Mountain Biker Finds Lost GoPro Camera, Four Years Later This Happens

Aaron Chase is a mountain biker who loves nothing more than to strap on a GoPro camera and to ride the mountains. Mountain biking is a risky hobby and people can fall and get hurt pretty easy.

This guy is dedicated to his hobby and really knows how to live in the moment! However, he had no idea that one day, he would stumble upon a hidden old treasure: a lost GoPro Camera. Check out his story and see how it ends.

24. Meet Aaron Chase

As we said before, biking in the mountains is dangerous, as you can always fall on the rough terrain. But falling of his bike at high speeds is the way how Aaron Chance found a lost GoPro camera. Whose was it and what did he do with it?

Aaron loved to ride his bike ever since he was a little kid. As he grew older, so did his passion for biking got bigger and he ended up becoming a mountain biker. Little did he know, this would eventually help him find a lost “treasure.”

23. Awesome Footage

Aaron Chase is a fan of GoPro and he always takes one of these cameras with him whenever he goes out to ride. Aaron says that watching the awesome footage that he records with the GoPro also helps him get better.

He had no idea that he would also film a heartwarming moment years later…

22. Cameras Everywhere

It all started the day when Aaron went out to ride in the nearby woods. The mountain biker place some cameras in strategic points. He put one in the trees, one on his helmet, a spinning camera, a GoPro camera on the ground and a chest camera. Then, he started his track!

21. Riding Fast GoPro

After finishing with the placement of the cameras, Aaron was ready to begin his track. He began to pick up speed really fast. Then, he appeared in the camera that was filming from just above the ground. That’s when his day completely changed…

20. Getting Closer

Aaron got closer and closer, thinking only about the road ahead, hoping he would pull it off and capture everything on the cameras. But plans don’t go as intended!

19. Doing Tricks

Aaron Chase is a skilled mountain biker and he starts showing off his skills by jumping over dirt hills. Unfortunately, he got a little bit too fast than he should. You can see his fall in the next photos…

18. Aaron Falls!

The dirt and speed made his bike lean too much, and Aaron lost control, falling a few feet further. This is the risk that riding a bike through rough terrain has. Then, he sees his camera…

17. His GoPro Camera Was Broken

After making that short turn, at that fast speed, Aaron ended up sliding and falling down. But fortunately for him, other than a scratched arm and leg, he was fine. His GoPro camera was not! Then, he stumbles upon another camera!

16. Scratched Arm and Leg

The mountain biker’s right arm and leg were both scratched. Even though the pain was annoying, Aaron was not complaining about it. However, something else worse than him getting scratched happened when he fell.

15. Broken Go Pro

Unfortunately, the mountain biker fell right on top of the GoPro camera and he broke the lens. On the bright side of things, he at least has more than just one. You can see him talking to the camera as he looked at the broken lens. Then, he makes another discovery!

14. The Lens is Cracked

Aaron Chase takes a closer look at his favorite GoPro and sighs. The lens is broken and this is going to cost him to repair. “Easy comes, easy goes” says Aaron while picking his stuff up from the ground.

But this is where the story really gets twisted!

13. Aaron Spots Something

As Aaron chase was packing his stuff to leave, he spots something strange in the bushes next to him. Curiosity got the best of him and the mountain biker rushed over to the bushes. It shone in the light and looked familiar!

12. Older Camera

To Aaron’s surprise, the strange item hiding inside the bushes was another GoPro camera! This one was older and its battery went out. Somebody must have lost it here a long time ago. The biker thought his accident there was more than a coincidence!

11. There Is A Reason!

After Aaron Chase takes a better look at the new GoPro camera he just found he says something quite interesting. “New crash, but maybe everything happens for a reason.”

Wait until you see what’s inside that camera!

10. The Lost Memories

The biker picked up all his stuff and went home to learn more about the mysterious camera. He connected the lost GoPro camera that he found to his computer.

Stunned, he looked at all those lost memories, and then took a decision that made the guys at GoPro share his story online!

9. Christmas Gift

Aaron found footage of this young kid. The GoPro was gifted to the little kid for Christmas and he was super happy. On it, he captured wonderful memories that were now lost forever. But the biker had to do something about it!

8. Family Moments

The video footage from the lost GoPro camera was filled with important family moments such as riding the snowmobile during a family winter trip. These moments are what make us happy and warm when we watch them again. The kid must have been heartbroken when he lost the camera…

7. Take It Back!

After Aaron Chase watched a couple of the videos, he realized that he needs to take the old camera and the video footage to the kid who lost it in the first place. Aaron managed to figure out where the kid lives by looking at the camera, but sadly, something more important came up.

6. Moving Out

Sadly, something personal happened in Aaron Chase’s life and he had to move out days after finding the camera. He didn’t have any time to return it to its rightful owner, but he never forgot about it.

5. Going Back

Four years passed since Aaron Chase moved to another city and while looking through some old boxes, he spotted the camera. This is when he knew that he needs to make things right and return it.

4. Finding The Kid

Aaron Chase managed to find the kid and his family, even though four years have passed, and return the lost GoPro. The kid was excited and he couldn’t believe what was happening. He said that he had searched for this camera for days on end.

3. Doing The Right Thing

Aaron Chase wanted to compensate for the fact that he is four years late and he told the kid that even though this old camera might be broken, he has something to help him out. Aaron told the kid and his family to wait for a second and he started running towards his car.

2. Big Surprise

Aaron Chase went to his car and he pulled out a brand-new GoPro 7 Black. The kid was in for a big surprise! Just like the old GoPro that he lost, this one will also be a gift


No one could believe how awesome Aaron Chase is. He didn’t just bring the old camera to the kid, but he also bought him a new one so that he can record his adventures.

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