Dolphin Asks Diver For Help, Thanks Him In The Cutest Way

Keller Laros was conducting research of the coast of Hawaii when late at night, during an expedition something approached Laros’ team screaming for help. Laros and his team were baffled until they discovered something strange about their new marine “patient”.

20. Diving In Hawaii

Keller Laros, founder of the Pacific Research Foundation was in Hawaii in 2013 for research and he was doing regular midnight dives off the coast of Hawai with his team. It was during one of these dives that something extraordinary happened that will amaze even the most experienced members of his team.

19. Something Approached Them

The team was doing routine work while capturing it with an underwater camera. They were collecting information about underwater life in Manta Ray, when out of the blue someone saw something coming towards them in high speed. What could it be?

18. A Bottlenose Dolphin


It was a bottlenose dolphin that seemed that it was only curious about the divers. The dolphin was swimming fast around the divers and especially Keller Laros who. while observing the dolphin closely, discovered something that would make him mad.

17. Tangled In Fishing Gear

The poor dolphin was tangled in fishing gear that hindered its ability to swim and approached the divers seeking assistance. It was swimming sideways for the divers to see what was wrong and lucky for it, Keller knew exactly what to do.

16. Desperate For Help

Keller realized that the dolphin was tangled for a long time with the fishing gear and it was starting to lose all hope. The fishing gear definitely annoyed it and the wound from the hook could cause some serious infection. Lucky for it, it stumbled upon a team of experts that could ease it from its pain!

15. Taking Off The Hook

The dolphin swam up to Laros and he, using his hands tried to remove the hook from the dolphin’s fin. That proved to be a difficult endeavor because to Laros’ surprise, the hook was deeper than he thought.

14. Unsuccessful

His first try was unsuccessful but the dolphin appeared to understand and tried to remain still in order to help Laros with his task. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom so it’s safe to say that it understood that it had to be cooperative for Laros to succeed.

13. The Hook Was Removed

To everyone’s good luck, Laros second attempt was successful! The dolphin seemed relieved but there was still a big problem that Laros didn’t notice at first.

12. The Rescue Mission Continues

The unlucky dolphin was still tangled with the fishing line even though the hook was removed. It could use it’s injured fin at this point but the fishing line on it was still annoying.

11. Untangling It

Laros signaled the dolphin to come over and the cooperative dolphin approached him laying with it’s belly exposed. Laros tried to untangle the line but he soon realized that there was need for a more drastic solution.

10. Scissors Time

Laros carefully picked up out of his diver’s suit pocket a pair of diver’s scissors. Then he slowly cut the fishing line with care in order not to injure the dolphin.

9. Finally Free

The dolphin was finally free! Laros and his crew could definitely see the joy in it’s face and it was swimming faster than before around them free from the fishing gear.

8. Thanking Them

The dolphin was grateful that Laros and his team devoted the time and effort to free it from the fishing gear. It tried to say its own special thanks to the team by swimming around them and letting them pet it.

7. Lost Into The Abyss

After saying its goodbyes to Laros and his team, the dolphin disappeared in to the ocean with the same manner that it came to the team at first. But now it was hook & fishing line free!

6. A Usual Problem

Laros admitted that unfortunately marine life is frequently tangled with man-made such as hooks, fishing lines, plastic bags and others. Experts like him and his team members aren’t always around and these poor animals face crucial dangers from man-made objects.

5. Rescued Lots Of Them

Laros revealed that he had indeed saved many more marine animals from things that careless people tossed around the ocean.

“I have removed hooks and fishing lines from many manta rays, a few turtles,” he said. “I have even tried a shark once. The shark was not successful.”

4. A Dangerous Task

While seeming easy to an outsider, untangling things like hooks and fishing lines from marine animals can be quite dangerous, even for the trained individuals. For example, a diver can lose the sense of time while trying to help an animal and run out of oxygen while being deep below the surface.

3. Uploaded A YouTube Video

Fortunately one of the crew members were recording the whole time and the heroic rescue was captured in video. Laros later edited and uploaded the video on his YouTube channel.

2. Raising Awareness

To Laros surprise, the video reached a big audience and probably motivated some people to be more careful with their rubbish.

1. Thanks To Laros

This dolphin was able to regain its quality of line only because it randomly encountered a team of experienced researchers that happened to be in the area. What ii wasn’t in the right spot at the right time? Thankfully that didn’t happen!

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