The Bravest Cats That Saved People’s Lives

The majority of people buy or adopt a pet because they want to welcome a new member to the family. Nothing compares to the company of a dog or a cat. We would do anything for our furry friends: we buy them their favorite toys, we give them their favorite food and we pay for expensive treatments without expecting anything in return. We only want their happiness! And in many cases, our pets actually prove us the love and gratefulness they feel towards us. Let’s see the amazing stories of cats that actually saved people’s lives!

#27. Perche Pearl Camina

We know that some dogs are trained to save people’s life or to help blind people move through the city. But we also know that it’s not usual to see this kind of behavior in felines. Well, this is not the case of Perche Pearl Camina and her best human friend Alan Nott. Sometimes we need to see a supernatural event to start to believe in the bravery of our adorable kittens.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

One day, this Welsh kitty started to act really weirdly but his owner thought it was a normal claim of Perche: he thought she was begging for more food. The Welsh kitty couldn’t stop moving from the gas box to Alan. In fact, Perche was trying to warn Alan about the soft smell of gas that she noticed. Eventually, she passed out in front of the box. It turns out that cats have a sensitive nose than humans don’t. Luckily, Alan immediately noticed the incident and could save both his and Perche’s life.

#26. Lima

For common sense, people always say that it is better to have a dog as a pet because they are a better company to humans and they show their feelings all the time. In fact, the three-color cat Lima was described as “the timidest and most reclusive animal” people had ever seen. She was considered as the perfect model of a normal cat but this brave kitten was going to prove that people were wrong…

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

Cherry Woods will never forget that day in 2010 when, while she was in her yard, two dogs ran to her and knocked her down. What the dogs didn’t expect was the attitude that Lima would then take. She was lying in the bushes when she witnessed everything. She lept out and scratched one of the dogs in the face. Immediately, Woods’ husband had the opportunity to take his wife and bring her inside. Finally, everyone was safe including the brave Lima!

#25. Meatball

We are sure that at least once in your life you watched 101 Dalmatians, one of Disney’s classics. We remember the adorable spotted black and white puppies and how the breed became really famous in the 90s. So thanks to the movie, we immediately associate dalmatians to firemen. The story of the feline Meatball will show us that not only dalmatians can help firemen.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

It was midnight in a beautiful part of southern France when Alexandra Marlin was awoken by the movements of her cat. If you ever had a cat as a pet, you must be fully aware they are nocturnal animals, so Marlin was used to hearing Meatball in the middle of the night. But that night, in particular, something was different…

#24. Fire In The Middle Of The Night

Marlin heard her cat was scratching frenetically at the floor above her room. She got up and decided to see what was going on and see what was happening to Meatball. And when she went down the stairs into the attic of the house… She couldn’t believe her eyes!

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

There was a big fire that was going to destroy the house in a short time, so she had to move really fast. She called the fire department and woke everybody in the house, adults and children. Thanks to Meatball’s warning, everyone could escape from the house, and as a thank you, they gave the kitten a whole year of candies!

#23. Tommy

Animals are often trained to aid people with a disability, and most of them are dogs. But in the case of Gary Rosheisen, he had the company of his orange furry feline, Tommy. His cat was part of a medical therapy that would help him to get over his disability.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

Sometimes you just need someone to be with you in your difficult times. Gary had the company of Tommy and together they were a perfect couple. What Gary didn’t know is that his kitten was going to save his life…

#22. The Emergency Call

Inconveniences were bound to happen. One day Gary fell out of his wheelchair and he wasn’t prepared for an accident like this. He didn’t know that from that day his relationship with Tommy would become stronger than ever.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

Gary was lying on the floor and the phone was out of his reach. Suddenly, he saw his orange furry friend dialing 9-1-1! Apparently, Tommy knew exactly how to help his human friend and be the perfect company for him. We are never going to be sure how the cat knew the number of the police but we are sure that luckily that phone was not an iPhone! Keep on reading the most adorable and bravest stories of cats that saved their owner’s life!

#21. Smudge

When you love your pets so much, they can easily become a member of your family, and maybe even one of your best friends. And this is the case of a cat named Smudge. This English Tabby cat was like another member of his human family. He loved his human mom and brothers and they loved Smudge. And if there’s something that families do is to defend each other against any attack… and one day, Smudge proved that he was willing to do the same.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

One day, three older neighborhood kids started bullying Smudge’s youngest human brother, Ethan. When one the boys pushed Ethan to the ground, the cat jumped at their chests and made them instantly run away. His human mom declared that Smudge had never done anything like that before. Ever since that event, the cat sleeps outside Ethan’s bedroom. What an adorable story!

#20. Slinky Malinky

All of the amazing stories that we’ve mentioned happened between owners and their pets. However, sometimes a pet doesn’t need to have a strong bond with someone in order to show their honorable heart. So let’s see the following story, where an animal saved a stranger’s life. You won’t believe it!

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

The former nurse Janet Rawlinson was the kind of person that didn’t want to have a pet. One of the most difficult moments of her life was when she had a back injury and had to undergo a treatment to cure it. To suffer less from the pain, she started taking morphine.

#19. A Curious Cat

The side effects of her medication put her in a state of unconsciousness in which she couldn’t realize what she was doing or where she was. As a result, she stayed immobile in her living room for five days. And nobody had noticed what was happening to her… or not until Slinky Malinky appeared in her window. 

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

Her neighbor’s all-black cat usually enjoyed hanging around Rawlinson’s window. Apparently, he was a very curious cat, since each and every day he spent quite a lot of time just peeping through the living room window! Luckily, one day he was doing his normal routine when he saw the former nurse lying in the living room. Slinky Malinky started to tap on the glass but this couldn’t wake up the lady. Then, he went back to his owner, who had a spare key, and he led him to Janet’s house. Little Slinky basically saved her life!

#18. Pudding And His New Home

One of the noblest things that a person can do is to adopt a pet. There are lots of animals that live in the streets and have no family and receive no love, waiting to be adopted. Pudding was one of these animals. He lived in the streets for many years until Amy Jung decided to adopt him. And destiny was about to prove this little fellow that with love everything is possible!

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

During his first night at his new home, Pudding showed that he was a brave and loyal cat. As it turns out, that night Amy had a diabetic seizure when she was sleeping, and the cat immediately nipped her face until she finally woke up. But this is not all!

#17. The Cat Hero

When Amy managed to wake up, she tried to call Ethan, but she barely had enough strength to raise her voice. In fact, Ethan couldn’t listen to his mother’s calls, and she felt so weak after her decompensation that she couldn’t manage to lift herself up and go to his room for help. But the cat proved to be a true hero.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws

Realizing that something was wrong, Pudding didn’t hesitate for a minute, and ran into Ethan’s room, jumped into his bed and woke him up. Luckily, he acted really fast, and together with Ethan, they managed to save Amy’s life. Ethan went to his mother’s bedroom and helped her dial the phone and call a doctor. So after all, not only did Pudding find a home, but he is now a certified therapy cat!

#16. Sally

After reading these stories, there is no doubt that heroes don’t always wear a cap or a costume… sometimes, they just carry a large amount of furry hair and an adorable face. Now, let’s learn about the story of Craig Geeves and his furry feline friend Sally. You don’t want to miss it!

Photo: Courtesy of Batsman

On a Monday of 2014 at 01:00 Am, Craig was sawing logs in bed when he realized that something was wrong with his cat. He was behaving in a really odd manner, and couldn’t stop walking from one corner of the room to the other. Apparently, Sally seemed really disturbed by something.

#15. She Saved Him From Fire

Suddenly, Craig noticed that a cloud of smoke was coming out of his room. It turns out that naturally, the cat had already smelled the fire before her owner. Craig immediately decided to escape, but not without Sally, of course. He took his cat and ran out of the burning house.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

Craig didn’t care about the fact that he lost all his material possessions: he was happy he could save Sally’s life. After all, we can say that she had saved his life first! Fortunately, they still live together, enjoying each other’s company. Keep on reading to see the last stories of super-hero cats!

#14. Masha

If you have a cat as a pet, you must know how much they enjoy playing with a cardboard box. But this cat named Masha didn’t use her cardboard box for playing, but for something completely different. Take a look at the following story that took place in a small Russian town, where an incredibly brave cat saved someone else’s life.

Photo: Courtesy of

Winter must be really hard for Russians unless they have the conditions to get through the low temperatures. On a cold winter night, a cardboard box was left in the middle of the street. The people that passed by the corner of this street and saw the cardboard box probably thought it was just rubbish… until a woman saw something else.

#13. The Cat That Sheltered The Baby

This woman approached the cardboard box because she thought she had heard the sound of a kitten meowing at her from the inside. But she never thought she would find something else inside it. To her surprise, it happens to be that someone had a left a baby inside the box! And Masha the cat was taking care of him in the way she could.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

The cat had been sheltering the baby throughout the cold winter, at least until the lady found them. But who knows how long the baby would’ve survived. Luckily, Masha saved the baby’s life thanks to her meows. Now you know, letting your cats play with a cardboard box is actually a good thing! Don’t miss the two last amazing stories of people that were saved by cats!

#12. Opie

The last two stories show us the countless love that a pet can have towards its owners. Some pets can literally give their lives for us. In this case, let’s see the story between Opie and his human friend Angelica Sipe.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

Angelica Sipe lived with her cat and her 3-year-old son Daemire, in a small house in York, Pennsylvania. One night they fell asleep in their living room when suddenly a bullet was shot somewhere outside in the street. They were fast asleep, so they never even heard the bullet. But it turns out that the bullet was aimed at Angelica’s living room window. Can you guess what happened next?

#11. She Got The Bullet

The bullet broke through the window, naturally breaking the glass in pieces. But not only did the bullet penetrate the window: it turns out that it was also heading towards the couch where the little boy was lying. But as we said before, heroes don’t always wear caps: Opie never doubted for a second, and he threw himself in front of the little boy and received the bullet, thus saving Daemire.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

The bullet struck the cat’s head and then moved into his ribs, where it came out. But miraculously, the cat survived! After that fatal night, Angelica and her son will be forever grateful to Opie. They had to spend most of their savings in order to save the cat’s life, but they were proud to do so. This is truly an amazing story, but don’t miss the last one

#10. Tara

The last of these stories of brave kittens took place in the city of Bakersfield in California where a cat named Tara was adopted by a family. This Tabby cat was living in the streets when one day she decided to follow Mr. and Mrs. Triantafilo and ended in front of their house. When the couple noticed that there was a cat in front of their doorstep, it was love at first sight! They couldn’t help feeling touched, and they adopted her.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

Unlike many rescued cats, Tara was really friendly and showed no fear towards people or towards other animals. Her human dad, Roger, said that all the kids of the block came to their house to play with her, and she always seemed to enjoy it. She also got along with their dog, Maya. It was almost as if the cat had always belonged to the family. Keep on reading to see the unbelievable thing that happened to her!

#9. Tara’s Best Friend

It is quite common for cats to become really close to one particular member of the family, kind of as if they had a best friend. This was definitely the case of Tara: it happens to be that she always stuck together with the family’s oldest son, Jeremy.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

Jeremy and Tara played together all day long, and according to Jeremy’s father Roger, the boy talked to her all the time! According to Roger, each time Jeremy started crying, Tara immediately appeared and stayed next to him. She was kind of like his Guardian angel! But little did this family know that Tara would someday play a crucial role in a very dramatic event.

#8. Bike Practice

It was another sunny day in May 2014 in Bakersfield, and Jeremy was trying to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. He was 4 years old, and his parents had recently given him a new bike as a gift. He was really excited at the idea of learning how to ride on his own.

Photo: Courtesy of

Jeremy decided to go outside the house and do some training. His mother was busy, so she told him to stay close to the house so that she could see him through the window. The boy agreed and began practicing right in front of the house. But little did they know that their lives were about to change…

#7. Tara Felt Something

Many people say that cats have some sort of sixth sense and as we read before, they can know things that are imperceptible to humans. They can prevent fatal accidents from happening and somehow save humans’ lives. Well, such was the case with Tara. We don’t know how but Tara felt something was about to happen. Can any of you guess what went wrong?

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

While Jeremy was off with his bike, nobody knew that the neighbor’s dog was loose and that his owner was looking for him desperately. So while Jeremy was trying to master his new bike, the dog heard him and ran fiercely towards him. It was the first time this 8-month-old pup was out of the house and maybe this is the reason why it acted so impulsively. But what happened next?

#6. Things Take An Unexpected Turn

Without a clear reason, the dog became aggressive and attacked the little boy. Jeremy just didn’t expect something like that to happen. The pup, who was called Scrappy, bit Jeremy’s leg and made him fall off the bike.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

But this was not all. The dog started to shake him around and dragged him around the floor! Jeremy couldn’t scream because of the initial shock, but without a doubt, he was in pain. But out of nowhere, his Guardian Angel appeared…

#5. A Guardian Cat

Tara had seen everything that had happened, and she was not going to leave her best friend alone. It didn’t even matter that the dog was way bigger than him. Tara bravely ran towards Scrappy, gave a jump and landed on top of him!

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

Nobody expected such a brave act from the peaceful Tara, not even the dog did! But it turns out that Tara’s attempt to intimidate the dog worked. Scrappy got scared and let go of Jeremy’s leg. Tara even followed him for a few meters, so as to make sure he wouldn’t come back. In the meantime, Jeremy’s mother Erica heard everything and ran to her son, who was lying in front of the house. Unbelievable! See what happened next!

#4. The Story Went Viral

Immediately after the incident, Jeremy‘s mother drove him to the hospital. His leg was bleeding and he was going through a lot of pain. He also needed the Rabies shot, just for precaution. After the tragic event, Jeremy and Tara became even closer: after all, he had his life to thank her.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

I know what you’re thinking: this story isn’t real. But to those of you who remain skeptical, you must know that there is undeniable proof that this story happened because it was all recorded on video! Fortunately, the Triantafilo have a security camera in front of their house, which means that everything was recorded. The family was so proud of the kitten that they decided to upload the footage on YouTube. Obviously, the story went viral: in less than 5 days it got over 20 million views!

#3. Tara The Baseball Player

Everyone in Bakersfield eventually heard of Tara and Jeremy’s story. A lot of people wanted to meet the feline, and many neighbors showed up at their door just to visit Tara. As a matter of fact, Tara had become so popular, that she received an invitation from a minor baseball team, the Bakersfield Blaze. Both Tara and her family were given VIP tickets!

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

The Tabby cat received the honor of being the game’s Most Valuable Cat and was asked to throw the first ball. Of course, Tara was confused, and she just stood there staring at the ball. But Tara’s fame doesn’t end here: after the game, the family was called for a special town hall meeting. It happens to be that the Board of Supervisors proclaimed June 3 as the Hero Cat Day after Tara!

#2. An Awarded Kitten

Tara will probably never realize how special she is and how appreciated she is by the local community. A few months after the town hall meeting, the feline received an award that is usually given to military dogs: the Blue Tiger Award. This is actually one of the most important animal awards, which are usually given to dogs that belong to the US Army.

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws

But surprisingly, this was not the only award she got. The video went so viral, that Tara was awarded the Special Award For Cat Achievement in the Cat Vid Festival. It appears to be that she is kind of shy because if you look at the picture, she’s not even looking at the prize!

#1. The Hero Dog Award

On June 19 of 2015, Tara accepted one last award, yet a very unusual one: the Los Angeles SPCA’s “Hero Dog” Award. I know what you’re thinking: why on earth would a cat receive a “dog award”? Well, this award was in fact just for dogs until the story of Tara became famous. This was the first time that a feline received such prize, and as a result, they added the word “Cat” to the name of the competition. Now, it’s the “Hero Dog-Cat Award”!

Photo: Courtesy of Honest To Paws.

As you can see, that day in May changed Tara and her family’s lives. Who would’ve thought that a stray cat would end of becoming a famous pet with multiple awards! Even though she never smiles in any of her pictures, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed winning the Hero Dog-Cat Award, because the prize included a year-long supply of cat food!

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