Emotional Dog Can’t Believe His Eyes When Helicopter Saves Him

Mark and Emma Cowing decided to spend their summer weekend in Lepe Beach, England. Their 12-year-old Boarder Collie was coming with them and everyone was set to have a great time and relax. Little did they know that two members of the family would have an unfortunate experience in Lepe beach. Their story is quite a rollercoaster, including a dramatic helicopter rescue mission!

20. Vacation Time

Our story begins in August 2018 when Mark Cowing decided to take his wife Emma as well as his 12-year-old Boarder Collie named Fly on a vacation to Lepe Beach in England. Fly -apart from being a good boy- wasn’t only a senior dog but he had a disability that further complicated things when things went south.

19. Fly Was Blind

Fly was blind but it appeared that this couldn’t stop Mark and Emma from bringing her with them on their vacation. It was her vacation too after all. Everything was going well and Mark and Emma were having great time in the beach while Fly was running and playing in the sand.
But then this happened…

18. A Dramatic Turn Of Events

Fly almost drowned! How did all this happen? Fly was ecstatic about playing in the sand and sniffing everything new that He could find. He was running and having a great time and Mark was always keeping an eye on him. But when Fly started going into the sea to play with the water, this happened…

17. A Big Wave

A big wave crashed into Fly that scared him and most of all made him lose his sense of orientation. Fly, unable to swim back to the beach, was being carried out out to sea. Mark then noticed.
Click next to see what Mark did!

16. Mark Took Action

Mark noticed that something was wrong with Fly and when he realized that his best friend was in grave danger, he didn’t have time to think. He immediately ran into the war and tried to swim after Fly.
But there was a problem….

15. Strong Current

The current was stronger than Mark and he almost began drowning himself. Unfortunately he was unable to help Fly despite all of his effort and will and now his own life was in danger.
Then a miracle happened!

14. A Kayaker Saw Mark

A 71-year-old kayaker that was nearby was watching Mark from the beginning. He himself tried to save Fly but he was unsuccessful because of the strong current. To everyone’s good luck he was able to pull Mark into his boat and bring him back to the shore.

13. Where Was Fly?

Even though Mark was now safe, he couldn’t let himself relax until Fly was safe too. The poor pup was struggling to keep his head above the water and he was disappearing in the horizon when Mark was rescued.
“When he got 20 or 30 feet out I had to strip off, down to my underpants, and go and rescue him,” Mark said.

12. Calling for Help

“He disappeared out of sight so I presumed he drowned. I tried to wave for help but I thought I was a goner.”
Mark decided to call the Coast Guard as well as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) hoping that they could help him find Fly.

11. Time Was Running Low


Mark was exceptionally worried and started to become hopeless. When the rescuers arrived he admitted that he didn’t believe Fly was alive as the poor pup was in the water for such a long time at that point. The rescuers reassured him that they would do the best the could to bring him back his best friend.

10. Searching For Fly

The Coast Guard employed a helicopter and the RNLI went out searching for Fly with a rescue boat. But there was no sight of Fly…
Then something miraculous happened!

9. They Spotted Him


Fortunately the helicopter spotted Fly almost 1 mile out from the shore. The poor pup was somewhat still and floating and everyone feared for the worst… The pilot gave the captain of the boat the exact coordinates and the rescue boat rushed to the spot.

8. He Was Alive

The poor pup was alive! Without a doubt, he didn’t have any more energy to swim but he managed to keep his head underwater and float, hoping that someone would come for him. Fortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

7. In The Boat

The captain of the boat arrived at the spot and Mark, with the help of a crew member, pulled Fly onto the boat. The poor pup was exhausted and terrified but appeared to be fine.

6. Back With His Owner

Mark couldn’t believe it. After all of this, Fly was safe and sound and was traveling towards the shore.
“I was in tears when I saw him, he’s my boy. I just felt a complete and utter idiot for what I did,” Mark said.

5. Making Up For Him

Mark was feeling guilty for letting Fly pass through this ordeal and he wanted to make up for him. The night after the rescue, he gave Fly all his favorite food and treats and promised him that he would spend more time with him in the future.

4. He Was So Happy

Mark almost lost his dog that day and he was more than grateful that the worst didn’t happen. He almost spoiled Fly the next days.
“When we got back to the caravan he had four packets of dinner and a pork pie and went to sleep,” Mark said.

3. Facebook Post

Mark’s wife Emma who was a frightened spectator through the ordeal, decided to make a Facebook post about the day that almost took away her husband and her dog.

2. Emma’s Statement

“Mark and Fly had a near death experience this afternoon! Thank god for RNLI ambulance coastguard and everybody involved! Especially 71 year-old kayaker who went out and saved Marks life. ❤❤ “ Emma said on Facebook.

1. Safe And Sound

Fortunately, in the end, everyone was safe and sound. Mark and Emma thanked the RNLI and the Coast Guard as well as the 71-year-old kayaker for their assistance because without them Mark and Fly wouldn’t be alive. Fly thanked them in his own way too!

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