24 Hacks To Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean And Organized

Who doesn’t like the feeling of entering a clean kitchen? Kitchens are arguably the most important space in your house. Not only does it feed you, but it is essential for giving a good impression when guests come over for dinner! So here we have 24 hacks that will help you not only organize your kitchen so that even the cinnamon has its own designated spot, but also learn some of the most effective cleaning techniques!

#24. Spice Rack On Cabinet

We all know how essential spices and herbs can be. Any bland dish can be turned into a gourmet restaurant worthy dish with a dash of spice and a sprinkle of some herbs. Well, maybe not so much, but you get the point. Since these tiny but strong kitchen companions have such a big role in our cooking, it’s vital that they are kept in an orderly manner.

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Instead of having tiny bottles in one big cabinet, learn how to make a spice rack that’s inserted onto the inside of your cabinet door. This will not only help you keep your cumin and oregano tiny, but it will also convert unused space into, you guessed it, used space!

#23. Spice Magnets

Some people use magnets to stick little reminder notes on the fridge. Well, we have a proposal to use magnets for something even handier. In case you never felt like drilling into your cabinet to store your spices because it was too much of an ordeal, meet the spice magnets.

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This idea is another clever way to store your spices and make use of space that wasn’t used before. Just get those little magnets that attach to the fridge on the lid side and you are all set. Do you need another reason to choose magnets? You can store your knives on the fridge with the help of some very strong magnets.

#22. Shelves With Magazine Holders

You probably never thought that your magazine holder would be of any use other than storing your favorite Better Homes And Gardens publication. Well, it happens to be that they will probably become your new best friend after you learn this amazing hack.

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Simply place your magazine holders sideways in your freezer or fridge to organize your food that comes in a flat package. There you have it! Inexpensive and super quick shelves for your bacon, mushroom tray, fish fillet, and chicken nugget container.

#21. Cutting Board On Sink

Cutting boards that are just long enough so that they can sit snuggly over your sink are a must have when it comes to a clean kitchen, especially if your kitchen counter is small and you need more space. These cutting boards don’t need to be stored inside the cabinet nor occupy precious counter space.

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These are amazing for organizing but are also super practical. Next time you are slicing juicy fruits or peelable vegetables, that while delicious are prone to making a mess on your floor or counter, you will be grateful that with this over-the-sink cutting board you can keep your area ten times cleaner!

#20. Labels

If you are into organizing your stuff, then you probably are already familiar with labeling. Sometimes the sugar and the salt look way too similar, and you don’t want to end up adding 1 cup of salt to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe! So keep your guests happy by labeling all your jars.

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If you store your jars below eye level, a trick would be to put your labels on the top of your jars, rather than fumbling around until you find the paprika. If you want to make your labels beautiful, you can always order to have them printed and then stick them on to their designated jar!

#19. Unopenable Drawers

If you have a small kitchen then you know how precious every nook and cranny is, so much that you want to make sure that every space is being used efficiently. Well, here we have a hack that will make use of those frustrating unopenable drawers that are quite common in the American household.

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If your cabinets or drawers run out of space, simply get crafty and create some! You can search online on how to turn those unopenable drawers that sit right under the sink into some usable storage spaces. These are great for storing your sponges and anything you would need while doing the dishes.

#18. Hanging Pots And Pans

Unless you have a super low ceiling or are a very very tall person, this hack will save your life. Opting for hanging pots and pans and other cooking utensils saves up a ton of space! Not only in your cabinets but also on your drying rack. Just hook your favorite pan once it is clean are ready for storage.

Photo: Courtesy of Wlashek International School

If you want to take it a step further, make sure that when you get your hanging rack, that you get one that is aesthetically pleasing. With a set of good cooking utensils, once you hang these on your cool rack you will end up with a unique form of decoration on your kitchen ceiling.

#17. Curtain Rod For Lid Storage

I bet that many of you have struggled to find the right lid for the pot you were using while making your favorite marinara sauce. Well, fear no more, because with the handy lid storage trick, you won’t need to be opening every cabinet to know where you left that matching lid.

Photo: Courtesy of Instructables

Especially if you don’t have enough cabinet space, you can use this trick to hang your lids on your kitchen wall. With the use of a curtain rod or some sort of racks, some velcro or screws, you will have a new lid storage space in no time! Just make sure you make it custom-sized for your specific lids and you are all set.

#16. Dedicated Kitchen Tablet

In this day and age, it isn’t that uncommon for people to have an old tablet that they don’t use anymore. After all, with all the new technology that comes out every day, that tablet you bought 4 years ago might be sitting there collecting dust. So here we bring you a cool idea to take that tablet out and put it into good use!

Photo: Courtesy of PC World

Convert your old unused tablet into a dedicated kitchen tablet. Get rid of the hundreds of little papers with scribbled on recipes, old cookbooks in the cabinets and calendars on the fridge. Converting all of that paper information into digital information is a great way to clear up kitchen space.

#15. Roll Out Pantry

This roll-out pantry is amazing for those that are desperate for some extra space in their kitchen. This trick will not only take advantage of space that you never thought you would actually use, but it is also highly effective in terms of keeping everything organized.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

So if you happen to be one of those people that have unused space between your fridge and wall, start thinking about building a roll-out pantry that can store flat objects, cans, glasses, cups, and small containers. You can also store your favorite cereal and any boxed item that is rectangular shaped.

#14. Kitchen Island

This one is a bit harder to make if you are on a tight budget or if your kitchen is already quite small. But for those that can splurge a little bit or have enough space, we recommend you get yourself a kitchen island! Not only do these bring functionality and organization, but they also create a lot of space.

Photo: Courtesy of Country Living Magazine

Kitchen Islands come with a lot of storage space, a lot of decorating space, and a beautiful eating space. Just look at the picture above! Wouldn’t you love to roll down in your pajamas, make yourself a nice breakfast and then proceed to sit on one of those tall fancy chairs?

#13. Drawer Inserts

Drawer Inserts are probably one of the most effective ways to store your cutlery. Most kitchens come with just big drawers where your cutlery would just roll around uncontrollably, making it extra hard for you to find a fork when all you see is a jumble of metal.

Photo: Courtesy of The Container Store

So we propose that you get yourself a nice drawer insert to keep your knives where your knives go and so that when you open your drawer to grab one, you find it exactly where you stored it, instead of at the very back of the drawer. Without a doubt, these inserts make your tools a lot more accessible!

#12. Tension Rod For Hanging Products

Part of having a clean kitchen is having the right cleaning products and unless you are a minimalist, you probably have over 8 bottles of cleaning products lying around. While many of us just cram them under our sink, here is a super helpful way to keep those bottles organized.

Photo: Courtesy of One Good Thing

With the use of a tension rod, you can convert that messy under-the-sink cabinet into a highly accessible and clean organized space. You simply hang all your spray bottles on the rod, thus making use of that space that was previously unused. Now you can put the non-spray bottle on the bottom and keep these two separate!

#11. Collapsible Wine Rack

You don’t have to be a wine lover to love this hack. With the use of a collapsible wine rack, you can stop worrying about all your bottles rolling in your refrigerator. Just place the collapsible wine rack on the lower shelf of your fridge and store your favorite bottles!

Photo: Courtesy of Life Hack

If you find one like the above photograph, you’ll be able to customize the number of bottles you store. The wine rack above is modular, which means that you can adjust accordingly. Long gone are the days where you didn’t know where to put that extra bottle of wine you bought for tomorrow’s party.

#10. Hanging Fridge Storage

We’ve all been there when one of our Tupperware or food containers was pushed way too back in the fridge, thus causing us to have something go bad because we didn’t use it in time. However, with this hanging fridge hack, you’ll never have that problem again.

Photo: Courtesy of Life Hack

With the hanging storage that you can easily attach to your fridge shelf, you prevent the smaller goods from disappearing at the back of your fridge. Give the small containers their own space where they are easily visible the moment you open the cooler.

#9. Garlic Storage

Have you ever been confused about where you should be storing your garlic, onion or shallots? Should you put them in your fridge, in a bowl, on the counter…? Use a bamboo steamer basket! They are perfect for your cooking staples.

Photo: Courtesy of Life Hack

Bamboo baskets are made for steaming items, so naturally, they are well ventilated. This provides the ideal environment you need for the storage of your onions, garlic, and shallots. Not only do you give these a great storage space, but you also free up room in the fridge for other essentials!

#8. Dry Sponge

Nobody likes a soaking wet sponge. Not only does it feel gross but it also makes a mess. So here is an amazing tip to store your sponge and keep it dry. Right after you finish cleaning your dirty counter, instead of just quickly rinsing it under running water and then proceeding to leave it soaking wet on the sink, do the following.

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Use one of those foldback clips to clip on your sponge right after you’re done with it. Placing it upright helps the water drain out so that the sponge airs out faster. Big bonus: if your sponge isn’t sitting in water for long periods of time, it means that the possibility of mold growth is largely decreased!

#7. Clean Blender

We all know what a blender does. It blends up many edible items to convert them all into one mixture. Well, what if we told you that the blender is designed to also be the perfect kitchen appliance? Not only does it make your favorite smoothies, but also, it is super easy to clean.

Photo: Courtesy of Vitamix

Once you are done with that strawberry banana smoothie, instead of taking the blender over to the sink to be hand-washed, just add some warm water and dish soap inside, cover with the lid and blend away. The soapy water will get your blender squeaky clean. Be sure to give one last rinse before drying to make sure no soap residue is left.

#6. Goodbye Nasty Smells

There are few things out there that are as unappealing as a foul-smelling kitchen. Luckily, there is an easy and delicious smelling trick to avoid that. Add two caps of vanilla extract into an oven proof dish and then put it inside a 300-degree oven for about an hour. You’ll have a kitchen smelling of chocolate chip cookies in no time. Cristina Kirchner and Sabbatella and añlsjdf.

Photo: Courtesy of Clean My Space

If vanilla isn’t your favorite scent or you don’t want to disappoint people by having a kitchen smelling like cookies while not really having any, experiment with other essential oils. Try lemon for a fresh and revitalizing scent. The best part about this trick is that not only will your kitchen smell heavenly, but other parts of your house will do so too.

#5. Prevent Clogs

Nobody likes a clogged kitchen sink, especially if the clog is very hard to fix. To prevent this issue, make sure to frequently pour boiling water down your kitchen drain. The heat of the water washes down food oils, thus preventing these from clinging onto the pipes.

Photo: Courtesy of Hazardous Waste Experts

With this hack, you’ll have the interior surface of your pipes squeaky clean and you won’t have to worry about clogged drains. If you wanna take that extra step, you can pour down baking soda down the drain right before you pour the boiling water. Baking soda will help clean your pipes.

#4. Pristine Stainless Steel With Glass Cleaner

The truth is that some cleaning products that say to be designed for a specific task, are actually useful for more than one. That is the case of glass cleaners. If you have any surfaces that are made out of stainless steel but that are looking a bit dirty, spray them with a glass cleaner and give the surface a good wipe. Rinse and dry your towel once you’re done.

Photo: Courtesy of Life Hack

The glass cleaner will leave your stainless steel oven and kitchen appliances looking shiny and new. This product has the ability to give the surfaces it comes into contact with, a streak-free shine, just like it does so for actual glass and mirrors. This trick is also good for the removal of fingerprints.

#3. Pristine Stainless Steel With Flour

If you don’t like the idea of chemicals on your stainless steel and didn’t find the hack above all that great, we have another solution for you. Flour. While it sounds crazy because flour is known to make a mess out of your kitchen counter, it is also your best friend when it comes to naturally cleaning your stainless steel.

Photo: Courtesy of TipHero

All you have to do is add some dry flour onto a dry pad of cloth, preferably microfiber, and then use it to clean your stainless steel appliance or sink. After doing so, make sure that you rinse it off. You’ll have a clean shiny surface in no time! 

#2. Lemon Juice Magic

Lemons are probably one of the best fruits out there. Not only do they add amazing flavor to your favorite dishes, but they also provide tons of health benefits. Well, lemons are about to get even better right after you read our next hack. Turns out, lemons are amazing at cleaning your stainless steel cutlery.

Photo: Courtesy of Taste of Home

When your silverware begins to rust, rather than throwing them out, place them in a tall glass filled with lemon juice and let it sit for a few minutes. The rust will start to fall off and detach, making it super easy for you to scrub with a sponge. After you wash it, hand-dry it.

#1. Baking Soda Magic

If you are a clean freak, you probably know that Baking Soda is your number one friend when it comes to a natural cleaning product. With some help from a bottle of vinegar and some gloves for your hands’ protection, baking soda will leave your counter and oven sparkling clean.

Photo: Courtesy of Decoist

Simply mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water to form a paste. Coat your oven with this paste and let sit for at least 12 hours, preferably overnight. The next morning, try to take off as much of the dried paste as possible with the help of a damp cloth. Spritz with vinegar where you still have some baking soda. This will cause a chemical reaction and make the areas start to foam. With a clean damp cloth, wipe the foam away until all the baking soda is gone. Voila, a pristine looking oven!

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