Two Sets Of Identical Twins Marry Each Other But There’s A Bigger Twist

A couple of identical twins doubled up for life, the Deane sisters tied the knot with the Sayler brothers. The weddings were documented for a TLC special “Twins Marry Twins,” but how did this happen? Even if the chances of a pair of identical twins falling for another pair are pretty slim, these four managed to make their dreams come true.

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#20. Meant To Be

Both the Deane sister and the Sayler brothers were both named so that they would share initials with their twin. Both their parents thought this play of alphabet letters would be neat.

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So Brittany and Briana, and Josh and Jeremy were tied by this coincidence from the get-go. Who would have thought that later in life these twins would find each other?

#19. Twin Day Festival

The four met each other in August 2017 at the Twin Days Festival, held in Twins-burg, Ohio. This annual festival is the biggest convention for twins in the whole world.

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They had attended the festival a few times in the past, but this time they saw each other and they claim it was love at first sight. When the destined couples ran into each other at the festival, they instantly felt a connection.

#18. Childhood Dream

Ever since they were little girls, the twin sister dreamed about marrying two twin brothers. They said that everything has “really been a fairy tale come true”

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“Even when we were little girls, I can remember being in kindergarten, knowing that this is what we saw for ourselves,” said Brianna. Marrying twins really had a special meaning for them, since the girls loved being twins from a very young age

#17. Deep Connection

“When we were little we were always best friends… We like making sure that we match as much as possible,” Briana said. They always wore identical clothes or at least similar, and they often went on double dates.

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“Brittany and I are mirror-image identical twins, which means that whatever one does on one side the other does or has on the other side. The good news is that we’ve finally found identical twin brothers who we’ve fallen in love with and we’re going to marry them,”

#16. The Boy´s Bond

Josh and Jeremy were just as close as their twin brides. They always had a special relationship, so they made special plans for their future too. They promised they would only get married if they found a pair of twin sisters they could both get along with.

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It was really important for them to have partners who would understand their special relationship. Only a pair of twins would know what´s like to be so close since birth. If they had not met the Diane sisters, they would´ve stayed single.

#15. Marrying Twins

Brittany claims that dating was really hard because the only way to understand the deep connection that twins share is having been through it.

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They explained that the bond they share is so unique, that only other twins know what it feels like to share a womb with another human being. That is why it was so important for them to marry twins

#14. Love At First Sight

Brittany and Brianna were regulars at the Twin Days Festival, they would try to go every chance they got. But for Josh and Jeremy, it was their first time going to the convention. Who could have imagined that their first visit to the festival would result in such a magical outcome?

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It´s funny because Josh and Jeremy almost left the convention without meeting their stunning brides. But at the last minute, they just found each other.

#13. Almost Gave Up

“I remember vividly the first time Brittany and I saw Josh and Jeremy at the twins festival. I also remember the first time we all spoke the last night of the’s sort of like everything was in slow motion,” said Briana

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Brittany admitted that as they got older, they started thinking that their dream of marrying twins might have been unrealistic. The boys feel it was meant to be, Josh said “We [feel]really lucky that we found them. To find the woman of your dreams and she has a twin sister for my twin brother.”

#12. Two Bridezillas?

If planning a wedding is a nightmare, imagine planning two! Luckily, the couples avoided all the challenging and stressful moments.

“For Brittany and I a lot of the wedding planning was extremely fun and even peaceful to do because we have the same taste,” said Brianna.

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The twins managed to plan a wedding for four without any issues.

“We had the same vision of what our double wedding day would look like,” she explained.

#11. Their Special Place

The ceremony was held in Ohio, where they had met a year earlier.  The location wasn’t really convenient, because none of them actually lived in that state, but they were set on having the wedding at the place they met.

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The two brides wore matching dresses and the two grooms wore matching suits, of course. They really wanted to keep the symmetry, so they hired two identical twins as ministers! The event went perfectly and the wedding photos were amazingly cute.

#10. The Media

An event like this one was sure to attract the media. As they were tying the knot, cameras surrounded the couples from every angle. The ceremony was aired on TLC a few months later.

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The show includes more than their wedding day. There are some sneak peeks into the behind scenes of the wedding planning.

#9. Living Together

After spending all their lives together, the siblings are not ready to be apart just because they got married. They discussed having children, and the plan is to live in a single home as one big family.

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Brittany said “When we have children, my and Josh’s children will be genetic siblings to Briana and Jeremy’s children. Even though they’re cousins, they’re technically genetic siblings. We imagine it will be like two moms and two dads all raising our families together.”

#8. Their Children

Since they believe their children will we closer than typical cousins, due to their parents being twins, they think this arrangement will be the best for the babies, and also for the parents.

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Both sisters work as attorneys at the same firm, and they said that the first time they felt loneliness was when they went to separate law colleges. That´s why they could not bear to get pregnant at separate times.

#7. Synchronized Pregnancies

“If she [Brittany] was pregnant I would prefer being pregnant too. Being pregnant at different times would be difficult especially with the physical changes that happen,” Brianna explained.

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“So if I was pregnant and Brittany wasn’t, I imagine I would look very different… That would be so hard. We’d be different weights, we would look different, our bodies would be experiencing different things,” she added.

#6. A Kid With Four Parents?

“So what, am I going to go out and gain 30 pounds on purpose or wear a pregnancy cushioning?” Brittany joked. They expect to never go through that, “We won’t be taking that many pictures that year,” added.

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The sisters admitted that when they have kids, they will consider themselves as a mum of the other sister´s kids.

#5. True Love

They admit that it may seem a bit weird to other people, and some react negatively when the couples share their future plans. And even if it seems a little too out of the ordinary, it´s just how they want to live their lives.

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They would like to go on a babymoon together and return to the spot of the honeymoon (Of course the couples went on a double honeymoon to Prince Edward Island).

#4. Eccentric Lifestyle

The twins said they get a lot of questions about their wedding and their living situation, but they don´t mind. “I would add that we totally know we are eccentric, socially eccentric,” Briana said.

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They are actually shocked that they have to explain they don´t switch partners, although they think it’s funny how people would ask that.

#3. Newlyweds

The fantastic four seem to have adjusted to their newlywed life. They go on a lot of double dates, and each couple goes on dates as individual couples too.

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“I would say that our first few months of marriage have been a whirlwind of fun and getting used to being married and the four of us living together, that dynamic,” Briana said.

#2. New Family Traditions

“Our one tradition that we’re so excited to start this year [on Valentine’s Day]is watching our televised proposal,” Briana said. And what about the place were they met?

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“We [also]definitely plan to attend the Twins’ Day festival every year,” Josh said. Theirs is not the only story of twins marrying twins, but it sure is the most romantic and magic.

#1. Another TV special

The twins are going to star in another TV show, “Our Twinsane Wedding”, showing their day to day life and the plans for the children.

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Even if their lifestyle is not for everyone, their story is insanely magical. Some siblings do get along after all. And who knows? They could both give birth to twins!

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