25 Hilarious Comedies That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We all know the amount of time that can pass before we finally find a movie that thrills us. Browsing movies can be entertaining in itself, but in those moments you don’t want to waste time, having a set of go-to movies is essential. Here is a list of the best comedies that simply can’t be absent on your Friday night. #1 is hysterically funny, and definitely a must-watch. #8 and #2 are our favorites!

#25. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Steve Carell is a lovable actor and, in this comedy, he will make you go from cringe-worthy moments and laughs to tender scenes in a blink of an eye. Steve (as Andy Stitzer) plays a virgin who is ready to take the big step. The plot is just set to be a success!

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Throughout the process of meeting that special someone, however, he manages to surprise the audience with every passing moment. From a chest waxing scene to several failed attempts at trying to seduce a girl, this movie is a must-watch.

#24. This Is Spinal Tap

Who doesn’t enjoy a good mockumentary? In this movie, director Rob Reiner portrays a failed British band that in a desperate attempt to gain back it’s fame returns to the United States for a Concert Tour. Any similarity with reality is purely coincidental.

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Opinions are divided on the movie; while some believe it’s way too realistic, others find that exact thing the source of its brilliance. Watch it and decide for yourself! For another great mockumentary, check #19.

#23. Napoleon Dynamite

The classic story about a teenage kid that goes through life as an outsider just never gets old. In case you’re feeling skeptic about the plot, let me assure you, Napoleon Dynamite is guaranteed to be one of the best you’ll ever watch.

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It may be the fact that everyone feels a bit identified with Napoleon, or the fact that we’ve all been there (and done that); but as the movie develops, you will find yourself rooting for the characters. So don’t judge a book by its cover and check it out.

#22. Anchorman

Will Ferrell is a classic comedian and in this essential movie of his, he plays a rather peculiar character. His exaggerated masculine attitudes as well as his dim-witted one-liners can’t help but provoke laughter. Just look at the promotional poster, need I say more?

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For the tougher crowd that needs more convincing, let me tell you, the plot thickens when one character just won’t stand his ways. The rivalry and nemesis relation between both is incredible. Don’t miss this rib-tickling version of Will Ferrell.

#21. Ghostbusters

There simply had to be a Bill Murray movie on this list (or risk the list being obscenely incomplete) and the pick was hard. Any of his movies will always be a hit with the crowd, but this one is the safest pick. Is there anyone still out there that hasn’t seen this loved classic?

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For those people or aliens who haven’t seen it yet, the movie is a hilarious depiction of former parapsychology professors who change their life paths in order to become ghost removers. Nothing could go wrong, or could it?

#20. Duck Soup

These brothers never disappoint with their comedy act. Can you guess who they are? That’s right, in this top-notch Marx Brothers film, you will be surely entertained. It was premiered in 1933 during the Great Depression but still, the themes in the movie are as current as ever.

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They tackle nationalism, absurd notions of politics and simply deliver great punch lines. This is not only a movie to enjoy and reflect, but also to giggle uncontrollably. If you’re interested in political commentaries disguised as comedies, take note of #11.

#19. Borat

Borat is a personal favorite, and it surely will take a special place in your heart as well. The plot is simply too good to spoil, but take our word for it, a series of delirious events will leave you gasping after non-stop laughter. Let’s just say that this mockumentary is about a fake journalist that records his interactions with Americans.

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This movie was considered a comic revolution in itself and the cast, its revolutionaries. Pamela Anderson is just one of the stars that are featured in the film and the great chemistry between the actors on set clearly shows.

#18. Airplane!

Airplane! was ranked in 2007 as the second best comedy film, just after our #1. The plot involves an ex-fighter pilot who is afraid of flying. In spite of this, just after his girlfriend who is a flight attendant breaks up with him, he decides to win her back… and where of all places? You guessed it, during a flight.

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The next 87 minutes are a guarantee of a good time. While some jokes might be corny, we love them anyway and above all, we all root for Ted and his passionate (at times comic) love for Elaine. If you enjoyed this film, then #2 will also be a good pick.

#17. Waiting for Guffman

This movie, unlike most, presents the uniqueness that it is actually completely improvised. That’s right! And guess what? The fact that it isn’t scripted actually works. It makes the interactions seem natural, the comedians are on their top game, and you will feel oddly close to the characters

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After the first few scenes you’ll feel as if you’re watching people with insecurities, that at certain moments are unbearably awkward, but above all, extremely amusing. Don’t say you’re not even the slightest intrigued by this masterpiece. Don’t miss out on this comedy everyone should be talking about.

#16. Raising Arizona

Nicolas Cage is an actor that inspires diverse opinions. Some say, that feelings towards the actor have broken up families. While he is most known for his dramatic roles, in this fantastic comedy, you will definitely enjoy another side of the actor.

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The plot starts off depicting an unorthodox couple. Let’s just say, he is an ex-convict… If that doesn’t get your attention, wait for it, both lovers want so badly a baby, a series of events will lead them to do almost anything… even kidnapping. If you ever needed an excuse to watch a Nicolas Cage movie, this is it.

#15. Young Frankenstein

Everyone knows the classic Frankenstein story. It pretty much goes that a mad scientist creates a monster as a consequence of an experiment. That doesn’t sound like it could induce many giggles though. However, this take on the traditional story will make you laugh your brains out.

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The main character is actually Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson, and the poor boy has some serious family issues. He just can’t stand the idea of keeping up with the family tradition. I might as well say that tap dancing and great scenes await in this fantastic parody of a classic movie.

#14. BridesMaids

Melissa McCarthy is that kind of actor that you need to watch on a girls night. She is everything that’s good in the comedy universe of movies. This movie depicts friendship between women in an unapologetic sassy uncensored way, and we just love it.

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The cast is unbelievable and the resulting movie shows incredible chemistry between the ladies. If you want to laugh to the point of falling off your chair, this is exactly for you. Beware, this movie will make even the biggest grouch smile.

#13. Austin Powers

Austin Powers is so 90’s I can’t help but love it. An eternal classic, this hilarious spy movie has everything to make it a memorable comedy: a ridiculous villain that always plots to steal outrageous amounts of money, a cliche spy and get-out-of-here incredible one-liners.

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Don’t doubt for a second, this is a movie you need to watch at least once in your lifetime. If only to have great quotes available that are spectacularly cheese and eternally funny. Who doesn’t need this in their life?

#12. A Shot In The Dark

The Pink Panther movies are part of a whole generation’s childhood. Each character, each movie, and every plot is absolutely excellent. For those who remain in the dark (for now) and are unaware of the storyline, beware. Once you watch the pink panther there is no turning back.

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You will fall madly in love with the ridiculous inspector Jacques Clouseau. But be careful, before you know it he’d have introduced numerous adventures that will have you at the edge of your seat in no time. If you have to start somewhere, this is a great introduction film to the comedies.

#11. Dr. Strangelove

Stanley Kubrick is a director genius. His sharp sense of humor always finds a way to mock even the darkest of themes. This particular movie takes place during the ’60s and intends to ridicule behaviors, ideas and political figures during the cold war.

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For those of you who are history nerds but enjoy a great comedy as well, don’t waste any more time on Netflix or browsing for movies: this is the best out there, and it will make your Friday night a memorable one. Doesn’t the cartoon on the cover have a real cold-war vibe to it?

#10. Elf

Will Ferrell has a sense of humor ideal for family movies. Watch this hilarious Christmas-themed comedy that will have your family shaking in laughter. What is different about this film, you might ask. Well, the actor plays Buddy, an elf that isn’t really an elf but believes he is. DIfferent, much?

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Because he grew up as an orphan amongst Santa’s elves, Ferrell is confused about his true origins and the fact that he doesn’t fit in. The situations he gets himself into are just too good to explain. One thing is for certain and that’s any comedy list would be incomplete without this classic.

#9. Girls Trip

Queen Latifah is not only a great singer and actor, but she also has a stupendous sense of humor. In Girlstrip you can sit back and enjoy while she does what she knows best. Just wait patiently because humor will appear in no time and you will have a fantastic time assured.

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The movie centers on a group of friends that decide to go road tripping throughout the United States to New Orleans. Along the way, the audience gets to fall in love with each character as well as their unique perks. Each friend is hilarious in their own way and you won’t be able to contain a smile. I recommend this film full heartedly.

#8. Modern Times

There is no one, whatever the generation, that hasn’t at least heard of the famous Charlie Chaplin. This comedian is well known for a reason, and trust us, while the film may be in black and white, the humor is definitely not outdated.

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Charlie acts as a factory worker at a time when changes in production are occurring in the industrial scene. While the serious bosses want him and the workers to be more efficient, Chaplin mocks everything and everyone. As he makes the audience laugh, there is also an underlying criticism about the dehumanization of workers. This is what makes him truly the greatest.

#7. Office Space

A hateful job… everyone can relate to that, and what better way to deal with it than with humor? This movie fulfills every one of our fantasies about destroying office equipment, hating on everything, and just showing our true colors at work.

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If you’ve ever felt misunderstood, underappreciated or even just plain bored at your work, this movie is definitely for you. It will make you smile the next time the office printer gets jammed. A word of advice, though, don’t try these things out at your work, unless you’re not planning on going back.

#6. The Apartment

This movie from the ’60s makes a hilarious commentary on the theme of cheating and marriage infidelity. Don’t worry though, the dense topics are accompanied by the best one-liners, they make this movie a must for every age.

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If you’re the kind of person that laughs even harder when jokes and comedy actually mock serious real-life issues, this is the movie for you. In The Apartment you can just tell the director is playing with the unjust sexual standards and the business world that we’re all a part of. These are the themes that the movie exploits, brilliantly.

#5. The Hangover

The hangover is the best comedy to watch with your friends. The misadventures that occur to this group of friends will make you cry, feel empathy and above all laugh all the way. If the movie poster doesn’t scream Hangover, then what does?

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After they arrive in Las Vegas to celebrate a bachelor party, a group of friends try to understand, remember, and piece together whatever happened the night before. Every scene gets stranger and funnier than the one before, so get ready the popcorn and enjoy this ride!

#4. The Jerk

Steve Martin is a comedy genius, no one can deny that. His sense of humor and facial expressions could make any grouch laugh to tears. We invite you to watch this masterpiece in case you already haven’t.

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This should definitely be top on your list. Did you know this was actually Martin’s first starring role in a feature film? It starts off pretty delirious, and it just gets better. There is no better summary of the movie than the famous line in its poster “From rags to riches…to rags”.

#3. Caddyshack

A common critique one could say or hear about comedies, in general, is that they have weak plots. Don’t be disappointed any longer, in Caddyshack you will be asking for less! The plot could be divided into plenty of other movies since it is rich in storylines and sense of humor.

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Mainly, the plot is about a teen that works in a very upscale country club. In the snob-like fundraiser destined for college education that Michael O’Keefe’s character has to work in, he begins to advocate for scholarships dedicated only to caddies. Join him and laugh at whatever adventures await him.

#2. The Naked Gun

This movie was actually based on a TV show that got canceled pretty soon after the pilot episode. In spite of this, don’t be cynical, the creators of the series were the same as in Airplane! If that’s not enough to prove this movie is destined to be Comedy classic just google it, you’ll see it has pretty good ratings in any site.

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There is a reason why detective and police movies make great comedies, and if you watch The Naked Gun you’ll understand why. The plot of this film is about Leslie Nielsen’s character (Frank Drebin) search of vengeance after his partner is gunned down. Don’t miss out on this great film that also has an epic title!

#1. Monty Python And The Holy Grail

The movie is a parody of the legend of King Arthur’s search for the Holy Grail. Barely five minutes into the movie, you can tell you’re about to experience a wacky plot. This gets first place without a doubt. This is one of the few films that even after watching it, you’ll be chuckling just by remembering the scenes.

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Beginning with King Arthur’s recruitment of the Knights of The Round Table, the plot takes a turn and develops into a series of hilarious adventures. Be sure to keep this as a choice for your movie night, but give it time. If you get past the bizarreness of the moment, this movie will be a part of you forever.

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