Brave Young Girl Stands Up In School During Board Meeting

There are times when you know that you should keep your mouth shut because you might get in trouble. Well, this is not what Delanie Marcotte did when she called in a school board meeting. The young fifth graded was determined to let everyone know her story in hopes of helping herself and other kids from her school.

19. Other Kids

Going to school is one of the best periods of our lives. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Delanie Marcotte is one of those people because she has been having a difficult time at school. Luckily, she decided to do something about it.

Even though school is really fun and people get to make new friends that last for a lifetime, kids can be mean. Bullies are everywhere and if we don’t learn how to stand up to them, bullies will never be discouraged.

18. Going To School

Delanie Marcotte is a normal fifth grader who loves school. Sadly, there are a bunch of kids who are picking on her and this is making her dread going to school.

17. Meet Delanie

This is Delanie Marcotte and her story is going to blow you away. Delanie has been bullied for a couple of months until she had enough. She needed to do something about it and who else better to turn for help other than her loving father?

16. Asking For Help

Delanie told her father what was going on at her school and asked him for help. The father was angry that someone was making his daughter sad, but he wanted to teach her a lesson. Instead of taking matters into his own hands, he wanted to provide Delanie with the means to protect herself.

15. Special Letter

The young girl’s father encouraged her to put her thoughts to paper so that he could send a letter to the school board. He wanted all the teachers to know what is going in their “backyard”. The father also wanted to teach Delanie that talking about her problems is going to help out.

14. Brave Girl

There are many kids who would’ve just kept their mouths shut because the bullies could retaliate, but not Delanie. She is a special girl and the way she acted at the school board meeting moved everyone to tears.

13. School Board Meeting

The school board received a letter from Delanie’s dad and they called in for a meeting. To their surprise, the dad was not the one who was addressing them and Delanie wanted to speak for herself.

12. Speak Her Mind

Delanie’s dad asked the school board if they would agree to listen to his daughter and not to himself. He believed that she could paint a much better picture of the troubles that she has to go through every day. The school board agreed.

11. Bullying Problem

Delanie was fearless and she told the school board right from the start that they have a big bullying problem. Not just that, but Delanie told them straight up that people are calling her bad names and making fun of her. The board members were in shock.

10. Incredible Moment

The board members were listening closely to every word that Delanie was speaking. They couldn’t believe that their school was in such a bad state and they promised to do something about it.

9. Proud Dad

As you can probably imagine, Delanie’s dad was upset to find out that his daughter is being bullied. However, he was really proud of her for stepping up to them.

8. Speaking The Truth

“I’m here to talk about a problem that means a lot to me – bullying. Bullying is a problem in our school. I am a victim of it. My parents have contacted the school about it, but it continues” said Delanie.

7. Help Is Coming

Delanie explained how no teacher wants to help out the kids which are victims and the board members promised her that everything is changing. They are going to make sure that no kid will ever have to deal with bullying again.

6. Making The News

As you would expect, the video of Delanie explaining how things really are to the board meeting went viral. Delanie even made the local news and everyone admired her for her brave deeds.

5. New Friends

Now that everyone saw how brave Delanie is, the fifth grader has made lots of new friends. She says that people approach her and thank her for speaking out.

4. Good Times

A kid as brave and smart as Delanie is doesn’t deserve anything but the best in the world. Let’s hope that she and her new friend are going to have lots of fun times from now on.

3. Going To School

Delanie says that she is excited to go to school every day now. She knows that no one is ever going to pick on her anymore and she can learn new and interesting things about the world.

2. Say No

If there is something that we all should learn from Delanie, then it has to be the fact that everyone needs to be as brave as she is and to say no to bullying.

1. Amazing Girl

Even though our story started on a sad note, it has a great ending. Delanie is an amazing kid and her attitude showed that she has a brave future ahead of her.

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