23 Cutest Animal Photos That Will Make You Believe In Love

Love, who can live without it? Even animals of every kind have partners with whom to share life experiences and science can back it up. Studies carried out by Claremont Graduate University have found that the love hormone ‘oxytocin’ is present in certain animals and it increases when they come in contact with each other. If you’re prepared to swoon over the cutest couples, this is the article for you… and yes, they happen to be animals.

#23. Cat-ling, The Best Kind Of Cuddling

Cats are the greatest cuddlers one could find out there. Just look at them. How could you ever doubt it?

Photo: Courtesy of Shutterstock

In fact, studies show that cats that receive daily showers of love have greater protective antibodies in their systems. Don’t wait any longer, your cat’s health is begging you to cuddle it more.

#22. Loving Lovebirds

Lovebird is actually the common name of Agapornis, a bird that belongs to the family of parrots. Did you know, parrots actually maintain one partner throughout their life?

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

In this particular case, the photo, as well as the lovebirds not only attract stares as a result of their brightly colored feathers but because of the tender gesture shared between both birds.

#21. Kangaroo Kisses

Kangaroos are exotic animals, did you know, females can actually determine the sex of their child before it is born?

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Incredible as it might be, look at the picture, nobody can deny they are kissing on the cheek. they express affection just as we do. If you need more of these kisses, don’t miss #13.

#20. Love-Strolls Down The Beach

Not all animals mate with one partner for life. However, this is the case with King Penguins. Not all the romance is gone after all! In the period after the Birth of their offspring, both parents remain together in order to raise the children.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

This picture was probably taken during that period. These penguins taking a stroll down the beach look perfectly at ease.

#19. Goats Know Loyalty

Goats are animals that can’t live without their companions. If they are left alone, they can get seriously depressed.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

But don’t worry, these two look pretty happy together, and they won’t be separating anytime soon. For an additional tender photo between a distinctive pair, go to #16.

#18. Cuddling Travel Partners

Rainbow Lorikeets are incredible birds. The colors on their feathers are unlike no other, in fact, they’re one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Aside from this, these beauties never go anywhere without their partner.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

They travel together and tend to cuddle at any stop. Looks like the photographer was lucky to capture one of these moments.

#17. The Greatest Huggers Are The Rhodesian Ridgebacks

As previously mentioned, some animals can release a love hormone when they come across that special someone or even when they’re happy to see their owners.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

In fact, these gorgeous dogs look like they’ve moved past the friend zone into romantic territory. Who doesn’t want to be looked the way that Rhodesian Ridgeback looks at his partner?

#16. Tall Lovers

We all show affection in our own way: kissing, hugging or even cuddling. These two giraffes look like they’re intertwining their necks, but are they actually being loving with each other?

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

This might be so, but these animals are known to engage in ‘necking’, a way in which males fight with each other. So, what do you think, are these lovers or enemies?

#15. King And Queen Of The Jungle Share Love

Lions are actually extremely social animals, in fact, they live together in groups. It has been observed that male lions tend to give showers of affection to the female they choose to be partners with.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Cuddles and love-licks are a common thing between the royalty of the jungle.

#14. Snuggles Between The Cutest Animals

This just simply proves that cats and dogs can actually be the greatest of friends. Don’t you wish you could snuggle up under that blanket as well?

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

They look so peaceful; love is certainly in the air tonight. Check out #5 if you can’t help yourself, and need more cat-dog loving in your life.

#13. Kissing Sea Lions

Who doesn’t enjoy watching the famous “dogs of the sea” swim in a playful manner and dance in their habitat?

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

In the same way that dogs make our lives whole, these amusing sea creatures bring joy to whoever watches them. The photo captures a unique moment between two loved ones, happy to see each other.

#12. Some More Cuddling For You

While dogs tend to receive all the good publicity involving their displays of affection, this doesn’t mean their cat counterparts aren’t as loving.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

In fact, cats show appreciation and tenderness by snuggling and cuddling close to their partners and those they love. Purrs are their way of making you understand, they are pleased. So keep up the good work!

#11. Best Friends

When we think of Cows, we don’t normally associate the animal with adjectives such as adorable or endearing. However, you have to admit, this photo could make anyone’s heart melt.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Cows are the sort of animals that develop really strong friendship ties, and just look at them! They’re inseparable.

#10. Loyal Owl Monkeys

It so happens that owl monkeys tend to have unique behavior when it comes to life partners.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Firstly, they only separate from their partners if situations beyond their control force them to do so. Secondly, if they do separate, during their next relationship they tend to have fewer children. My heart melts just looking at the pair.

#9. Hugging Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs are social animals that are quite intelligent. They live in groups called ‘towns’. Chances are, these funny animals might find their special someone within their group.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Look at these two sweethearts, they can’t keep their paws off of each other.

#8. White Tigers Also Enjoy Cuddling

White tigers are fearsome creatures in the wild. They’re strong, fast and quite the predators. However, these animals are rare creatures.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

You wouldn’t go up to one of those and pet it, right? However, these tigers still need some love. Cuddling is their choice of affection, and they just love it.

#7. Horses Nuzzling

Horses are loyal animals and will stand by your side no matter what. They are capable of doing extraordinary things for their loved ones.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Looks like these two lucky ones have found love in each other and cant help nuzzling. Moments like these make my heart swoon just a bit.

#6. Terrier-Retriever Power Couple

Dogs are the greatest displayers of love that exist. No one can compete with a canine power couple, and this photo is perfect evidence.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

That Jack Russell Terrier and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling are sharing a kiss worthy of the big screens. Not gonna lie, my eyes may be watering just a bit.

#5. Opposites Attract

Whoever believed cats and dogs were natural enemies, should better think again. It actually happens more often than people realize: these two animals develop strong ties of affection.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Just look at them, a cuddly cat and a supportive dog. Who doesn’t want a bit of that in their life?

#4. Bunny Kisses

Bunnies have always caught the attention of people, movies like Peter Rabbit have brought into our homes and childhoods these furry loveable animals.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

If you’ve ever seen a rabbit in real life, you’ll know that these fluffy creatures are just irresistible. And look at them, these adorable babies are loving each other.

#3. Apes Showing Some Tenderness

Did you know Chimpanzees have the same blood type as we do? The similarities between apes and humans are extraordinary. It’s no wonder we share similar attitudes and gestures including kissing and loving embraces.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Look at the photo, with a bit of imagination it isn’t a stretch to say, they could look like a human family.

#2. Ultimate Cat-Dog Cuddling

#14 and #5 were just the beginning when it comes to cat-dog lovers. This photo represents everything that’s good in this world. Look at those two!

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Have you ever seen a more delighted couple while cuddling? They’re so adorable, they make me want to see their love in real life.

#1. Friendship Found In Odd Places

Sometimes it so happens that we fall in love or start friendships with the most unlikely people. This also happens with animals.

Photo: Courtesy of Bestlifeonline

Who would’ve thought that a cat and a monkey made such a great pair? A photographer in Thailand managed to capture the friendship between the unlikely pair.

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