Woman Goes To Pick Up Groceries, Shop Full Of Cops Give Her A Wonderful Surprise

Policemen are sworn to protect and serve everyone in need of help. However, under their uniforms they are normal people just like you and me. This is why there are lots of videos on internet of policemen having fun together. However, what the Sherman Police Department from Texas did one day is so amazing that the story went viral!

20. Hard Working People


Policemen and are hard working people and their jobs are super difficult. They have to deal with all types of problems and this can sometimes put their lives in danger. This is why they also need to cool off.

19. Normal People


As we previously mentioned, under each uniform there is a normal person who just wants to do their job. Just like us, policemen are not always strict and they love to crack a joke from time to time.

18. Having Fun


There are lots of videos that showcase policemen having fun with citizens and these videos always go viral. It’s like no one expects the serious policemen to have a little bit of fun when there is no trouble around.

17. New Challenge


Talking about policemen who are having fun, a new lip sync challenge is trending right now. Nearly all of the biggest police departments from the US have done this challenge and their videos are gathering millions of views.

16. Sherman PD


The policemen who work at the Sherman Police Department decided that they want to take part in the lip sync challenge as well. They want to show the world that Texans know how to have fun too.

15. Something Special


Our story starts when a couple of Sherman PD policemen are sitting at a table and discussing about how they can make their lip sync challenge special. They want to do something different.

14. Brainstorm


The policemen start brain storming and one of them says that they should try and do the lip sync challenge in a patrol car. Another policeman jumps in and tells them that someone from another department has done this already.

13. Popular Challenge


What’s cool about the lip sync challenge is that everyone is doing it, not just policemen. Firemen have already started doing it and the Sherman Police Department are feeling left out.

12. Coming To A Conclusion


The lip sync challenge is just what it sounds like. A couple of men and women start acting like they are singing and dancing while the song is playing on a boombox. This is why the Sherman Police Department agreed that they want to actually sing an acapela version of a popular song.

11. Awesome Singing


Now that the policemen had agreed that they need to sing for real, they needed to come up with a fun scenario to do it. This is when one of the policemen comes up with a rather interesting idea.

10. Someone Walks In


As the policemen were talking, a beautiful woman walked in to buy some groceries. Without giving it any second thoughts, one of the policemen proposed something that was quite unusual.

9. Be Spontaneous!


The policemen told his friends that they should be spontaneous and to start singing to the woman right now. Do you think the other policemen agreed with him?

8. Great Idea


The other policemen told him that this is a great idea, but that they don’t know if they can pull off an acapella without any practice. Luckily, they decided to give it a go anyways.

7. Taking A Risk


Even though they might not sound that well without any practice before, the policemen didn’t waste any time and they got up from their seats. They were ready to make the woman’s day a little bit better.

6. Lost That Feeling


One of the policemen taps the woman on the should and slowly starts singing to her “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” by The Righteous Brothers. No one would’ve ever guessed how the woman was going to react to this.

5. The Captain Walks In


It didn’t take long for the Captain of the Police Department to pick up a bagel and to act like its a microphone while singing the lyrics to “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”.

4. Everyone Joins In


Just in time when the Captain is getting to the chorus, all the other policemen who were enjoying their bagels join in and help him out. The woman is in awe at this moment.

3. Special Surprise


We can be sure that the woman never expected that an entire police department was going to serenade her. She just wanted to get a couple of groceries and ended up with a special surprise instead.

2. The Bagel


The funniest thing about this entire thing has to be the police officer using the bagel in his right hand as a microphone. This type of comedy is something that you only see in the movies.

1. Awesome Moment


The woman said that she wasn’t ready for what happened at the groceries store, but that she is happy that she was there. She never thought that the local policemen have such a great sense for humor and that they can also sing.

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