Tips You Need to Know In Case Of An Emergency

Quickly Sooth Burns With Ice

For clumsy people, cooking burns are a routine matter of everyday life. Even careful and coordinate people can be victims of accidentally touching a burning pan. In case this happens to you, don’t forget to run directly to the faucet and let cold water flow onto the burn.

Some myths say that butter is a great way to prevent blisters, but let me debunk this by saying that it will only lead to higher chances of infection. To prevent blisters, apply ice as well as cold water, and save up the butter for cooking!

Avoid A Choking Incident By Pressing The Abdomen

It is important to notice the symptoms of a choking victim in order to act hastily. If you notice this behavior in someone, immediately stand behind this person and perform the Heimlich Maneuver Method in order to save a life.

While this sounds quite complicated and hard, pretty much anyone can do it. The Heimlich Maneuver method consists of applying pressure on the person’s abdomen in upward movements repeatedly. And remember, don’t stop until the choked item has been spat out. Believe it or not, this simple procedure can actually save lives!

Pay Attention To The Emergency Exits Before Take-Off

Did you know that pretty much 80 percent of accidents in airplanes occur during the first three minutes after take-off? Bearing this in mind, pay attention and remember where the emergency exits are, as well as the fastest way to them. In addition, make sure whoever is traveling with you also knows this. After that, relax and browse the available movies.

This advice may seem pretty obvious, especially considering the fact that the flight attendants always indicate the emergency exists right before the take-off. However, seldom do people pay attention to these instructions. So in your next flight, don’t forget that paying attention to the cabin crew may actually help save your life!

Keys Can Also Work As A Self Defense Weapon

When we go to school or work, it is highly unlikely we will be armed with anything other than our phones, wallets or keys. So, how can we defend ourselves if somebody tries to attack us? You’ll definitely be surprised by the answer!

Well, it happens to be that keys work great as a self-defense weapon. Position them between your fingers in order to maximize their potentiality as a weapon. And remember, you are never defenseless. If you liked this tip, then don’t stop reading, because you’ll love #9.

Learn Techniques To Manage Panic-Attacks

Sometimes life can be stressful, and it may even seem like you just can’t handle it. However, it is important to learn panic relief techniques in order to remain in control of a situation.

Prevent a panic attack by following three basic actions of self-control. Firstly, place your hand on the ground to steady yourself; secondly, pay attention to your breathing; and last but not least, try to identify what has caused this reaction. You’ve got this!

Hide Money Behind Your Phone’s Case

In case you find yourself losing your wallet or spending all your money, it is essential to keep some emergency funds. But it’s always difficult to come up with a strategic hiding place. Worry no more, because we’ve got the answer! A brilliant place to hide it is your phone’s case.

Not only is it accessible, but your phone is probably something you always carry with you. Remember, you will always be able to access it in times of need. Want to know what else your phone can help you with? Then wait until you reach #3!

Control Fire With Baking Soda

Who doesn’t make a mess every once in a while in the kitchen? Accidents happen. From a spilled milk or a broken glass to a small fire, sometimes things can simply get out of control. In cases when a pan or cloth catches fire, first of all, you must remember to keep calm. But second of all, there’s a simple trick that can be used in order to put away the fire.

These fires can be put out using baking soda, an ingredient that is easily available in most kitchens and households. But above all, remember that this only works for small fires. So now you certainly know what you need to buy the next time you go shopping!

Lose Belongings To Escape Harmful Situations

In cases of robbery, or in the unfortunate situation that someone tries to force you somewhere, your backpack and belongings might actually be in the way of your safety. Since your belongings can be easily grabbed and handled by a potential attacker, it is always best to drop them.

Following this piece of advice will allow you to escape faster and get out of the way of danger. Making this decision is always hard, especially if you have valuable objects inside your bag. But remember, safety comes first.

Glue Can Prevent Infections

Cuts are nasty little things: they hurt, they sting, and sometimes they can get infected. Nothing is more tedious than an infected wound since most often than not, they become uncomfortable for a long time.

An easy way to prevent the chances of infection is by applying glue to the wound. It kind of sounds like a joke, right? But trust us, even doctors use this sometimes. So now you know: it doesn’t hurt to always carry glue in your backpack!

Ways To Escape A Sinking Car

Car doors are tricky things. Generally, they work perfectly, but sometimes they might get jammed or stuck during an accident. During a crash or a sinking car, escaping through the car doors is not always possible, so do the following in order to escape.

Don’t struggle to open the door, this will only result in a waste of time and even more stress. We recommend you break the window with whatever object you have in hand. It requires a great deal of courage, but in cases of emergency, one should always opt for the safe option.

Use Your Phone In Order To Cross A Dark Road

Some roads are very poorly lit, and unfortunately, on those nights you return home late, crossing one of these might be pretty difficult. Do you want to know the solution to this problem? You won’t believe how simple it is.

You don’t only face the chance of tripping over a cracked or broken road, but the blinding glare from close-by cars makes crossing a dark road a difficult feat. So next time this happens to you, use your phone’s flashlight to light the road, and even as a reflector.

Always Travel With Antihistamines

Traveling to new places might expose you to certain foods, smells, or substances that you’re not used to. These can possibly trigger an allergic reaction, but don’t be afraid. Carrying antihistamines is an excellent way to control the situation.

In case you don’t have access to medication or a doctor, chew on the drugs in order to reduce the symptoms. After that, contact a professional ASAP. In other words, antihistamines won’t be the solution to all of your problems, but it will certainly help to control the allergy.

Keep Close To Furniture In Case Of Earthquakes

Some cities in the world are extremely prone to earthquakes, such as Los Angeles in California. If you happen to live in one of these places or if you happen to be visiting them, you need to know what to do in case this happens.

Of course, the safest option is running to the street. But unfortunately, there isn’t always time. So if you’re inside your house and have no time to escape, the first thing you should do is run towards any furniture and lean against it in order to be safe from falling structures. For instance, a table is a great place to hide under, so that any items that fall will not harm you.

Take A Look At Your Drink To Predict Storms

In case of a planned road trip or any other excursion, it comes extremely in handy to know the forecast. To know whether there is a storm coming your way, use the bubbles technique. This basically consists in pouring a cup of any drink and observing the bubbles.

If the bubbles persist in the middle of the cup, a storm is basically a sure thing. If, on the other hand, they dissipate and move to the sides of the cup, then go ahead and enjoy your trip. This trick is so simple, that it even sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? But believe me, it’s true!

Prevent A Fall By Keeping Hands Out Of Pockets

Stairs: they look harmless, but in fact can be deadly. So many avoidable incidents occur in the stairs, such as twisted ankles or bruised body parts. If we’re lucky, a tumble down the stairs will only result in a slightly awkward and confused state.

However, greater incidents can be easily avoided by keeping your hands out of your pockets. In case something happens, following this advice will allow you to use your arms in order to protect your head or eyes from greater trauma.

Avoid Tunnel Vision

If you’re a driver, you should definitely be aware of tunnel vision. This occurs when you’ve been driving for hours and your field of vision starts losing dimensions, kind of like a tunnel. In case this happens, there’s a simple trick that you can resort to.

Remember: always leave either a piece of fabric with oil or camphor crystals in your car. These will help bring your attention back to driving. So in case you’re beginning to feel drowsy, don’t forget to periodically bring them close to your face.

Easy Way To Escape In A Lift

A lift is a closed place where it is very difficult to escape. It’s difficult, but not impossible. if you’re ever stuck in a ride with someone that gives off vibes that makes you uncomfortable, or even if that person seems dangerous, here is an easy way to guarantee your safety.

Press all the buttons on the lift, so that the person doesn’t know where you are headed. This will alert the rest of the people that something is off and it will give you a chance to run. It sounds silly, but it may actually help you escape.

Use Grass Straws As Tire Patches

Everybody has had the awful experience of getting stuck in the middle of the road with a flat tire. If this ever happens while you’re far away from civilization or potential help, there’s a simple trick that you must always keep in mind.

Grass straws can make a temporary patch, and they’re found pretty much anywhere. Stuff them inside the hole, and pull the car up to the nearest place in order to receive proper help. It’s crazy how even the simplest of objects can help you in case of an emergency!

Download A Panic Button App

Phones are so practical, they’ve basically become extensions of ourselves. Not only that, they can literally be lifesavers. Amongst your social network apps, we recommend you install a panic button app.

This app guarantees that in the possible scenario you come across a situation you can’t escape, the moment you activate it, police, select contacts, and even hospitals will be notified of your situation. In other words, this simple app can actually save your life.

Strange Behavior To Ward Off Stalkers

Have you ever felt you were being followed when walking along the streets? If you’re ever in the uncomfortable or even dangerous situation that somebody is stalking you or following you, be sure to follow this tip.

Behave in an odd manner, cry, shout, start talking to strangers, everything you can to distract whoever is on your trail. If you manage to create a distraction, then take advantage and make a run for it. So if you ever find yourself in this situation, try not to panic and keep this advice in mind.

Never Block A Bleeding Nose

Never block a bleeding nose entirely nor put your head backward to prevent it from running. While you don’t want blood staining your white shirt and covering all your face, it is important that the blood doesn’t remain and accumulate in the nose.

Next time this happens, do this instead: position the cotton under your nostrils and periodically remove it to clean out the blood. In case bleeding continues for more than twenty minutes, you should head to a doctor immediately.