A Purse From 1955 Was Found In A High School And Finally Reunited With Its Owner

School can be a great time for people to figure out who they want to be in life. School has a lot of ups and downs but many times when looking back at that time it is usually filled with good memories. A few lucky people were fortunate enough to be reunited with a few school items from their past that they thought they had lost forever.

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19. Youthful Times

Often times old buildings that have become abandoned will be torn down or re-constructed as something else. In specific instances, many schools will still have things inside the school like lockers and even sometimes things that used to belong to the people who attended the school.

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Many people have strong and fond memories of their time in school. Whether that be as early as the first grade or as late as being a senior in high school. School memories stick with most people for the rest of their lives.

18. The Importance of Education

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School is obviously a very important thing in modern day society and these institutions have paved the way for the futures of the children attending them. Not only are they a place of education but it is also a place that can help people find out who they really are.

17. School Reunions

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School reunions take place several decades after a class has graduated and serves as a reminder for every one of their school years. It is also a great way to relive some of the great stories that may have come from people’s time in school.

16. Physical Remembrance

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While there are a lot of memories from our time in school there is usually less physical memories from school. Often times there will be yearbooks but aside from that there isn’t much physical memorabilia that remains.

15. The Story of Ann Caldwell

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However, for Ann Caldwell, the physical memorabilia went far past that of just a yearbook. She stumbled upon a class ring in one of her dressers. However, she didn’t originally recognize the ring as belonging to her.

14. Returning Historical Significance

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That is because the ring didn’t belong to her at all! After doing some research and searching through yearbooks she stumbled upon a name Coy Sullivan. It turns out that this ring actually belonged to Coy Sullivan the whole time.

13. The Ring

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The ring itself ended up in Ann’s possession due to the owner leaving it in a piece of clothing that ended up in Ann’s possession. With the ring’s date and name, she was able to track down the rightful owner.

12. Reuniting With History

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After Caldwell was able to reunite with the class ring he has since put it in his collection and claims that he will wear it to the 60th school reunion coming up this year!

11. Greater Clark County Schools

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A small town in Indiana has a school system called Greater Clark County Schools and they also recovered a historical piece of physical memorabilia from a student who used to attend the school.

10. Tearing Down Jeffersonville High School

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Specifically, the Jeffersonville High School was being torn down in order to replace it with another structure. The school originally shut its doors in 1971 and it was time the building be officially demolished.

9. Historical Integration


The high school saw a lot of history including other schools in the area. Operating in the early 1900s the school system saw the integration of different races into school systems at the time of the civil rights movements.

8. Taking Down Local History

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Taking down an old building like this also takes away a part of its history, however, Jefferson High School had a trick up its sleeve. During the deconstruction of the school, a few workers came across something that surprised them.

7. Finding A Purse


The workers found an old purse and upon opening it they found their own little time capsule from someone who had attended the school several decades ago. Inside the purse, they found many different things dating the purse and even the owner’s credentials!

6. Finding The Owner

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There was just enough in the bag to track down its owner and at least get a name from who had owned the purse. Not only were there different things dating the purse but there was also things that lead to the discovery of who actually owned the purse a long time ago.

5. The Note

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One of the things that were found in the bag was a worn note. On the note, there was cursive writing and it appeared to be a sort of love letter between two high school students who were attending the school way back in the day.

4. An Old Promposal

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After further investigation, it was revealed that the letter was actually asking the owner of the purse to prom. Could this be one of the earliest promposals ever? The note read “I’ve heard that Paul has asked you to go to the prom with him. If he hasn’t, I would like very much to take you. Love, Torchy. P.S. If you have already consented to go with Paul, please forget that I have asked. If he has asked, but you haven’t consented yet, please consider my invitation.”

3. Student in 1955

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The name found in the purse was actually a nickname of a person who went by Martha Ina Ingham. After digging a bit more they found out that Martha had attended the high school in 1955. After finding this out they thought that the owner could still be alive and with that, they started to search.

2. Reuniting The Purse


Taking to social media people wanted to reunite Martha with her purse. They posted a picture of the purse to the Greater Clark County Schools Facebook page and in no time they came in contact with the true owner of the purse. The post read “Lost and Found Alert: Martha Ina Ingham’s handbag from 1954 has been found in the Franklin Square demolition. We would love to return it to her or her family! Please contact Erin Bojorquez, Public Information Officer.”

1. Finding Marty

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It was originally Martha’s son who had discovered the post and he alerted his mom about it. She finally got her purse back after decades of losing such personal belongings. You never know what might come up from your past.

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