27 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries From Around The Globe

The world is filled with inexplicable phenomena that defy both science and logic. Sometimes not even experts can solve some of the strange occurrences and mysteries that happen all around the globe. In this list, we’ll show you the 28 creepiest unsolved mysteries of all time. So turn on the lights, cause you’re in for a scary ride! Be sure to check #21, #13 and #8!

#27. The Taos Hum

Everyone who has visited the small town of Taos Pueblo in New Mexico has confirmed that there is a weird buzzing in the air. The nonstop buzz sounds like some kind of engine in the distance. What is most mysterious about the humming is that people have reported feeling disorientated as a result of this strange noise.

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Some of the symptoms that people experience in this town include headaches, vertigo and in some cases even nosebleeds, nausea and insomnia. It is still unclear where the noise comes from. And only the human ear can hear it. For some reason, even the most sophisticated devices can’t seem to pick it up.

#26. Jerry R. Ehman’s Wow! Signal

In August 1977, Jerry Ehman was doing research on the SETI Project (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) for the Ohio State University, scanning radio frequencies deep in space with the hope that intelligent life of outer-space would send a signal.

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Ehman detected a signal of 72 seconds that came from the Sagittarius constellation near the star Tau Sagittarii, 120 light years away. Since no one was able to pinpoint that signal, the strange frequency has led to many theories about extraterrestrial life. The mystery was called the Wow! Signal because Ehman wrote “Wow!” in the margin of the signal printout.

#25. Brown Mountain Lights

The mystery of North Carolina’s Brown Mountain Lights has eluded both scientists and laymen. There are reports of people having witnessed these mystifying lights while taking a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway dating back to 1913. The first person to ever report these lights was a fisherman, who told The Charlotte Daily Observer that the red circular lights appeared every night.

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Later, more people claimed to have seen the same lights than the fisherman. In 1922, the US Geological Survey expressed itself and dismissed the phenomenon, claiming that the lights stemmed from the electric lights from trains and cars. But there were times when the sightings occurred when the mountain and automobile bridge were completely flooded, leaving no logical explanation.

#24. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, a.k.a. the “Devil´s Triangle,” “Limbo of the Lost Sea” and “Hoodoo Sea”, has become famous for the mysterious disappearances of planes and ships. It seems that lots of vessels have gone missing in this exact spot over the years. Also, navigational instruments seem to break down in the triangle for no apparent reason. It is called a triangle because it passes between the points of Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

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Some people believe this all happens because of aliens, gas bubbles, and even energy beams and fire crystals from the lost city of Atlantis. But an Australian researcher, Karl Kruszelnicki, suggests that all these occurrences are just a myth. Karl believes that planes and ships go missing due to human error and bad weather. Proportionally, the number of vessels that go missing is not much different than other areas, but the thing is that plenty of vessels pass through the Bermuda Triangle because of its strategic position.

#23. The Lost Island Of Atlantis

The Lost Island of Atlantis was a powerful utopian island that was supposedly sunk into the ocean, or so the story goes. Plato mentioned Atlantis in his work Timaeus and Critias, but it is still uncertain whether it is all true or pure fiction. Since several underwater objects and structures have been discovered in different parts of the Atlantic Ocean, people often believe that this city exists.

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Some theorists believe that the temples now house underwater creatures and that mermaids and mermen live in Atlantis. The myth of the sunken city is related to the theories of the Bermuda Triangle because the city supposedly contained fire crystals as an energy source. People believe that the reason why so many planes and ships go missing is because of the powerful energy of the crystals.

#22. The Loch Ness Monster

Nessie first became known to the world in 1933 when someone reported spotting it in the Loch Ness of the Scottish Highlands. Since then, many people have shown interest and expressed different theories regarding what the appearance could have been.

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The monster has allegedly been caught on footage lots of times over the years. Some theorists believe Nessie comes from the Dinosaur era. But no footage provides any concrete evidence, so the scientific community considers it folklore.

#21. Aluminum Wedge of Aiud

A group of Romanian workers dug up three objects from a sand trench and ended up uncovering a mystery from over 2.5 million years ago. In 1974 they found prehistoric elephant bones 10 meters deep in the ground and a piece of aluminum in the shape of a wedge.

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The bones trace back to 2.5 million years ago, a time when aluminum probably didn’t exist since this material was very hard to make until the 19th century. What is even stranger is that the wedge was buried next to the bones. How did these two elements merge?

#20. The Lost Colony Of Roanoke

The English colony of Roanoke was established in 1585 by Queen Elizabeth I, as part of Britain’s settlement plans off the coast of North Carolina. The leader of the colony, John White, sailed back to England two years later. Before leaving, White instructed the colonist to carve Maltese crosses in the trees should anything go wrong, to signal that they sought safety.

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But when White returned in 1590, the colony was deserted. There were no signs of any Maltese crosses around, but instead, there was a post with the word “Croatan” inscribed and trees with the letters “CRO” engraved, which were the initials of a Native American tribe. No one knows if the colonizers left the site because of the tribe or if they joined the Croatan Some people believe they died trying to sail back to England or that Spanish settlers killed them. Who knows!

#19. The Nazca Geoglyphs

These mysterious lines carved into the Peruvian desert were first discovered in 1939 by Eduardo Herrán Gómez de la Torre when the pilot was flying over the El Ingenio Valley and Pampas de Jumana. The geoglyphs have been subject to debate for decades and no one knows their purpose.

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The Nazca civilization is considered responsible for creating the lines. The designs include flora and fauna as well as other shapes, but it is still a mystery how they achieved such precision without viewing it from above. Some believe that the lines are connected to water since some appear only after heavy rain. The lines that never cross over seem to have been used by the Nazcas for a spiritual dance to pray for rain.

#18. The Mary Celeste Crew

In 1872, a captain of a nearby ship found the Celeste completely deserted. All the crew was gone, including the captain and his family. The ship’s only lifeboat was also missing, along with the captain’s notes. There was some water in the cargo hold, but a bottle of oil stood upright, so the chance of rough seas or a collision was ruled out.

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Besides, the sails had been unfurled. Some theorists believe that there was a rebellion against the captain, that the crew was paid to leave the vessel, or that the captain fled from fear of poisoning. But neither of these three options is completely convincing, so I’ll guess we will never know what happened to the crew.

#17. The Hessdalen Lights

Harald Dale was camping with his two sons in the Hessdalen valley of Norway when he noticed some strange lights up in the sky. The lights seemed to form a triangle and they were twinkling in the middle of the sky. However, the lights reportedly disappeared after he called his sons for them to look at it.

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People started reporting seeing these same lights in the 19th century. Some state that the lights are yellow, blue, and red, and that they float or move quickly. Some theorists believe that the lights could be UFOs or ionized dust, but scientists haven’t come to a conclusion.

#16. The Bouvet Island Lifeboat

The uninhabited Bouvet Island is located deep in the South Atlantic Sea near Antarctica, the nearest landmass being located 1,700 kilometers to the south. Bouvet Island is one of the most remote places on the globe, and no humans have ever lived there because the weather conditions make it impossible to grow plants.

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So, in 1964, when a British team from South Africa found an abandoned lifeboat, wood, oars, drum, and a copper tank floating mysteriously in a lagoon, they were dumbstruck. The boat couldn’t be traced back to anyone because it wasn’t marked. And what is even stranger is that another expedition to the island two years later found that all the objects had vanished.

#15. The Patomskiy Crater

The crater lies deep in a forest in Siberia. In 1949, geologist Vadim Kolpakov set out to explore the crater when locals warned him about the evil place. They called the place the “Fire Eagle Nest” and suggested him to stay away from it. In fact, not even animals roam the place.

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Kolpakov ventured into the forest anyway and found that the crater shot high up above the trees, almost as high as a 25-story building. He confirmed the crater dated back 250 years and rebuffed the theories that said that it was a volcano’s mouth. Scientists now believed that it could be the result of a meteorite, but when another expedition launched in 2005 to explore the area, the leader died of a heart attack a few kilometers away from the site. Of course, the locals attributed his death to this evil place, and the mystery of the crater remains unsolved.

#14. Voynich Manuscript

When a Polish book dealer bought this book in 1912, he suggested that it probably hailed back from the Italian Renaissance. It has been carbon-dated to about 1404-1438. The mystery lies in the fact that no one has been able to decode the strange language it is written in.

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The text contains words, illustrations, and diagrams penned on vellum paper from left to right. It consists of 240 pages and some of them seem to be missing. Who wrote the text and what can it mean? Historians and linguists haven’t come to an answer yet.

#13. The Town Of Ashley Disappears

On August 16, 1952, the small town of Ashley, Kansas, disappeared completely due to an earthquake of 7.9 magnitude. The worst part is that all of the 679 residents vanished with it. State law enforcement arrived to find a huge burning hole where the town once was.

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As the story goes, someone from the nearby town of Hays saw a black opening in the sky on August 8. The next day a police officer from Hays drove to Ashley but he got lost and never made it. Meanwhile, people started calling in, insisting that the black hole in the sky was getting bigger. Although there is no evidence about this occurrence, the Ashley residents were never found. Spooky!

#12. The Easter Island Heads

The Easter Island Heads or Moai are located in a remote Chilean Island. Along the island, there is a total of 887 mysterious statutes. The world believed that the statues were only heads until an astonishing archaeological discovery was made in May 2012.

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When the archaeologist dug around one of the heads, he found out that the statues had bodies buried underground. They assumed that the statues were placed there for religious and political reasons, but the truth is that there are no accurate explanations as to why the Rapa Nui people placed these giant stone-faced figures.

#11. Bigfoot

Sasquatch is a creature believed to roam in the forests of the Pacific Northwest in the United States. Many believe it to be a hoax or a combination of misinformation and folklore. Supposedly it is black in color and slightly larger than an average human being.

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Still, there is a small group of investigators that keep the story going although scientists continue to dismiss the sightings. But since nothing has been either proved or rejected, the mystery of this big-foot remains unsolved.

#10. Alaskan Bronze Belt Buckle

In 2011, a group of researchers from the University of Colorado discovered an Eskimo settlement while investigating prehistoric climate change in Cape Espenberg, Alaska. The settlement dates back to 1,000 years. They found a small belt buckle that seemed to be hundreds of years older than the house in which they found it.

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The belt buckle seems to have been created in a mold, making it the only ancient object made of bronze ever to be found in Alaska. Experts date the belt back to 600 BC and it seems to have come from East Asia. Maybe it was passed down generation to generation as an heirloom before making it to Alaska. Who knows?

#9. The Golan Structure

Located in Israel, the Golan is the most enigmatic structure in the Middle East. It is a series of five circles which were first spotted from the air in 1967. Excavation experts believe the structure dates back about 5,000 years. In Hebrew, the site is known as the “Galgal Refa´im” or “Wheel of ghosts”.

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The spiraled Labyrinth is made of basalt rocks with a big chamber in the middle. Some believe it was once a burial site. Research also suggests that the top of the chamber acted as an astrological point. To be honest, both theories seem feasible.

#8. The Oakville Blobs

On August 7, 1994, rain began to fall in Oakville, Washington. But the residents noticed that the droplets were not made of water. The translucent textured blobs rained six times over the course of three weeks. But what was it that happened?

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Countless theories emerged at the time, the most popular one was the “jellyfish theory” which suggested that the blobs came from bombing runs in the ocean conducted by the military. Supposedly, the jellyfish had dispersed into the rain clouds after the explosion.

#7. Danish Gold Spirals

Two Danish men found four large golden rings burried in Boeslunde in 2010. So they decided to explore the seaside island with their metal detector and found even more gold! But how was that possible? There weren’t even any mountains nearby!

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It turns out that they found about 2,000 gold spiral rings. The rings were thin as hair and dated back to around 700 and 900 BC. Some experts believe that the rings might have been a sacrificial object or accessory.

#6. Khatt Shebib Wall

This long wall splitting through a mass area of land was discovered by a British diplomat flying over Jordan in 1948. It seems that the wall is the remnant of a complex of ruins which were named Khatt Shebib.

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The wall is about 93 miles long and has about 100 towers dispersed along the way. The mysterious thing about it is that it is only about 3 feet high, so the purpose of it is still unknown. It’s unlikely that it served defensive purposes since 3 feet is just way too little!

#5. Shepherd’s Monument Inscription

The monument was completed in the 18th century in Staffordshire, England, and contains a mystery that hasn’t been solved for the past 250 years. No one has been able to decipher the meaning of the Shugborough Inscription consisting of the letters DOUOSVAVVM.

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The inscription has become one of the top unsolved ciphertexts. Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and Josiah Wedgwood, among others, have tried and failed to decipher the code. What on earth can it mean?

#4. Roman Coins In The Katsuren Castle

A group of construction workers found a set of ten coins at the Katsuren castle excavation site in Okinawa, Japan. The coins looked quite modern so none of them thought much about their find. Still, the workers sent the coins in for cleaning, and after doing so, they realized something odd about them.

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Once cleaned and upon closer examination, Japanese experts found that the coins dated back to somewhere around 300 and 400 BC. But what is more mysterious is that the experts found Roman figures and letters embossed into the coins, but there never was any historical connection between the Roman Empire and the Katsuren castle. So how did they get there?

#3. Kryptos

The Kryptos cryptographic structure stands outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. It was sculpted by Jim Sanborn to portray how anything can be solved by just piecing together clues and patterns

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The CIA has decoded three inscriptions from the 2,000 alphabetic letters, but the fourth code still remains unsolved. Sanborn said that if the code wasn’t cracked before he died, the masterpiece would then set some “sort of historical record“. So far, so good.

#2. Stonehenge

The prehistoric monument is located at Wilshire, England, and it is one of the most famous places in the world. But very little is known about the mysterious monument’s original purpose. All we know is that these stones date from the Neolithic, the last period of the Stone Age.

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Although no one is really sure what the stones’ purpose was, the British nation interpreted the monument as a symbol of endurance and power. Others believe that the site was an ancient place of worship or a sacred burial site.

#1. Georgia Guidestones

Erected in Elbert County, Georgia in 1979, the Georgia Guidestones have been dubbed the American Stonehenge because of the mystery surrounding these structures. No one has been able to identify who placed the stones there and for what purpose.

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Everything is astronomically aligned. There are four granite slabs placed surrounding a central slab, and there is also a capstone on top of the five slabs. The slabs are inscribed in English, Hebrew, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Swahili, while the top slab bears four ancient scripts. Some people believe that the message promotes “rational thinking,” while others believe that the message might not be that positive.

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