Special Boy With Unique Eyes Finds Cat That Looks Just Like Him

There are approximately 7.3 billion people in the world and everyone is unique. This is what makes people so amazing. However, some people are unique and while this is not a bad thing by any means, it does make them feel different. This is the case of a young boy named Madden who has complete heterochromia which causes him to have different color eyes. Luckily, he finds a friend who looks the same!


19. Mean Kids

Even though different colored eyes might look amazing, people who have them can’t help themselves from feeling different from others. This is why the young boy named Madden is having such a difficult time getting used to the idea of being different.


If there is something that everyone knows and agrees about when it comes to school kids, then it has to be the fact that they can be quite mean. Madden always feels different during lunch break and the other kids don’t let him forget this. Luckily, Madden is a brave kid.

18. Meet Madden


This young boy is Madden as we can clearly see in the picture above, he has different colored eyes. This is the result of having full heterochromia. His eyes look really amazing, but Madden has a different opinion about them.

17. Getting Picked On


Madden doesn’t really like the fact that other kids pick on him for being different and as strong as he might be, no one likes being made fun of. Fortunately, Madden’s mother will find someone that is going to make the young boy feel like he fits in.

16. Different Is Better


Madden’s mother loves him very much and she always does her best to teach him that being different is not a bad thing, it’s actually better. Who would want to be just like everyone else anyways?

15. Cat Adoption Post


Madden’s story starts getting more interesting when his mom sees a post about a cat who needs to be adopted. When Christina noticed the post, she knew that Madden is going to love the cat and you will know why as soon as you see it.

14. Pretty Cat


Madden fell in love with the cat that his mother adopted right from the first moment he saw her. The cat was just like him, she was different from others and this made Madden feel like he has a friend that knows what he is going through.

13. Perfect Match


Just like Madden, the cat had different colored eyes! They are a perfect match for each other. Not only that, but the adorable cat is boosting Madden’s confidence.

12. Getting Along


The most surprising thing about Madden and his new friend is not that they look the same, but the fact that they got along right from the start. These two were made for each other and there is no doubt about that.

11. Long Friendship


These two are going to have lots of fun together and there is no doubt about that. Madden is happy whenever he plays with his new cat friend and his mother made the right choice by adopting the pet.

10. Feeling Better


The most important thing about the friendship between Madden and his cat is that it makes Madden feel better about himself. The kid has realized that looking different than his school mates makes him special and that this is not a bad thing.

9. A Great Mom


We have to give praise to Christine for being a good mom and putting her son’s happiness above everything else. What we didn’t tell you is that Christina needed to drive over to another state in order to adopt the cat. Isn’t she great?

8. Encouraging Others


Another great thing that Christina has did for Madden was to teach him to stand up to bullies. Not just that, but Madden has also recorded a couple of Facebook videos where he tells everyone to be different and to not care about what anyone has to say about it.

7. Powerful Message


All the videos that Christina recorded of Madden have a powerful message. They empower kids and teach them a valuable lesson. The lesson is to be kind to each other.

6. Big Brothers


We should also mention that Madden doesn’t have to worry about getting bullied because he has two big brothers who will love him no matter what. One big brother is enough to keep a kid safe and Madden has two of them!.

5. Great Times


Madden and his brothers love to have fun and run around the house all day long. Now that they have a pet around the house, they are going to have even more fun than usual!

4. Happy Kid


Madden is a happy kid and this is all that matters. He has two big brothers to take care of him and he also has a cat best friend that looks just like him. He is lucky!

3. Guitar Time!


We hope that Madden’s story servers as an example to all kids who feel like they don’t belong. Being different is great and no one should ever be ashamed of who they are.

2. Bright Future


The fact that Madden has been able to overcome all his problems shows us that he has a bright future ahead of him. This young kid is going to do great things when he grows up.

1. Furrever Friends


Madden and his furry friends are inseparable. The two don’t just look the same, but they also like the same things such as chilling out on the couch and watching cartoons while mom is making breakfast.

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