Man Gives Homeless Woman $300, Sees Her Buying This

You must have received money from your parents when you were a kid. What did you spend it on? As a kid, you probably spent it on ice cream or candy. But what would you buy as an adult if you received money from someone? Maybe it would be something you have always wished for.

When a man approached a homeless woman and offered her cash, they had no idea what she would buy. They followed to see what she chose to purchase and were left jaw-opened!

20. Homeless People

We cannot speak for the homeless and their life choices, only one that has been through the same situation can really know what it feels to live on the streets. But we know that their priority is to have food and shelter in case they receive some extra money…

19. Not the Material Things

It seems that this woman approached by YouTube personality Das was different when it came to money. The man hosts a channel on YouTube called K3TV where he shows social experiments and candid pranks. But this time, he wanted to show the reaction of a woman after someone did an act of kindness.

18. The Reaction

What Das was not expecting to happen was that instead of getting a great scene with the woman receiving the cash, he and the crew were the ones that had an unexpected reaction. You see, this woman decided not to buy material things, and surprised everyone to tears!

17. A Homeless Woman

Das sees the homeless woman sitting outside a store in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and decides to go and chat with her. He learned that she was homeless and had a son. He gets up then and rummages through his pockets for some cash.

16. A Kind Stranger

The kind stranger handed the woman $283 to spend on food, clothes and anything she and her son needed. At first, she refused the money, saying “I can’t take this!” After Das insisting on it, and her saying that it’s “too much,” she finally accepted and hugged him, saying a heartwarming thank you…

15. What Will She Do With the Money?

“Thank you Jesus,” said the woman as she hugged Das. Then, he bid her goodbye and walked away. But she didn’t know that the kind man would follow her all day to see what she would do with the money. This is when things get a little weird…

14. She Didn’t Buy a Thing!

The filming crew and Das kept their distance and continued to film the woman. They wanted to see what she will purchase. She passed department stores, and a clothing store. She came out with no shopping bag!

13. An Ice Cream

The little things in life make us happy. And when you’re homeless, you’d worry about food and not sweets. That day, the woman could finally sit down and eat some ice cream. She got up and continued her walk. Her next purchase would shock Das and his friends…

12. Window Shopping

After a long session of window shopping and looking at stuff, she carried on without any new item. Then, as she walked to a quiet neighborhood, the filming crew wondered what her next move was. They look up and see the building she is heading towards!

11. An Animal Shelter!

After following her for so many hours, the woman enters an animal shelter. What was she doing there? The crew had to wait until she’d come out. Almost an hour passed and the woman got outside the building, carrying something in her arms…

10. A Puppy?

Wide-eyed, Das approaches the woman who was holding a fluffy white puppy in her arms. He hadn’t thought this through and was baffled to see her buy a dog instead of food or clothes. When he asked her about her decision, her answer made everyone cry.

9. Why Did You Get a Pup?

Das asked her why from all the stores she passed by she got here and adopted a puppy: We’ve been following you. We watched you skip over every clothing store, over every little … you adopted a dog with the money I gave you?” Her reaction is priceless.

8. The Best Option

She then scrambled for words: “I just … I don’t know. Out of everything that I’ve seen today, it seemed much more … caring to have a dog.” Instead of buying clothes or food for her and her son, she chose a puppy. Then, she said something that impressed Das and made him take the woman to a store…

7. Her Heart…

“I looked at the clothes, saw the jewelry, but none of them touched my heart,” said the homeless woman, adding that the shelter was “where my heart led me. It led me right here to this dog.”

Why did she choose a dog?

6. He’ll Be There For Her

The woman smiled at the bundle of fluff, saying that “this is someone I can talk to and love and hold … No matter what he’s always going to be there for me …” But then Das realizes that this woman needed some more help!

5. Food for the Puppy

Das decided that the money he gave her at the beginning of the day was not enough, so he asked her to follow him. They went together to a pet store, where they bought her food, a leash and a collar for her puppy. But that’s not all.

4. One More Hug

After getting out of the store, Das reached out in his pocket where he gave her more money in exchange for a hug. He told her that she would need the money for her puppy and as Das cuddled the pup, she broke down in tears of joy…

3. A Wonderful Human Being

Choosing to adopt an animal instead of buying food or clothes is what made this homeless woman a wonderful human being. Material things were not as important as caring for a creature.

2. The Story Went Viral

It’s safe to say that the story went viral and people on the YouTube channel K3TV had mixed reactions. Her decision deeply touched some people. Others were not happy with her choice…

1. A Companion

Other netizens argued that her decision wasn’t wise, considering she will have to make sure the pup is fed. Hopefully, people will be kind and help her get enough food for the two. One thing is true: she now has a loyal companion, and we think the pup is in safe hands!

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