Adorable Pooch Is Returned to the Shelter for the Weirdest Reason

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you must learn all about it: is it aggressive, does it growl at cats, snaps at kids, eats half of the furniture? The staff deems a dog adoptable when its behavior is not aggressive, when they know it is housebroken and doesn’t suffer from complicate conditions – which in this case, it would require an owner who knows how to care for them.

But Helena, the dog in our story was perfect, so why was she returned back to the shelter a months days after being adopted?

23. A Stray Pup Animal Project

Helena is now 4 years old and the people at the Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia were happy that she was finally adopted by a family. When they first saw her on the streets, the rescuers had tears in their eyes…

22. Hungry, But Happy

The rescue team was overwhelmed by Helena’s condition. Usually dogs in shelters look sad, but not Helena!

She was malnourished and needed to be taken care of, but this pooch couldn’t stop smiling, even though she was hungry.

21. To The Shelter

The team took her to the shelter, where this dog’s smile got even wider!

Helena’s sunny character was over the top. You could say that she was the happiest dog alive, which meant everyone would be lucky to adopt her.

20. Always Smiling Animal Project

About three months after being rescued, she found a forever home. Everyone at the shelter was happy she found a loving family. But the owner thought something wasn’t right with this dog… What was wrong with Helena?

19. He Didn’t Expect Helena to Be Like This…

The mixed breed pooch has the features of a pit bull, and the owner thought that she would be a little different. There are many reasons why a pet owner would send back an adopted animal, but this reason was the weirdest we’ve ever heard of!

18. Helena Was TOO NICE! Animal Project

Yes, it seems that being too nice is actually a thing! Who wouldn’t want to have by their side the sweetest dog in the world? Helena’s owner… So here she was, six months later, back at the shelter. That day, the shelter posted her story on Facebook, and it immediately became viral.

Then, a few days later, they get the best news ever!

17. Helena’s Problem

Some dogs like Helena are too nice, and they can be quite clingy. This might have been the issue with Helena, who was also dubbed the Velcro dog.

But if she wanted to follow her humans everywhere, would she find a family that could be there for her 24/7? Check out the answer at #6!

16. Returning a Dog for Being too Nice? Animal Project

“Introducing … the sweetest, nicest, snuggliest dog in the ATL,” wrote the shelter on their social media page, explaining that the reason the owners gave her was back is that “she was too nice and just wanted to be around them all the time.” Can you believe this?

15.Velcro Dog Behavior

Velcro dogs follow you everywhere, and you might even need to take them with you to work – which is kinda cool!

Helena was dependent of her owner, this is why she was returned to the shelter. But Karen Hirsch, the spokesperson for the LifeLine Animal Project said that Helena would find a perfect family that matches her sticky personality!

14. They Didn’t Deserve Her

Karen Hirsch added in an interview with TODAY that Helen “really was returned for being too nice.” The staff realized that the former owner was not looking for a lovely dog, and Helena was better off without them anyway.

Then, the pooch gets an awesome surprise! Here’s what happens next!

13. Not a Guard Dog County Animal Services

Most of the pooches at the LifeLine Animal Project are a bundle of joy!

Believe it or not, Hirsch said that the owner explained why Helena was not a good pet for him: “It was obvious the gentleman was looking for a guard/protection dog. He also suggested she be adopted by a woman ‘because they are more into that petting stuff.’”

Meanwhile, Helena was in for a treat.

12. Back at the Shelter

While many men also like “that petting stuff,” we do have to admit that Helena was not a guard dog. She was a lovely adorable marshmallow, ready to cuddle in your lap and never stray away from you!

This is why the shelter reached out and started looking for a proper family this time.

11. Velcro Dog Animal Project

Helena was so happy to be around people and having their attention that she stuck to them like Velcro. This is why the staff at the shelter nicknamed her “Velcro Dog.” The day when her former owner left her at the shelter, she had an awesome reaction!

10. “A Sweet Velvet Hippo” Animal Project

On their Facebook page, they wrote: “This Velcro dog sounds just about perfect to us. And we know there’s a family out there waiting to spend their nights binge-watching Netflix and snuggling with this sweet velvet hippo.”

9. Don’t Stop Petting Her! Animal Project

Hirsch said that Helena thrives on attention, and “if you stop petting her, she will request you continue.” While being turned over to the shelter by her owner, Helena sat on “on a staff member’s feet thunking her tail on the floor,” added the spokesperson.

8. Everyone Loves Her

When people learned about Helena’s story, they shared it and offered to adopt her, wondering how would anyone ever want to send back a dog for being too affectionate. The shelter had to respond, and then updated them on her situation – Helena looks so happy when she gets the surprise of her life!

7. Not an Independent Pooch

The shelter wrote that the former owners were probably looking for “a more independent dog; and Helena just isn’t that,” and that even though her blocky appearance makes her look like a guard dog, she is only “pure love and looking for a bestie.”

This adorable pooch finally gets two besties who are into “that petting stuff.”

6. Loving Helena

Hirsch added that Helena must get a home where “she can be smothered in love. And where someone can be the soft side to her Velcro.” And the best news is that she indeed found two soft sides of Velcro in her new owners!

5. She Has a New Home

Of course everyone would line to adopt this sweet marshmallow, and Helena immediately found her humans who will never stop loving and cuddling her. She slept only two days at the shelter before the perfect family came to take her away.

4. Helena, the Awesome Pooch Valset

“She is doing terrific and has found the family of her dreams,” Hirsch said. Lifeline Animal Services wrote on Facebook that “Nice guys (dogs) don’t always finish last,” and that the snuggliest pup they ever saw is finally living in a home “who’s just as nice as she is.”

3. Don’t Judge Them By Their Appearances! County Animal Services

We must always learn that not all dogs are as tough as they look like, and the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” applies to animals as well.

2. Hug Your Pooch! Animal Project

If your dog loves hugs, you should cuddle them when they come asking for it because they deserve only the best, just like Helena does.

1. A Happy Life

We’re so happy that this Velcro dog found a loving family, and that she is getting all the attention she wanted from her former owner. She is finally putting her snuggly demeanor to good use!

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