Lady Buys Beautiful Glass Ornament for $2.99, not Knowing that Something Precious Is Hidden Inside

Who doesn’t enjoy buying cheap things at yard sales or flea markets? For the former owners, the items might be old and meaningless, but many people look for them and try to find out the mystery behind each object! It is fun, and you never know when you stumble upon a vintage artifact.

It was right before Christmas when a woman noticed a beautiful glass ornament. But after buying it, she realized that the trinket was quite valuable!

24. Someone’s Treasure

The woman in our story found out that her purchase of a glass ornament is not just a trinket. The sparkly object hid something inside that made everyone curious about the former owner… What did it contain?

We all know the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,’ but this time, a beautiful glass ornament which was only $2.99 and found at a Savers store in Plymouth, could actually be a treasure for the former owner.

23. Spotting Beautiful Ornaments

Was the trinket sold along with other ornaments by mistake? Priscilla Bailey only knows that it is too precious to be given away! She noticed it as she was browsing the items in the thrift store. It was right before Christmas, and the sparkly glass ornament caught her attention…

22. The Perfect Gift For Her Daughter

Thinking that the ornament would make for a perfect centerpiece or gift, Priscilla didn’t need time to decide wheter to buy it or not. And it was only $2.99! So, she bought it and went home. However, she had no idea that this glass ornament would make headlines around the world!

21. The Mystery News

The way this glass heart caught the light as you moved it was just too beautiful not to buy it, thought Priscilla. So she took it and looked at its design and little angels engraved on it. The heart would be a great present for her daughter. But then, she noticed something…

20. A Unique Decoration

We all want to buy unique decorations for our houses, and Christmas holidays call for special items. Whether we make them ourselves or we look for small treasures like Priscilla did at the Savers store, they always make for a good story. But this story is quite memorable!

19. Blue and Silver

The woman bought the blue and silver glass heart for only $2.99 and took it home to give it to her daughter, Kat, who owns a glass-art-making business. But that was when the mom found out that this item was not just a trinket…

18. The Mysterious Ornament

What started as a curious purchase became a total mystery when the two women noticed something moving inside the ornament! The glass heart shone differently in the light. What made it so special?

17. It Sparkles When it Moves

Whenever you moved it, you’d the heart sparkling. Then, the mom showed Kat the ornament: “Look what I found, I got it at Savers.” The daughter was impressed and held it in her hand, but something caught her eye!

16. It Was Rather Heavy

Being familiar with glass art and ornaments, Kat realized that the heart was empty on the inside, but it was too heavy. Something was inside, and she had to know what it was! The two women used a flashlight and were left speechless…

15. Calling the Media

They realized this was something that had to be brought to people’s attention, in the hopes that the owner will contact them and get back the ornament. Kat and Priscilla reached out to journalists, and that’s how they shared their story with The Boston Globe. What was inside that ornament?

14. It’s More than a Trinket! News

Journalists arrived and then Priscilla sat at the table in her kitchen, saying: “Right now, it’s hanging up there when I do my dishes. I sometimes stare at it.” Then, her daughter came with a flashlight to show the cameras what was inside…

13. Not a Regular Christmas Ornament

Most glass ornaments for decorating the Christmas tree are light and have beautiful colors. While the one hand-picked by Priscilla was bigger and had some beautiful angels carved into the metal bits, it didn’t really looked like other tree decorations…

12. Something Peculiar

“It’s small. The two spots in it are small, the size of a golf ball,” said Priscilla. Everyone wondered what it could be. Then, looking at the engraving on the top and considering the size, it all made sense. This was not something you hang in the Christmas tree!

11. Powder Inside News

Priscilla looked at the top of the heart and saw little angels and the bottom engraving was also beautiful. Kat then took the trinket and looked again, she recalls in the interview: “I said to her, ‘It looks like it’s ashes, Mom.’”

10. This Was an Urn!

Was this big ornament an urn where someone’s ashes were held? The mother was shocked at first but then realized that she has held onto it for a few weeks, and it was time to find the owner. Who knows for how long they’ve been searching for it?

9. “It Must Have a Story”

Even though Kat will be left without the beautiful present she is now excited to find out the mystery behind it: “It’s beautiful. It must have a story, so that’s my goal — to find out where and who this belongs to.”

8. Keeping It Safe

Until the owner comes, Priscilla will keep it safe and continue to wonder about the story behind this pretty ornament. She believes that she was meant to find it and keep it until someone comes looking for it. Her story reached Facebook, and that’s where it gets even weirder!

7. A Heartbreaking Loss

Priscilla now hopes that “someone comes forward and says yes that was my grandmother or grandfather,” adding that purchasing it was fate. Her daughter thinks it’s heartbreaking to lose such an item, and shared the story on social media, where it went viral.

6. Sitting on a Shelf

“It breaks my heart that this was tossed away and just sitting on a shelf at Savers for $2,” wrote Kat on Facebook. She hopes that the person that claims it is the real owner and that they will learn about the item’s background.

Then, an acquaintance shares a photo to Kat. This is unbelievable!

5. Looking for The Owner News

While the owner hasn’t contacted the women, the Savers store talked to them and told them that most of the donations are made by locals, which means that the owners of the ornaments should be in their city…

4. I Have One Too! Whiteman Slatt

Seeing the glass ornament, Connie Whiteman Slatt wrote on the post published on Facebook the following:

“Please let me know what you find out as I have one also, found mine at a thrift shop too! Its heavy in weight.” It’s almost the same design!

3. What Is It With this Ornament?

Nobody knew what to think now that one more glass ornament appeared and was also bought from a thrift shop. Did it really contain ashes of a departed person?

2. Sharing Secrets CBS News

We have no idea what to make of this ornament, but one person replied to Connie Whiteman Slatt, saying that her aunt purchased such an item from the Pacific Northwest:

“Mine was iridescent and heart shaped like this one, but much less ornament and more suncatcher-like. It was made from the ash of Mt. Saint Helen.”

1. Ashes of a Mountain

“This could also explain what appears to be ashes enclosed within. ….could be a possibility, added the person that goes by the nickname ‘Cat Willow VII.’

Since this story went viral, maybe we’ll learn more about the secrets of the glass heart!

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