to look for was a bit complicated, but they immediately found her…

19. It’s a Bald Animal

The poor creature was sick and had scaly pink skin, all bald and hungry. When the rescuers got to her, they found her climbing into dumpsters to find food. It was just before Christmas when they found her and gave her a fitting name.

18. Calling For Help

The homeowners knew that whatever the animal was, she desperately needed help. The team at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center began searching her, and they decided to name her Eve, wrote the Center on Facebook…

17. A Christmas Gift

The center agreed on naming the patient, adding that “she was being given a special gift for Christmas. She would now have a warm, safe place to heal.”

Can you guess what this strange creature is? It took us a while until we finally realized!

16. Eve is a Black Bear Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

It’s obvious that the state in which this animal was found made it hard for everyone to realize what animal she was just by glancing at her between the dumpsters. In fact, this weird creature was actually a black bear!

15. An Extreme Case of Mange Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

The Humane Society explained on their blog that each rehab facility takes in thousands of animals, but “the creature we took in a few weeks ago looked like no one who’d ever passed through our gates.”

Eve had a serious case of mange…

14. A Dreadful Condition Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

According to Dr. Matthew Anderson, director of FFAWC, Eve’s situation was the most “extreme case we’ve seen in the history of our wildlife center.” He explained that her condition was dreadful and if she hadn’t been taken to the facility, she wouldn’t have survived on her own.

13. Assessing the Situation

After reaching the facility, the staff began treating her. They had to sedate Eve and examine her situation. Apart from mange and infections, she wasn’t emaciated.

Eve had a chance at life, and the center believed she would recover. But months passed…

12. Six Months Later… Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

More than six months passed and Eve fought for her life. The team scrubbed her, tested her, took skin biopsies and gave her all the treatments she needed to recover. Her fur needed more time to grow.

Meanwhile, Eve was set on an important task.

11. Eve Was Busy Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

In her spare time, Eve began building her nest! She gathered her blankets and added some of the shredded leaves to make herself a cozy bed. The hairless bear even had a furry blanket and a stuffed toy in her igloo!

One year later, this happens…

10. The Black Bear is Thriving

Eve was finally thriving! Her fur slowly began to sprout, it was puffy and didn’t look like a bear’s fur, but it was an improvement! On their Facebook page, the center updated everyone who had been rooting for Eve in the past year. Here is what they said.

9. Love and Support

The Center wrote on their Facebook page that it took many long months, medicated baths and treatments, but also “an enormous amount of food combined with the abundance of love and support from all over the world,” adding that she is now “beautiful and thriving.”

But this is not the end of her story yet!

8. One Year Later, Eve Is Happy

Over a year ago, Eve didn’t even look like a bear! Now she is healthy, happy and playful. She loves searching for her snacks, and playing with her toys in her habitat at FFAWC. Eve adores playing with boxes and is now showing off her new fur.

7. “She’ll Melt Your Heart” Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

In their update, the center added that she might not be a big furry bear, but Eve is beautiful in their eyes: “Just take one look into her eyes, and she’ll melt your heart.” They explained that their goal to heal Eve has finally been achieved.

It is now time for the next step!

6. Releasing Eve Into The Wild

“Our goal is to care for and release each animal back to their native habitat in the wild, providing them a second chance,” explained the center. However, in Eve’s case, it’s impossible to release her into the wild. Because of her sensitive skin, Eve cannot grow a thick coat like all the bears in the wild…

5. Moving to a New Home

Releasing Eve into the wild with this little fur won’t help her protect herself from the elements so that she could get sick again very fast. The second chance for Eve and the best option is to give her a home. And the team found the perfect place!

4. The Cleveland Armory Black Beauty Ranch

“She’s kind of progressed from an aardvark to a hyena!” wrote the center a few months ago. This adorable hyena bear will become a permanent sanctuary resident of the FFAWC facility in Texas – the Cleveland Armory Black Beauty Ranch.

3. Eve’s Natural Habitat

The new house is built in a wooded area that looks exactly like Eve’s habitat. She will have a den, trees and a pool. But that’s not all! She will also get to meet bears and live peacefully. Meanwhile, she will wait at the center and play around with the sprinklers!

2. A Touching Story

After the tough times she went through and the long year of treatments, Eve is finally going to live a life in comfort and not worry about food or shelter. Her story has captured the hearts of everyone around the world.

1. Waiting For Eve’s Reaction Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

Now everyone is waiting to see her reaction when she moves into the huge habitat. The staff at the center will definitely miss her, but they’re very happy she gets a new place to call home.

It’s so great to see how much effort everyone has put into Eve’s recovery!

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