Can You Believe These 25 Actors Are Also Musicians?

It’s fairly common for celebrities to be both actors and singers. After all, once you make it to Hollywood, why not give a try to your childhood dream of singing to a cheering crowd? While some of those who tried (hello Justin Timberlake) have been very successful, some others haven’t hit it off. Read on to find out which actors attempted a career in music but then realized that maybe sticking to acting was a better choice. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find one who has an album that you’ll enjoy! You’ll be surprised at #2 for sure.

#25. Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton is an American filmmaker, comedian, actor, and singer. It is not surprising that once he found himself in the celebrity environment, he gave singing and songwriting a try. While he definitely had a talent for the acting industry, that didn’t stop Billy Bob Thornton from plunging himself into the singing career. In fact, he has released four albums as the main artist and seven as a featured artist.

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As if this were not enough to leave us puzzled, he also formed The Boxmasters, a rock & roll band from California. The group released a total of eight albums and these were all original material. Thornton actually showed interest in singing from a young age, since he formed part of bands since middle school and worked as a roadie!!

#24. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is an actor, producer, and singer. He has received numerous awards for his acting performances, including a Golden Globe, two Emmys and two People’s Choice Awards. He even received a star in Hollywood’s Walk of fame! Therefore, there is no doubt that Willis is a very successful actor. However, we can’t say the same about his singing career. The award-winning actor released two albums in the years 1987 and 1989.

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It didn’t go that bad though. The album he released in 1989 was used in an HBO mockumentary called The Return of BrunoWe cannot say the same thing about his first album because this one never quite achieved national success. It was described as a mixture of the music during the Reagan-era and nostalgia of the baby-boomer era.

#23. Hugh Laurie

You probably know him as Dr. House from the famous medical drama series House that aired on Fox between 2004 and 2012. For his outstanding performance, he earned two Golden Globe Awards. Apart from that, in 2011 he was listed in the Guinness World Records as the man that was most watched in television and also as the highest-paid actor in a television drama. Can you guess how much he earned per episode? $409,000!

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Well, needless to say, Hugh Laurie was born to be an actor. But he so happens to be several other things; amongst them, a director, comedian, author, singer, and musician. He has released two albums; Let Them Talk in the year 2011 and Didn’t It Rain in the year 2013. He also released three singles and has had two music videos in the 90s. Impressive, huh?

#22. Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels is an actor, musician, and playwright. He has been involved in films, stage productions, and television. For his performances, he has earned several awards and nominations. Daniels won two Emmys, a Saturn Award, an International Fantasy Film Award, and a Gotham Award. Besides, he was nominated several times for a Golden Globe, a  Screen Actors Guild, and a few Tony Awards. Definitely a very accomplished celebrity!

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His music career didn’t flourish as much as his acting career did, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t committed to music. Throughout his life, Jeff Daniels recorded several songs that he wrote himself. He has had several gigs and has released six length-albums, including Jeff Daniels Live and UnpluggedJeff Daniels Live at The Purple Rose Theater and Grandfather’s HatHe was also featured in a cover of Guitar Aficionado magazine.

#21. Keanu Reeves

You might have seen this star in recent Netflix Original Always Be My Maybe alongside Ali Wong, but you were probably already familiar with this actor way before 2019. Keanu Reeves is famous for his action-comedy roles. He first shot to fame with his performance in the Bill and Ted franchise followed by the thrillers Point Break and Speed.

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Keanu leaves us all startled with his outstanding on-screen performances, but for those who didn’t know (probably more than just a few of you), Keanu is also a musician. The Hollywood hotshot founded the grunge band Dogstar back in the 1990s. While it had a good start, the band decided to call quits after the release of two albums in 2002.

#20. Michael Cera

Michael Cera has been in the music industry for quite some time already. It has been a slow and steady ride for this actor. He established indie music in films such as Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and then surprisingly even released his own album in 2014! The album was called True That and it had a total of 19 original songs coupled with some covers.

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Michael’s album was actually received pretty well. Critics called it an album with a melancholic side and an alternative vibe. Some even said it was an adorable album, which doesn’t seem to shock us given Michael is definitely known as an actor with “cute” vibes.

#19. Richard Harris

While Richard Harris passed away, his memory still lives with us. He was an Irish actor and singer and he appeared in several films, some for which he was nominated for Academy Awards. Maybe you didn’t recognize him, but he played Albus Dumbledore for the first two Harry Potter films. That headmaster that was kind, forgiving and full of wisdom? That was Richard Harris’ outstanding portrayal of J.K. Rowling’s Albus Dumbledore.

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Well, when not on stage, you could’ve probably found Richard in the recording studio, working on something new. He actually had several solo albums. While many actors and actresses on our list didn’t really make it in the musical world, Richard happened to be nominated for a Grammy Award in 1969 for his album A Tramp Shining.

#18. Robert Downey, Jr.

Another one of Hollywood’s most loved actors. Who hasn’t heard of Robert Downey Jr.? Maybe you’ve seen him in his iconic role in recent film Avengers: End Game, or maybe you know him as Sherlock Holmes. It is no surprise that Downey was Hollywood’s highest paid actor in 2008 and that Times magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people of the world.

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Having excelled in the acting field, Robert also decided to try his luck in the music industry. In 2004, the man we all know as Iron Man released his debut album called The Futurist. Well, needless to say, it probably didn’t go that well given this was the only album he released. It received mixed critical reviews but wasn’t appraised all that much in general.

#17. Ryan Gosling

Just when he couldn’t get any more perfect, Ryan Gosling also sings. How many girls have swooned over this man in the classic romantic film The Notebook? Whether it was the hair or the way he never gave up on Allie, Ryan Gosling sure knew how to make our hearts melt. He actually got into acting when he was a child; some of us might recognize him for his role in Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse House Club

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Ryan first got into music when he paired up with his friend Zach Shields to form rock duo Dead Man’s BonesTheir first album was titled after their band name and was released in 2009. It was a collection of spooky songs and it was made in collaboration with Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir. While you probably don’t know Ryan’s musical talent from this album, you probably are familiar with the song City of Stars, which was sung by him and Emma Stone on Holywood’s classic La La Land.

#16. Leighton Meester

The first lady in our list! You probably know her from fan favorite Gossip Girl where she played devious socialite Blair Waldorf.  Whether it is the red lipstick or her to die for fashion style, her gorgeous looks have made her one of the most loved actresses. Beyond acting, Leighton has ventured into the musical field; she released her own single called Somebody To Love and she was also featured in Cobra Starship’s Good Girls Go Bad.

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Leighton has also released her own album titled Heartstrings in 2014. As for her personal life, the star is married to Adam Brody, who she met while filming The Oranges in 2013. They were engaged and married in a private ceremony in 2014. They had their first and only child in August of 2015 and they are still happily married together!

#15. Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is mainly known for his role in Footloose, a 1984 musical drama directed by Herbert Ross. He has also appeared in thriller JFK, A Few Good Men and Apollo 13, amongst other films.  However, he isn’t just an actor. When he isn’t busy with acting, Kevin can be found rehearsing with his brother Michael for their band The Bacon Brothers.

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The duo has already released six albums, and their music, which is within the genre of country rock and folk rock, is actually quite successful. Their work has appeared in movie soundtracks as well as children’s CDs. The Bacon Brothers have had a few brief concerts and fundraisers. What’s more, they have played around 40 shows all across the United States.

#14. Scarlett Johansson

Probably one of the most sensual Hollywood actresses out there, Scarlett Johansson always leaves us in awe with her strong female roles. Well, not only is she crazy good looking as well as a phenomenal actress, but she also has two studio albums. Her debut is titled Anywhere I Lay My Head and contains 10 tracks. She also has released four EPs and a few other singles.

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Unfortunately, Scarlett’s music wasn’t that well received by the public. However, she has collaborated with indie-rock star Pete Yorn, which should be some incentive to check those out. Their first collaboration called Break Up is filled with heartfelt songs that remind you of better days!

#13. Naomi Campbell

If you are familiar with Victoria’s Secret, more specifically the Victoria Secret Angels, then you’ve probably heard of this goddess before. Naomi isn’t just an actress and a highly successful model, but she also happens to be a singer. In 1994 she decided to give the music career a try, making her release in an album called Baby Woman.

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Well, maybe she should just stick to modeling and acting given she rocks at them both! Her album Baby Woman was the first and last full-length album she ever released and we guess it was because she didn’t receive much praise on it. Nevertheless, she will always be one of the best Angels to have walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

#12. Jackie Chan

As if Jackie Chan wasn’t cool enough for doing all of his own stunts, he also happens to be a singer. Talk about being multi-talented. He is a martial arts master and a world-renowned performer, and yet inexplicably, he finds the time to also release his own music. But Jackie Chan hasn’t released just two or three albums like most of the celebrities in our list. He has actually been releasing albums since 1984 and has twelve albums to this day.

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Jackie Chan is definitely one of our most successful actor-singers in our list. He sang the theme song called Kung Fu Fighting Man and ever since he has sung about 100 songs in five different languages. He has also teamed up with singers like Emil Chau and Anita Mui. Jackie Chan even won Best Foreign Singer Award in Japan in 1984.

#11. Toni Collette

Toni Collette is best known for her acting both on television and film. For that she has earned six AACTA Awards, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She has also been nominated for an Academy Award and a Tony Award. However, we cannot say the same for her singing career.

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Toni gave the singing career a try when she released the album Beautiful Awkward Pictures in 2006 with her band Toni Collette & The Finish. Other members in the band include her husband Dave Galafassi, Glenn Richards, David Lane, and Pete Farley. The band was founded in 2006 but hasn’t released any other albums ever since.

#10. Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer is mainly known for his role as Jack Bauer in Fox’s drama series 24. For that role, he won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. But without the drama keeping him busy, he was finally able to release his own album in 2016 titled Down in a Hole and is about to release another one this year titled Reckless & Me.

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Kiefer said that he was well aware of the stigma surrounding actors that give the musical career a shot. Nevertheless, he was tired of being judged by others and he decided to pursue whatever makes him happy. Good for him! We can only imagine what it must be like to live under the pressure of having so many people to please.

#9. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Who doesn’t love Jennfit Love Hewitt? She has won our hearts with her performance in love drama If Only as Samantha Andrews, a beautiful violinist that dies in a car crash but is given one more day to cherish with boyfriend Ian. But it turns out that she has a hidden talent!

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This Hollywood darling has been in the music scene since the early age of 12. She released her first debut studio album Love Songs in 1992, which was only released in Japan. Afterward, she signed with Atlantic Records and released four studio albums. While commercially unsuccessful, we commend her for sticking to singing!

#8. Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal has more than a few tricks under his sleeve. He has American, Serbian and Russian citizenship and is an actor, martial artist (to be more specific, a 7th-dan black belt in aikido), producer, screenwriter, and also a musician. He made his debut in the acting world with his role in Above the Law. From then on, he has starred in several successful films.

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While Steven is mainly known for his martial arts skills, that never stopped him from pursuing a singing career. He has released two albums, Song from the Crystal Cave in 2005 and Mojo Priest in 2006. Both of these albums have music that belongs to the Blues genre, but there’s also some Rock thrown in there. However, his albums were not that well received.

#7. Jamie Foxx

Born Eric Marlon Bishop, Jamie Foxx is an Oscar-winning actor. He is also a producer, a comedian, and a singer-songwriter, and he has actually been quite successful at the latter. His style is R&B and he has slowly but steadily been releasing albums since 1994. To this day, he has released five albums: Peep This, Unpredictable, Intuition, Best Night of My Life, and most recently, Hollywood: a Story of a Dozen Roses

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His second album, Unpredictable, featured cameos from renowned singers Kanye West and Ludacris. In fact, this album debuted number two in the Billboard 200 chart and sold 597,000 copies in its first week. In the second week, the album rose to number one, making Jamie the fourth artist to win an Oscar, while simultaneously having a number one album on the US Billboard charts.

#6. Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard is known for his roles in Dead President and Mr. Holland’s Opus, both released in 1995. His period of shining was between 2004 and 2005 and he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor in Hustle & FlowHoward has had amazing performances in several films, including Winnie, Ray, Four Brothers, The Brave One and Prisoners. 

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Terrence released his first and only album in 2008, titled Shine Through It. While this album didn’t reach much commercial success, he revealed in an interview that it was music coming from a place of brutal honesty. Despite the lack of acclaim, critics say that it is worth a listen because it has an element of surprise.

#5. Brian Austin Green

Known for his role on television teen drama series Beverly Hills, 90210Brian Austin is an American actor and singer. Well, sort of. His first and only released album was titled One Stop CarnivalIt was released in November 1996 and it was not well received by critics.

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Well, while his hip-hop album definitely didn’t take the turn Brian had hoped it would, he at least had several roles to play. He had a recurring role for three seasons on a CBS soap opera, and he was a guest star on Saved by the Bell, Malibu Shores, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Biker Mice from Mars, Fantastic Four and others. He also appeared in an award-winning series called Resurrection Blvd. 

#4. Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci is known for his strong yet volatile roles in movies. He is great with comedy roles such as those he had in My Cousin Vinny, Home Alone and Home Alone 2His talent was recognized when he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Tommy DeVito. While he already retired, we all know him as a very successful actor, yet very few know that he actually started getting into the celebrity world through singing.

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Joe Pesci began in the 1960s in the music world, where he went by the name Joe Ritchie. It didn’t go that well. To give you an idea, his first album was released in 1968 and it was titled Little Joe Sure Can Sing! Needless to say that album was far from success but that didn’t stop the actor. In 1998, Joe released another album, singing it fully in the persona of the role he had in My Cousin Vinny.

#3. Brie Larson

She might not be a superhero in real life, but Brie Larson might be close to being Super Woman. Ever since her heart-wrenching performance in the film Room, it was clear that Brie Larson was no ordinary actress. Born Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, she got into the filming world through her supporting roles as a teenager in comedies. Not long after she started getting leading roles, for which she received accolades, amongst them an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award.

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Brie started getting into music when she started playing guitar at the tender age of 11. She wrote her own songs and even began self-recording. Across the years, she has had a few singles featured on TV and has even had She Said, listed by Billboard as one of the most played videos in the channel. She released an album titled Finally Out of P.Ebut unfortunately, only 3,500 copies were sold. Brie might not be the best in the music world, but she certainly doesn’t need it with her insane acting talent!

#2. Macaulay Culkin

When people think about Macaulay Culkin, they associate him with the adorable kid that played Kevin McCallister in Christmas favorites Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. A lot of people assume that because he hasn’t been appearing in films, that Macaulay has given up on the artist career. However, that’s far from true. Culkin has actually been busy with his band, The Pizza Underground since 2013.

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Culkin has been touring with his band, which is basically a parody rock band that, unless you didn’t catch it from its name, combines songs from band The Velvet Underground with pizza-themed song names and lyrics. Macaulay not only sings but also plays the kazoo and percussion. The band started as a joke but soon after Macaulay’s video of eating a cheese pizza parodying Andy Warhol eating a Burger King went viral. And since then, the band became a real thing.

#1. Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds was an actor, producer, and director. His first big role was in television series Riverboat, followed by Gunsmoke, Hawk in 1966 and Dan August in 1970. For his performance in sitcom Evening Shade, he was nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor. While he was in Riverboat, the actor decided to quit just after 20 episodes because he believed that his part wasn’t important or interesting enough.

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When Burt Reynolds was at the height of his career filming The Longest Yard, he decided, like many actors and actresses have done, to give the music career a try. He thus proceeded to release a country album titled Ask Me What I Am in 1973. It was his only album but it wasn’t received with many positive reviews. He may not be as good a singer as he is an actor, but at least he gave it a shot!

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