Guy Dresses Up As Homeless Man And Starts Handing Out $100 Bills

Life on the streets is tough and there is no doubt about that. Homeless people are often starving and they don’t have any way to make money because no one is going to hire them. This is a vicious circle and homeless people are left with no other choice than to ask bypassers for spare change in order to buy some food. One man noticed this and he wanted to spread awareness on the homeless people problem and he did something truly amazing. His social experiment was so shocking that it made the news!

19. Social Experiment

The man in this picture is Brian Breach. He loves to create online content and one day he came up with a rather unique idea. He wanted to help homeless people, but he wanted to do it his own way. To do it differently than everyone else before him.

YouTubers are known for creating so-called social experiments where they give money to homeless people in exchange for views online. Well, this is not what Bryan wanted to do and in fact, he decided to do the exact opposite!

18. Trending Videos

Brian knew that if he started handing money out to homeless people he would get lots of views, but he didn’t want to follow trends. He was more interested in raising awareness of how bad homeless people are having it.

17. Strange Plan Edition

Brian’s plan was strange and he knew it right from the start. Instead of giving money to homeless people, he decided to disguise himself as one in order to see how people would react.

16. Asking For Help Edition

The young man dressed up as a homeless man and he stood outside a local market. He carried a sign with him and wanted to find out just how many people are going to stop and help him out. However, this is not where the social experiment stops.

15. The Catch Edition

There is a catch to Brian’s plan. The young man didn’t just ask for money on the side of the street to see who would help him out, his plan was to reward everyone who stopped to help with a one hundred dollar bill!

14. Clever Man Edition

As you can probably tell by now, Brian wanted to reward everyone who spent a minute of their time talking to him and handing him out a few pennies. The goal behind this social experiment is to also encourage others to help the ones in need because you never know how you can be rewarded in return.

13. Good Deeds

Brian said that his motto is to repay good deeds with kindness. Kindness is free and everyone can hand it out. Let’s hope that Brian’s message has spread all over the nation. The thing that surprised Brian the most was how people reacted when he didn’t take their money.

12. The Sign

“Just need a little help to feed my family through the holidays,” said Brian’s sign. This short but emotional message was more than enough to stop a couple of people from their way and give Brian a couple of dollars.

11. Big Surprise!

Everyone was shocked to see that Brian would not take their money and instead, he rewarded them with $100. No one could believe what was going on and more than once, the people didn’t even want to take the free $100.

10. Healthy Food

Brian says that thing that shocked him the most was when someone started taking food out of their own cart and giving it to him. This nearly moved Brian to tears and he knew that he had to give that person $100.

9. Blown Away Edition

According to Brian, one person in five stopped to help him out after reading his heartfelt message. This blew Brian away because he never expected that so many people would give him money or food.

8. Young Kids Edition

One of the most amazing things to happen during this social experiment was when little kids started giving money to Brian. You would think that kids would rather spend their money on games and clothes, but this is not the case for all of them.

7. Thousands of People

On the downside of things, Brian knows that the reason why so many people stopped to give him money is because he was in a small town. If he was in a crowded place like the Times Square for example, then that number would’ve been lower.

6. Raising Awareness

We have to give praise to Brian for having such good intentions. His plan right from the start wasn’t to make millions of views, but to raise awareness on the homeless people problem. This isn’t something that you see very often.

5. Making Headlines

As you can imagine, the video of Brian went viral and the media quickly picked it up. Brian’s video made headlines and we hope that this helped spread his message all throughout the United States.

4. A Slice Of Pizza

This might be difficult to believe at first, but a simple slice of pizza could mean the world to a homeless person who hasn’t eaten for an entire day. This is why helping out the ones in need should always be everyone’s priority.

3. Shocking Experiment Edition

When asked about how they felt after receiving $100 from Brian, everyone said that they were shocked. They just read his message and saw that the young man needed some help. These are good people and there’s no doubt about that.

2. Hard Life

If there is something that we can take from this story, then it has to be the fact that homeless people are living a hard life. Can you imagine how difficult it must be for them to get a job when they don’t have any living conditions?

1. Bright Future

Brian’s video is doing lots of good things in the world and we think it’s safe to say that Brian has a bright future ahead of him. Let’s hope that he keeps doing amazing things as he did in this video.

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