Celebrities Who Look Completely Different Without Makeup

Nobody’s perfect, but makeup does help people look their best, and for celebrities, makeup is usually a must. Whether they use it to give themselves a completely new look or simply to enhance their natural beauty, some celebs just look like completely different people when they take it all off. Today, we’ll count down 30 celebs who look unrecognizable without makeup, for better or for worse!

#30. Chelsea Handler

Funnywoman Chelsea Handler has made millions laugh with her E! network late-night talk show Chelsea Lately, and now has moved on to her own Netflix talk-show, Chelsea. She has never been afraid to open up on her show and has talked about what it is like to age in the show business. At 44, like many celebs, she has been pressured to take drastic measures to change her looks.

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But the comedian, actress, writer, television host, producer, and activist never let anyone make her feel bad about her natural looks, and she is not afraid to show her natural self on social media. In fact, she uploaded this funny selfie with no make-up to her Instagram. Although it’s supposed to be funny, she still looks completely fabulous. She doesn’t need any makeup for her beauty to show.

#29. Demi Lovato

The talented Demi Lovato has been an advocate for body positivity and self-love for several years now, and she’s arguably the queen of no-makeup selfies. In fact, she constantly shows us her natural beauty, and she even did a naked, no-makeup, and no-photoshop shoot with Vanity Fair, to encourage all her young followers to love themselves and embrace their natural beauty.

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It’s empowering and it shows other women that you can get to a place where you can overcome the obstacles of body image issues and you can feel comfortable and confident in your skin“, she said during her shoot.

The gorgeous singer still enjoys wearing colorful makeup, especially when she’s on stage, and she looks beautiful either way!

#28. Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj started out her career with her super successful single Super Bass, where she wore crazy outfits, colorful wigs, and lots of makeup. Nowadays, she has toned it down makeup-wise, and only focuses on making her eyes stand out with thick, black eyeliner. Her outfits also became less flashy, but she’s always looked extremely glamorous.

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Nevertheless, she’s not afraid to go makeup-free from time to time. She’s been seen several times walking around in just jeans and a T-shirt, and even uploaded some makeup-free selfies to her Instagram account. Like in the example above, Nicki looks very different from her on-stage persona when she doesn’t put make-up on, but still remains beautiful and young. She really doesn’t need any makeup with that flawless skin, does she?

#27. Tyra Banks

There’s no denying that Tyra Banks is one of the most beautiful women to ever walk this Earth. After all, she was the first African-American woman to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. After her impressive modeling career took off, she walked the runways of Victoria’s Secret and later became the host of America’s Next Top Model.

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This gorgeous model is known for her big, stunning eyes, and she really doesn’t need any makeup to make them stand out. In fact, she’s very comfortable taking no-makeup selfies from time to time and even does so with a sense of humor, like in the picture above: despite her funny expression and her wide-opened eyes, she still looks super beautiful.

#26. Sharon Stone

It is no surprise that Sharon Stone started out as a model before becoming an actress. She became an international sex symbol thanks to her role in Basic Instinct, not only because of her talent as an actress but also because of her unbelievable beauty. 26 years later, Stone is still looking better than ever. Can you believe that she’s actually 61 years old?

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She usually uses makeup to make her gorgeous blue eyes stand out and to fill her thin eyebrows. But in this makeup-free selfie, she looks unrecognizable, and in a good way! Her skin is flawless, and she honestly looks about 10 years younger. Who wouldn’t want to look like that at the age of 61? She should show herself in her natural state more often because she looks absolutely beautiful.

#25. Jessica Alba

The gorgeous Jessica Alba honestly hasn’t changed a single bit in 20 years. She’s looked the same since her first big role as the lead actress of the television series Dark Angel in 2002, where she was only 19 years old. Now at 37, the beautiful actress looks better than ever, even without a drop of makeup, as shown by this post-workout selfie she uploaded to social media.

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Her natural beauty still manages to stand out in a blurry, sweaty picture after working out, while 99% of the world would look terrible. But Alba is much more than a pretty face. On top of proving herself as a talented actress, she became one of America’s richest self-made women when she founded her own billion-dollar company, The Honest Company. Who wouldn’t want to trade lives with her?

#24. AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord rose to fame in the 90210 reboot in 2009 and became popular both because of her acting skills and her beauty. Apart from acting and being an activist, she has also modeled for Seventeen, Maxim, Playboy and Woman’s World. The blond bombshell has never been shy when it comes to talking about her struggles with acne, which is something that everyone has experienced.

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She showed her natural self many times for the cameras, in order to encourage her fans to feel confident in their own skin. After all, who cares about a few pimples? They surely don’t get in the way of her beauty and her successful Hollywood career, so why should it be a problem for us mortals? Her acne problems even landed her a profitable deal with BenzaClin, a company that sells products to treat it.

#23. Lady Gaga

Born Stefani Germanotta, Lady Gaga blew the music world away in 2008 with the release of her hit single Just Dance, which quickly climbed up the charts. Her fresh sound, her amazing voice, and her crazy outfits made her stand out from the crowd. Her outfits and makeup got progressively crazier, and she even ended up wearing a dress made entirely out of meat, remember?

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But under all that makeup, wigs and uncomfortable shoes, there’s a gorgeous natural beauty. Nowadays, her style is more toned down, and she’s letting her beauty shine through. She looks like a completely different person, and we’re loving it. Fans were shocked upon seeing this makeup-free shot of the star, and it made everyone love her even more.

#22. Marilyn Manson

Although these pictures look like Marilyn Manson and his mom, it’s actually him in both shots. The singer is known for his controversial stage personality and gothic image, but that’s all it is: an image. The heavy-metal musician rose to fame thanks to his dark black eyeliner, pale-white foundation, crazy outfits, and black hair. But when he’s at home, he’s just a regular dude.

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People also got to see the famous singer without his signature dark look when he appeared in the TV series Sons of Anarchy, where he played white supremacist Ron Tully. Most people couldn’t recognize the star, and many thought he looked like Nicholas Cage. It was a breath of fresh air to see him in a different look, and it gave him the opportunity of showing he has many more talents aside from making music.

#21. Taylor Swift

The gorgeous and talented Taylor Swift went from country music sweetheart to pop superstar in a few years, becoming one of the most popular performers of her time. After rocking long, blond locks for many years, she cut and straightened her hair and started wearing her signature red lipstick. She’s been rocking that style for so long now, that it’s surprising to see her without it.

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But she looks absolutely adorable with no makeup on. In 2015, she uploaded this selfie with the caption: “I woke up like thissss (With a cat on me)“, which she then deleted. Who wouldn’t want to wake up looking like that?! She looks like she’s ready to pose for the cover of a magazine. Besides, we’re super jealous that she gets to wake up with such a cute kitty on top of her.

#20. RuPaul

It shouldn’t be surprising that drag queen RuPaul looks completely different without makeup because that’s basically what doing drag is all about, but it is still quite a shocker to see the talented singer and television host without his makeup, dresses, and wigs. Do you think you could recognize him if you saw him walking down the street? Hard to say.

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One would think that he could get away with walking around unrecognized, but since he usually uploads no-makeup pictures to his Instagram, his fans would recognize him in an instant. Although he enjoys the glitz and glamour of dressing up (and does an amazing job at it), he’s absolutely comfortable showing his true face and his flawless skin. By the way, can you believe he is 58 years old?

#19. Eva Longoria

We couldn’t make a list like this and not include the stunning Eva Longoria. The 44-year-old actress has been gracing our TV-screens since 2001 when she got her first major role on The Young and the Restless. She later rose to worldwide fame as Gabrielle Solis in the hit show Desperate Housewives and has held a spot at the top of the A-list ever since then.

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It is no surprise that this Texas native used to be a pageant queen. In fact, she won the title of Miss Corpus Christi USA in 1998 when she was in college. This opened up the door for her to pursue a modeling and acting career. The brunette beauty can certainly get away with posting no-makeup selfies on social media, and she even goes out in public like that often. She does look different, but still gorgeous.

#18. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana had her first big role alongside Britney Spears in Crossroads and has come a long way since then. She became uber famous thanks to her role as Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek franchise in 2009, and later as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, among other films of the Marvel cinematic universe. Without a doubt, she’s known for her natural beauty on top of her acting chops.

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And how could she not? This woman basically needs no makeup. She usually goes for a subtle look to bring out her gorgeous brown eyes, but she doesn’t even need to, as proven by this makeup-free selfie she uploaded to her Instagram with the caption “Yikes — the actual situation. Through that caption, she’s evidently trying to suggest that she looks bad, but nobody in any galaxy is buying it!

#17. Gwen Stefani

Singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer Gwen Stefani started out as the lead singer of the popular band No Doubt and later pursued a solo career that launched her into superstardom with her award-winning album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. in 2004. But ever since the 1990s, she’s been known for her signature platinum-blond hair and bright-red lipstick.

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It’s still a breath of fresh air to see the 49-year-old beauty with no makeup. She does look very different, but beautiful nonetheless. She posted this makeup-free selfie on her Instagram account in 2016, just after waking up. If anyone can wake up and look this gorgeous at 49 years of age, it is definitely Stefani.

#16. Kesha

Kesha is undeniably one of the most gorgeous stars of today. When she topped the charts with her first major single, Tik Tok, she had a messy, rocker look that later evolved into a glamorous Hollywood style. With her heavy makeup accentuating her eyes and long, purple hair, she takes everyone’s breath away. But beneath all that makeup, there’s a beautiful star as well.

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With her natural blond curls and her flawless skin without a drop of makeup, the famous singer looks drop-dead gorgeous, yet completely different – in fact, almost unrecognizable. She usually hides her adorable freckles under heavy foundation, but we’re honestly loving the look. She should definitely go for this look on her next album. What do you think?

#15. Naomi Watts

British beauty Naomi Watts rose to international prominence for playing an aspiring actress in David Lynch‘s psychological thriller Mulholland Drive, and later starring in the hit horror film The Ring. She’s known for her short blond hair and her gorgeous face, and she usually wears red lipstick. But seeing her without any makeup is honestly a treat.

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The gorgeous celeb posted a picture of herself getting a facial before the 2016 Oscars and Oh My God: look at that skin! Although she looks completely different without her signature red lipstick, she still looks like the movie star she is. Wherever she’s getting these facial treatments done, they’re doing an excellent job. We’re sure though that she’d still look pretty amazing without any treatments though.

#14. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow made her big movie debut in Shakespeare in Love in 1998 when she was just 26 years old and she won an Academy Award for it. The gorgeous actress hasn’t changed a single bit since then. At 46 years of age, she looks better than ever and has aged more than gracefully. She usually wears very subtle makeup and makes her eyes stand out with black eyeliner.

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She does look completely different without any makeup, but beautiful nonetheless. In fact, she even looks younger that way! She’s not afraid to show her natural look on social media, as she uploaded this no-makeup selfie to her Instagram to celebrate her 44th birthday. She could just show up at the red carpet looking like that, couldn’t she?

#13. Diane Kruger

It is absolutely impossible to believe that Inglorious Basterds actress Diane Kruger is not older than a teenager. But in reality, the gorgeous German blonde is 42 years old! She hasn’t aged a day since her big screen debut as Helen in the epic war film Troy in 2004. And without makeup, she looks even younger. No wonder she used to be a model as a teen.

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She welcomed 2016 on social media with this stunning makeup-free selfie captioned #startingtheyearwithanhonestnomakeupselfieha. What a great way to start off the year: by making everyone else in the world feel like a potato in comparison to her beauty. Her partner, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, is one lucky man!

#12. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has had her ups and downs. She grew up in the spotlight, having her big break on Disney’s The Parent Trap in 1998, and then found success as a teen movie star in classics like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. After going through some personal struggles, she took some time off Hollywood a few years back and made an epic comeback two years ago.

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When she uploaded a makeup-free selfie to her Instagram account while on a trip to Turkey in 2015, people couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked. She usually hides her adorable freckles under her makeup, but she let them take the center stage while she was on the beach that day. Also, her bright blue eyes are just hypnotizing. We’d love to see her like this more often!

#11. Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the most beautiful human beings Earth had the pleasure to host. Whatever she’s doing, wherever she is, she’s always slaying. She usually wears heavy eye makeup to accentuate her beautiful eyes, especially now that she has launched Fenty, her own makeup line which is doing extremely well. But she can also rock the natural look as well.

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The Diamonds singer uploaded this breathtaking all-natural selfie to her Instagram, which shook the internet world. Not even making a funny face can make her look anything less than stunning. Some people just can’t hide their natural beauty. And no matter how much Fenty makeup we buy, we’ll never look as good as her, and that’s just the truth.

#10. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid makes a living out of showing off her gorgeous face and perfect body. She was signed to IMG Models in 2013 and quickly became one of the most famous models of her time. Three years after her debut she was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council. She walked the runway of Victorias’ Secret and also appeared on the cover of Vogue.

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The blond bombshell’s beauty is just undeniable, and this makeup-free selfie proves it. We usually see her fully made up in the cover of magazines and on the runway, so seeing her in her natural state is refreshing. No wonder she’s among the top ten highest paid models in the industry: she’s absolutely stunning. We’d love to see her model without any makeup as well.

#9. Cara Delevigne

English model, singer, and actress Cara Delevigne started her modeling career in 2009 right after signing with Storm Model Management. She quickly became the fashion industry’s it-girl and was named Model of the Year at the British Fashion awards in 2012. The beautiful blonde has appeared in shows for houses including Burberry, Chanel, Mulberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and Jason Wu.

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Her most prominent feature is her thick eyebrows, which she doesn’t need any liner for. In fact, she doesn’t need any makeup for anything! The model-turned-actress never took herself too seriously and has uploaded many silly pictures of herself, yet still, she somehow manages to look gorgeous. But even though she always looks breathtaking in her modeling pictures, we love seeing her own natural beauty.

#8. Alicia Keys

The talented Alicia Keys is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous women in the music industry. The No One singer always embraced her natural beauty by only wearing a bit of makeup, but in 2016, she vowed never to wear makeup again. This was shocking to many, mainly because we’re not used to seeing a celebrity do that, but she explained her reasons in a Lenny Letter.

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She experienced a personal awakening when having a makeup-free photoshoot, which made her feel freer than she had ever felt before. She explained her decision by saying:

‘Cause I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.

#7. Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B rose to fame as an Instagram influencer and later got a spot in the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York in 2015. By 2017, she was already hitting the top of the charts and making history in the rap world. But ever since her influencer days, she’s always been very open about her body image, self-esteem, and surgeries. She was never afraid to show everyone her natural look as well.

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Although we usually see her with over-the-top makeup, wigs, and outfits, the gorgeous rapper usually takes it to social media to leave messages to her fans while wearing little to no makeup. She wants to let the world know that, underneath all the glamour and makeup, there’s a confident young woman who isn’t afraid of showing her true natural beauty, and we love her for it.

#6. Lucy Hale

The gorgeous Lucy Hale is not only known as Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars, but also as one of the cutest actresses out there and with the best eyebrows in the world. She started as a child actor and had minor roles in movies and TV shows before her big break. The 28-year-old actress is also a singer, and she released her first studio album, Road Between, in 2014 under Hollywood Records.

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The gorgeous actress usually uploads no-makeup selfies to her Instagram, showing her natural good looks. She tries to be as real as possible, as she said once in an interview:

Real people aren’t perfect; they fall down and mess up and screw up. Those are the kind of people that I look to, and I’ve always aspired to just be authentic.

All Hale the no-makeup queen!

#5. Lori Loughlin

American actress, model, and producer Lori Loughlin is known for her role as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis on the ABC sitcom Full House, which aired from 1988 to 1995, and its Netflix sequel Fuller House. Back in her Full House days, she blew everyone away with her good looks and her million-dollar smile, but she hasn’t changed a single bit!

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At 54 years old, Loughlin looks unbelievably stunning, especially without any makeup. She’s not afraid of going out in public with her hair up, regular clothes, and her all-natural face showing. She always has a bright, wide smile on her face and is always ready to greet fans and sign autographs. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to look like that at 54? She’s a stunner!

#4. Heidi Klum

The beautiful Heidi Klum looks good no matter what she wears, and she hasn’t really changed ever since her modeling days. Although it seems as if her beauty were natural, she showed her glam transformation she goes through every week for America’s Got Talent on her Instagram account, and it was unbelievable to see how much work she puts into looking so glamorous.

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But even when she doesn’t do her hair or her makeup, she still looks like a supermodel, right? She shared her extensive skin care routine with her fans, which she uses to keep her skin glowing and young. I don’t know what you all think, but I’d say that with such perfect skin, she honestly doesn’t need a drop of makeup, does she?

#3. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is not only a gorgeous supermodel but a body positivity advocate. She was one of the first plus-size models to make it big, and has since appeared on the cover of fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle; and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She is also a proponent for the Health at Every Size movement.

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She was never one to hide her natural looks. She often goes out without wearing any makeup – and looking absolutely stunning meanwhile. However, she claims that her good looks are because of her extensive skincare routine. She revealed that she follows a strict routine, in addition to frequent visits to an aesthetician, laser skin treatments, and oxygen facials.

#2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has gone through numerous transformations since her Hannah Montana days. While trying to find her own style and sound, she went from her rocker, dark makeup phase, to chopping off her long hair and dying it blond, which turned the internet world upside down. No matter what she does, however, she always looks beautiful.

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Nowadays, she has gone back to her country roots and grown her hair back and is thus going for a more subtle makeup look, which makes her natural beauty stand out. The truth is that the talented singer and actress doesn’t need any makeup at all. Even while making a funny face on this Instagram post, we can see her flawless skin shine through. Beautiful!

#1. Sofia Vergara

The drop-dead gorgeous Sofia Vergara started out as a model in her native Colombia at 17 years old, and her first big job was for a Pepsi commercial. After working there for many years, she moved to the United States to work as both an actress and model. Her big break was playing Gloria on the hit comedy series Modern Family, thanks to which she became a household name.

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On top of being a great actress, the Colombian beauty is just too beautiful for words to describe. She uploaded this all natural selfie to her Instagram when suffering from a 102-degree fever. Who in the world looks this good when being sick? Somehow, the fever also made her look 10 years younger. Under the picture, she wrote: “I just realized that 102 fever gives u the perfect shades of pink”. I wish I’d look like that when catching a fever!

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