Celebrities That Became Parents At Really Young Age

The decision of becoming a parent is not always easy. Sometimes it comes without any planning but this doesn’t mean that you can’t handle it. You will be surprised by the number of celebrities that had their first child at a really young age. See how they continued managing their maternity or paternity but also their career! So don’t miss this amazing list, and be sure not to miss #23, #15 and #1!

#35. Solange Knowles

The American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress is well-known in the world of music and also because she is the sister of the talented and mega-famous singer Beyoncé. Their father helped them enter into the music business. Although all of us are familiar with her sister’s trajectory, the truth is that she also has a very interesting solo career.

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What most of the people don’t know about her is that she is the mother of Daniel Julez Smith, who was born in 2004 when Solange was only 17 years old. She decided to married Daniel Smith, the father of her boy when he was 19 years old. Her son has been her inspiration for her singing career; as a matter of fact, she recorded “6 O’Clock Blues” in his honor. Sadly, she and Smith decided to get a divorce in 2007. She found love a few years later and got married again in 2014 with Alan Ferguson. Since then, she has earned a lot of fame and has built a successful singing career.

#34. LeBron James

The famous American professional basketball player for the “Los Angeles Lakers” has been living like in a fairy tale with his current wife Savannah Brinson. She was his high school sweetheart! Since then, they have been together and they seem stronger than ever. He became a father when he was only 19 years old. Since then, they have welcomed two more children.

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James proposed to his wife in the New Year’s Eve of 2011 and also the same day of his 27th birthday. What lovely planning! Then they got married on September 14, 2013, in San Diego, California. James and Brinson have three children: Lebron, Jr. (2004), Bryce (2007) and Zhuri (2014).

#33. Lil Wayne

We can say that things moved really fast for the rapper-singer Lil Wayne. He started his singing career when he was only 19 years old! At that age, he was going to become a father too. He got his first child, a girl called Reginae, with his high school girlfriend Antonia Toya. They got married on Valentine’s Day in 2004 but they divorced in 2006.

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Since then, he had three more children with three different women. His second child Dwayne was born in 2008. He welcomed his third child Cameron in 2009 and his fourth child, Neal, was born on the same year. Everything happened really fast for this singer as he is only 33 years old! He has won four Grammy Awards and he continues with his singing career despite some personal troubles he has been through.

#32. Anna Nicole Smith

Before Anna Nicole Smith became the explosive model and TV personality she now is, she was once married to Billy Wayne Smith. While working at Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, she met her first husband and together they had their first and only son: Daniel Wayne Smith, who was born in 1986. She was only 19 years old! The couple didn’t last for so long, and they divorced in 1993.

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When they split up, Smith decided to move to Texas to start her modeling and acting career. Hugh Hefner, the owner and creator of the Playboy magazine, discovered her and she was on the cover of the magazine that year. Her life changed when she met her last husband, the 86-year old petroleum tycoon billionaire J. Howard Marshall. They got married in 1994 in Houston and they stayed together until his death in 1995. Smith’s life has been full of success as an actress but there were also personal struggles that she had to get through. Smith passed away in 2007 after only one year of being a mother of a girl called Dannielynn.

#31. Whoopi Goldberg.

Caryn Elaine Johnson, known professionally as Whoopi Goldberg, had an intensive life since she was a teenager. She is a well-known and loved actress and has been in more than 150 films, TV shows, and plays. Her acting career started in the early 80s at the same time she has been dealing with her personal life.

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Goldberg had her first and only daughter when she was only 17 years old. Her name is Alexandrea Martin, who also became an actress and producer. Goldberg was married to her daughter’s father Alvin Martin from 1973 to 1979. and She overcame her problems and raised Alexandrea, and the actress became a grandmother at the age of 35!

#30. Roseanne Barr

Sometimes the decision to give up a baby for adoption is the most mature decision you can take when you are a teenager. That doesn’t mean you don’t care about your child; on the contrary, it means you really care about him or her. This the case of the American actress and comedian, Roseanne Barr. When she was 17 years she dropped out of high school and gave birth to a girl, and she took the decision to put her for adoption.

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She reunited with her a few years later. Her name is Brandi Brown and since then they have been together, and up to today they still share an amazing relationship. Barr got married to Bill Pentland in 1974, a motel clerk she met when she was in Colorado. They welcomed three more daughters called Jessica, Jennifer and Jake. On January 16 of 1990, Pentland and Barr got divorced and only four days later, she got married again with the comedian Tom Arnold!

#29. Keisha Castle-Hughes

The New Zealander actress is well-known for her acting role as Paikea “Pai” Apirana in the film Whale Rider, where she became the youngest person nominated in the Best Actress category for the Academy Award. Recently, she got a small role in the acclaimed HBO series Game Of Thrones as Obara Sand in season 5.

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Maybe what you don’t know is that Hughes gave birth to her daughter when she was 17 years old on April 25th, 2007, only one month after her birthday! With his boyfriend Bradley Hull they welcomed their only daughter, Felicity-Amore Hull. The couple stayed together seven years up to 2010 when they decided to split up. In 2012, Hughes got married to Jonathan Morrison and after fours years of marriage, they divorced in 2016.

#28. Emily Maynard

Probably you remember Emily Maynard as the winner of the fifteenth season of The Bachelor in 2011 where she was chosen by Brad Womack but a few months after the show they broke up. Maynard started her own TV show, The Bachelorette, in which she dated 25 men and finally chose Jef Holm as the winner. Sadly, they abruptly ended their relationship in October of 2012.

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In the show, she talked about her maternity and how difficult it was to her to raise her daughter Ricki Hendrick since she was 19 years old. Maynard discovered she was pregnant a few days later Ricki’s father tragically died. After that fatal accident, she had the help of Ricki’s paternal grandfather to raise the child. It seems she could overcome the situation and she enjoys the companion of his daughter.

#27. Niki Taylor

The famous American supermodel and TV presenter gave birth to her twins, Jake and Hunter, when she was only 18 years old. She met the father of her first sons, Matt Martinez, a few months later after her high school graduation in 1993. Everything happened so fast for the couple as they got married in Las Vegas in 1994 but a few months later they decided to celebrate their marriage in a more traditional wedding in McCammon, Idaho. Eventually, they divorced two years later after the birth of the twins.

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Taylor’s modeling career didn’t stop although she had to raise two kids. In December 2006, she got married to NASCAR driver Burney Lamar after a few months of the relationship. Together they welcomed two children: a girl called Ciel Taylor Lamar, born in 2009 and a boy called Rex Harrison Lamar, in 2011. All of them are a consolidated family!

#26. Jamie-Lynn Spears

The fame and spotlights were in the Spears family for a long time. Jamie-Lynn Spears is the sister of the famous singer Britney Spears but she also is well-known for her acting career: she starred two Nickelodeon shows when she was a teenager, All That and the sitcom Zoey 101! Spears became the subject of media attention and controversy when in 2007, she announced she was pregnant at the age of 16 and immediately abandoned her acting career.

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She gave birth to her daughter on June 19 of 2008 at Southwest Mississippi, Maddie Briann Aldridge. She got engagement with Maddie’s father, Casey Aldridge but after a few backs and forth in their relationship, they decided to broke up in November 2010. After all the media attention Spears got from her pregnancy, she has preserved her intimacy in order to raise her daughter away from the flashes and tabloids.

#25. Sofía Vergara

The Colombian-American actress is well-known because of her acting career and also for her Latin beauty that she can’t hide! The Modern Family star has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Her personal life has been intense too. Vergara got married when she was only 18 with her current boyfriend at that time, Joe Gonzalez. They had a first and only son, a boy called Manolo who was born in September 1991. The couple divorced in 1993.

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Vergara and Manolo have been very close anytime we seen them together! He seems he supports his mom’s acting career but also in her personal life. In 2014, Sofía met his current husband, the True Blood star Joe Manganiello and on November 21 of 2015, they got married. Since then, they are a stronger couple and we hope they continue like this!

#24. Charlie Sheen

Carlos Irwin Estévez, widely known as Charlie Sheen has been in the spotlights many times; sometimes for his acting roles and sometimes because of his personal struggles. But somehow he managed to keep some of his personal life out of it. This is the case of his first daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez, who was born when the actor was only 19 years old and was dating Paula Profit, his girlfriend during high school.

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The Two And A Half Men actor was married three times and has five children: two daughters with the actress Denise Richards and twin sons with Brooke Mueller. At the age of 48, he became for the first time a grandfather after Cassandra gave birth to her daughter Lune in 2013.

#23. Bristol Palin

Sometimes the presidential race can reveal the deepest secrets of the candidates because they are public persons, or just because some mean tabloid reveals personal information. Whatever is the reason, in 2008 the Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was in the cover of the tabloids when it was revealed that her eldest daughter, Bristol Palin, was pregnant at the age of 17. Suddenly, all the tabloids started to question her politics because she was part of a conservative Christian party.

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Bristol could overcome the situation and she was named a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation, where she is part of many campaigns to prevent teen pregnancies. She has been an advocate to prevent teen pregnancies by giving talks and meetings. At present, she is married and has a second child.

#22. Aretha Franklin

Perhaps, one of the most impactable cases of celebrities that had children at a really young age is the case of the well-known singer and pianist Aretha Franklin. She gave birth to his first son when she was only 14 years old! She called him Clarence. Aretha’s grandmother and sister helped her in raising him while she started her singing career. The father of the child was Donald Burk, a boy she knew from school.

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After the birth of her first son, she had four more sons and one of them is the well-known guitar player Teddy Richards, who played on stage with his mother. In the many interviews she gave, she never spoke about her early pregnancies. Franklin was married twice and suffered from gender violence from his first husband Ted White, as she declared at court. After her two marriages, she got engaged to her longtime partner Willie Wilkerson for 24 years but they called the wedding off in 2012.

#21. Naomi Judd

We can say the American country music singer has gone through many difficult times in her life but now she has a successful singing career. She is the daughter of a gas station owner and a housewife so everything was quite complicated for Judd when she had her first daughter, Christina Ciminella at 18. Later Christina began to be known by the name Wynonna Judd. Just four years later, she gave birth to her second daughter, Ashley Ciminella.

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Eventually, Judd divorced from Michael Ciminella and had to raise their daughters by her own, as a single parent. She went to nursing school at the College of Marin in California, but later she found her true passion: country music. She has a successful singing career in a duet with Wynonna. Also, Ashley is a successful Hollywood actress. We can say this woman made the impossible and beyond for her daughters!

#20. Adele

The English artist has a singing career full of success and fame around the world. Her voice makes you fall in love with her every time you listen to one of her songs. The fame didn’t make her lose her privacy and she has always been very protective to it. In June 2012, Adele announced that she and her boyfriend Simon Konecki were expecting a baby. The singer decided to make a pause in her career after the mega success of her album 21.

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Adele became a mother on 19 October of 2012, when she gave birth to her son Angelo when she was 24 years old. The couple has been trying to manage all the media attention that is above them. It was not easy for them, but it seems they can deal with tabloids that constantly want a picture of the baby. In interviews, Adele has declared that raising her son made her more centered and calmer than ever. Keep on reading the most admirable stories of celebrities and their children!

#19. Lamar Odom

The American professional basketball player has been through many difficult moments, but the companion of his children has been the best help for him. At the age of 18, he became a father for the first time with his girlfriend at that time Liza Morales. Together they welcomed three more children: Destiny, Lamar Jr., and Jayden. After a few months of Jayden’s birth, the couple decided to separate.

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In September 2009, Odom married the TV personality Khloé Kardashian, after only one month of dating! The couple had their own TV reality show Khloé&Lamar during 2011 and 2012 when it was canceled after two seasons.

#18. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple began her film career at the age of three in 1932, so it’s not a surprise that everything in her life moved really fast! She married her first husband, John Agar, an Army Air Corps sergeant when she was 17 years old in a small ceremony after two years of relationship on September 19 of 1945. They welcomed their first and only daughter Linda Susan on January 30 of 1948. The couple made two films together: Fort Apache and Adventure in Baltimore. Their marriage lasted until 1950 when they decided to get a divorce.

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In January 1950, Temple met her second husband (and the last one) Charles Alden Black, a World War II Navy intelligence officer. Temple and Black got married on December 16 of the same year. The couple had two children: a boy called Charles Alden Black Jr. and a girl called Lori. The couple was married for 54 years until his death in 2005. Temple passed away in 2014 of natural causes.

#17. Oprah

Is not a surprise for us that Oprah, the American media executive, talk show host, and television producer, managed to be a strong and independent woman who fought against the adversities of life. Oprah was born in rural Mississipi when her mother, Vernita Lee, was a teenager. The TV host kept this aspect of her life as a secret until a family member sold the information to a tabloid.

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In a video, she decided to talk about the time she got pregnant when she was only 14 years old. After the birth of her son, sadly he died in the hospital he was born. She decided to open her heart in this video and she talked about her pregnancy. Fortunately, this woman has moved on and now she is a successful TV presenter and she has earned the heart of millions of people.

#16. Fantasia Barrino

The winner of the third season of American Idol in 2004 became a mother a few years earlier than she became an international singer. Barrino‘s life hasn’t been easy. She got pregnant when she was only 16 and she gave birth to her daughter, Zion Quari Barrino, with her ex-boyfriend, Brandel Shouse. 

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Barrino decided to give the chance to the contest and take the opportunity of her life: she wanted to be a professional singer to give her daughter the best things she could. Eventually, she won the contest and became Nº1 on the list. She has been on Broadway in the musical The Color Purple, including her success in her singing career. The last news we know about her is that she became a grandmother, at the age of 32, from her 15-year-old stepson.

#15. Jasmine Villegas

In some situations, it is really important to have the support of your family, especially if you are living in a world of fame and media attention. Jasmine Villegas, known as a Jasmine V, is an American pop and R&B singer. Her debut single That’s Me Right There put her on the top of the list. Also, her personal life made all the tabloids write about her and her former boyfriend, the famous singer Justin Bieber. 

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In 2015, she announced via Twitter she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend, the Vine star Ronnie Banks. He was only 18 years old and she was 22! Both of them became parents of a girl called Ameera Reign Eloise Hackett. Despite bad rumors, they seem stronger as a couple and they raised their daughter together. Villegas usually offers advice to other young moms and she is an inspiration to them, especially Latinas: let’s not forget that she has Filipino and Mexican descent.

#14. Maya Angelou

Maybe the American poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou, is not what we consider as a celebrity, but we have to mention her because of all her social work and activism that has helped a lot of black people around the world. She became the first female black cable car conductor in San Francisco and was the author of her seven autobiographies where she talked about her life, including when she became a mother at the age of 16. 

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She gave birth to her first son Guy Johson when she was at high school, so she had to abandon the school in order to raise him. She had plenty of different jobs, including fry cook and sex worker. Angelou wrote a series of autobiographies telling about her personal experiences as a young mother and how she had to fight against racism. She became a successful international poet and writer. Angelou passed away in 2014.

#13. Jacqueline Laurita

The Real Housewives TV star is well-known for her fame as a diva. Before she became famous, she was a cosmetologist in Las Vegas. She got married to Matt Holmes in 1989 and together they welcomed their first and only daughter, Ashley. The housewife was only 20 years old! In 1992 Laurita and Holmes got divorced.

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Laurita later remarried to Chris Laurita and the couple had two more sons: C. J and Nicholas. Her son Nicholas was diagnosed with autism and with the help of her husband they have a popcorn company The Little Kernel that helps parents with children on the autism spectrum. Also, Laurita recently became a grandmother when Ashley gave birth to a baby boy and she showed really excited about the idea of being a young-grandma!

#12. Elizabeth Taylor

We have nothing to say about the acting career of the legendary Elizabeth Taylor; we particularly remember her roles in movies like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. She has also been a very passionate activist regarding AIDS awareness. The media attention and the tabloids put attention to some aspects of her personal life like the 7 marriages she had throughout her life. Taylor married Conrad “Nicky” Hilton Jr. when she was 18 years old. MGM organized a large and expensive wedding, which became a major media event. Their marriage didn’t last for so long as she filed for a divorce after 8 months.

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Taylor married to her second husband, the British actor Michael Wilding and together they had two sons: Michael Howard and Christopher Edward. When the actress was only 21 years old, she was already the mother of three children. She had a daughter, Liza Frances after she divorced from her second husband and married Mike Todd. A few years later, Taylor and her husband at that time Richard Burton adopted a girl called Maria. Despite any bad rumor of the tabloids, Taylor showed she was a great mother to her children and when she passed away in 2014, she had 14 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

#11. Charlotte Church

The personal life of the Welsh singer-songwriter and actress television presenter Charlotte Church has often been reported in UK tabloid newspapers. This has been an inspiration to her singing career, for example in her song Let’s Be Alone from the album Tissues And IssuesHer relationship with the Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson was in the cover of all magazines. It was not a surprise that the press put attention when she announced she was expecting her first baby with Henson. 

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The pop singer gave birth to her first child when she was 21, a daughter called Ruby Megan Henson, and then to her second at 22, a boy called Dexter Lloyd Henson. On January 2010, Church and Henson separated six weeks after becoming engaged. Church has declared that being a mother has helped her to have a better and quiet life, away from the tabloids and flashes. Now she is studying on a degree in physics that matches perfectly with her singing career!

#10. Candace Cameron Bure

The Full House star Candance Cameron Bure is well-known for her role as Dj Tanner. She is also known for her work with Hallmark Channel, playing the role of Aurore Teagarden. She married her current husband Valeri Bure, a Russian NHL hockey player in 1996. They met each other for the first time in a charity hockey game by her Fuller House co-star Dave Coulier. It was destiny!

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The couple has three children: she had her first daughter called Natasha when she was only 22 years old. At that time, she decided to make a pause in order to raise their daughter properly. In 2000 and 2002 they welcomed their sons. Everything in Cameron‘s life is related to Fuller House, the sequel of Full Housethe creator wanted her to be a pregnant widow but they changed it so she had the child.

#9. Ingrid Bergman

The Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman is best remembered for her role as Ilsa Lund in Casablanca and Alicia Huberman in Notorious. In 1937, when she was 21, she married a physician, Peter Aron Lindstrom. The couple had a daughter in 1938, Friedel Pia Lindström. Bergman decided to move to San Francisco in order to be near Hollywood. The couple had to struggle between the rising career of Bergman and her personal life.

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Eventually, due to her Hollywood fame, the privacy of the family couldn’t last forever. Bergman divorced from Lindstrom and remarried to Roberto Rossellini, after rumors of an affair between them. The couple had three children: a boy called Renato and twin daughtersIsotta and the well-known actress Isabella Rossellini. 

#8. Shirley Maclaine

The life of Shirley Maclaine has been full of success as she is well-known for her acting career in TV, films, and theatre. Maybe her most important role in life was when she became a mom at the age of 22. She had a daughter called Sachi Parker. Maclaine got married to businessman Steve Parker from 1954 until their divorce in 1982.

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Maybe the life of an actress doesn’t let them spend enough time with their families. Her daughter became an actress like her mother. In 2013, Parker talked about the relationship she had with her famous actress mom; she said they didn’t share many things when she was a child and that she spent a lot of time with her father in Japan.

#7. Camila Alves

Camila Alves was born in Brazil but at the age of 15, she moved to Los Angeles after she visited her aunt and decided to stay there. She started her modeling career after moving to New York City when she was 19. In the City of Dreams, she was going to find love; she met the well-known Hollywood actor Mathew McConaughey in 2006. Their first son was born in Juli 2008 when she was 24 years old. In 2010 they welcomed their daughter and in 2012 their second son was born.

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The couple got married in 2012 and they seem stronger than ever. In several interviews, McConaughey said that the model is an essential part of the family, as she keeps the harmony between all of them. The couple tried to preserve the privacy of their children and they made it! Keep on reading the last stories of celebrities that became parents at a really young age!

#6. Tom Jones

The Welsh singer, Tom Jones, has a successful singing career, including many concerts in Las Vegas and career comebacks, for example when he coached on The Voice UK from 2012 to 2016. His voice is unique and exceptional and he was even knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for services to music. He became a father when he was only 16 years old, with his high school sweetheart Linda Trenchard. They welcomed a boy called Mark. 

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The couple got married in 1957 and despite having had their ups and downs, they stayed together until her death on 10 April of 2016 despite the rumors. The life of the singer has been really intense as an affair with the model Katherine Berkery resulted in the birth of his second son. After DNA testing, it was confirmed that Jones was the father of the boy.

#5. Kate Hudson

The Almost Famous and How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days star has the spirit of acting in her genes, as her mother is the award-winning Goldie Hawn. Maybe her kids will follow the same path as the actress, who knows?  She married her first husband, Chris Robinson on December 31 of 2000 and in January 2004 they welcomed their son when the actress was 24. She has referred to the birth of her son as the happiest thing that happened to her because he is her buddy.

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The couple didn’t last for so long and they separated in 2006. The actress has had two more children from different relationships: a son that was born in 2011 with the Muse frontman Matt Bellamy and a daughter born in 2018 with her current boyfriend Danny Fukikawa.

#4. Britney Spears

The life of the pop singer Britney Spears has appeared on screen since she was a child. We can imagine how difficult it was for her to live her personal life out of the tabloids and flashes, especially when she became a mother. She met her sons’ father, the American dancer Kevin Federline, in 2004 after he separated from his first wife. In 2005, she gave birth to her first son, Sean Preston, and in 2006 her second son Jayden James was born.

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Everything moved really fast for the singer, for at the age of 25 she was the mother of two little boys. In 2007, she separated from Kevin Federline in the middle of media controversies. The life of Britney hasn’t been so easy ever since she was a little girl, and that’s why she decided to protect the privacy of her sons. She has stated in a couple of interviews that she doesn’t want them to become “an entertainment business“. In these days, the singer is working on her 9th studio album. You don’t want to miss the last stories!

#3. Reese Witherspoon

The well-known actress of The Man In The Moon and Legally Blonde started her acting career in the early 90s and it was not a surprise when she found the love on the set. She met the actor Ryan Phillippe at her 21st birthday party in March 1997 but the two of them had also shared the screen in the film Cruel Intentions. They immediately fell in love and became engaged and married in 1998. In 1999, they welcomed their first child, a girl called Ava Elizabeth Phillippe.

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The couple had one more child on September 9, 2003. Three years later, the couple announced they had divorced. Nowadays, Ava is 23 years old and she seems like an equal copy of her mother. If you see them together they look like years don’t pass to them! Daughter and mother show themselves really close.

#2. Raquel Welch

The Fantastic Voyage star won international fame because of that movie and after that, she signed a contract with 20th Century Fox. When she was in high school she met her first husband James Welch and married in 1959. The couple welcomed two children after only three years of marriage: a son called Damon and a daughter called Tahnee. The actress was only 19 when Damon was born!

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International fame and success made the actress get away from her children during a big part of their lives. In some interviews, she regrets this saying that she would have loved to have spent more time with them when they were little. Keep on reading the last story of our list! We are sure you know her!

#1. Hilary Duff

Like many celebrities of this list, the life of singer and actress Hilary Duff was on the screen and tabloids since she was a teenager. She became famous when she had her own Disney Channel show, the series Lizzie McGuire, from 2001 to 2004 (including a movie of it). She is also a successful singer and she has released 5 studio albums.

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In 2007, she met NHL player Mike Comrie and in 2019 they got married in Santa Barbara, California. In 2011, she gave birth to their first and only son and in 2014 the couple got divorced. Duff became a mother when she was only 25 years old! Since then, they have been trying to do the best for their son, raising him together. In 2019, Duff became the mother of a daughter via a home water birth with his current boyfriend Matthew Koma.

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