This Boy’s Strange Headaches Have A Shocking Explanation

There’s nothing more important for a parent than the safety of their children. So when this boy started coming home with mysterious ailments, his mom sensed that something was very wrong.

#30. Something Wasn’t Right

Beth Paulette, mom of four children, always made sure her children had everything they needed.

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But one day, something strange happened to her son, and she decided to get to the bottom of it.

#29. Beth’s Story

Beth was a stay-at-home mom, so she dedicated all her time to her four children.

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Every morning, she made sure her kids were ready before sending them off to school. This was until something changed with one of her sons.

#28. Breach of Trust

The two oldest sons always rode the bus to Virginia’s King & Queen Central High School.

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Like every parent, Beth trusted the school to keep her children safe, but this was not the case.

#27. Something Went Wrong

All of a sudden, one of her sons started coming home complaining of really bad headaches every single day.

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What could a mother do in that situation? At first, she gave him aspirin and hoped the migraines would go away, but they didn’t.

#26. Not Just a Headache

Things started to get serious when her other son also showed the same symptoms.

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Beth started to get concerned, especially when the aspirin just didn’t work. So she decided to get to the bottom of it.

#25. Coincidence?

It just couldn’t be a coincidence. How could her two children just get headaches every single day?

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At first, she thought the problem could have been dehydration. Unfortunately, it was more complicated than that.

#24. Whatever It Takes

Beth kept a close eye on her kids, triple checking they were asleep at night and reminding them to drink water.

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She even considered that her children could be faking it to get out of doing homework, but it was clear there was something wrong.

#23. Could It Be Stress?

She though their headaches could be caused by stress.

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She texted them throughout the day and asked them for updates to see if there could be a trigger.

#22. The Day Everything Changed

On a day just like any other, Beth was texting back and forth with her kids, as usual.

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But when Beth asked them about their lunch, she had a shocking revelation.

#21. An Awful Revelation

The boys sent her a picture of their lunch, and Beth was horrified.

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The cliché of the disgusting school lunch was nothing but real.

#20. The Horrible Truth

There were burnt ribs, pizza that looked like cardboard, and more.

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Some items were so gross, she couldn’t even recognize what they were.

#19. The Explanation

That’s when something clicked in her head: this was the reason for their headaches.

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Her boys were probably missing the necessary nutrients to function properly because the food was inedible!

#18. How and Why?

Turns out, the boys had low blood sugar, and even if they ate the food, they would have still suffered from some nasty symptoms.

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The food was carbohydrate-heavy and there wasn’t a single vegetable in sight. How could this happen?

#17. A Mother’s Love

Beth also realized that her children were afraid of telling her that they had been skipping meals.

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But how could she get mad at them? She knew it wasn’t their fault, and that she had to do something about it, so she came up with an idea.

#16. Spreading the Word

Beth decided to contact fellow parents and inform them of what happened.

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But their reaction left Beth at a loss.

#15. A Heartbreaking Reaction

Most of the parents didn’t want to make any waves, and Beth felt helpless.

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Apparently, she was the only one who cared about the wellbeing of the children, so she decided to fight for them.

#14. Not Giving Up

Beth realized that she needed her voice heard if the other parents wouldn’t listen.

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She turned to a “higher power” instead…

#13. Spreading The News

She actually sent the horrifying pictures of the school lunch to WTVR CBS 6, hoping they would take her side.

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It was a long shot, however. Maybe the TV channel wouldn’t be interested in what was going on in a tiny school and had other things to report on.

#12. Worth a Shot

Nevertheless, Beth took a chance and hoped the media would take notice.

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As it turns out, the TV station agreed that the problem was indeed very serious, and so the reporters decided to do something about it.

#11. Taking Action

The station was determined to get to the bottom of it.

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They set up a team of investigators to go to school and see if they could find some answers.

#10. What They Discovered

The investigators discovered that Beth’s kids weren’t the only ones skipping meals.

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One student told the station “It looked so unappetizing, I could not bring myself to eat it at all.

#9. Worse than You Might Think

Migraines weren’t the only side effect of skipping meals.

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Lack of proper nutrition leads to a deficit in attention and basic functioning, meaning kids couldn’t focus in class at all.

#8. The Real Problem

In short, the problem was this: kids went to school only to be malnourished and couldn’t even focus on learning.

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But who was responsible for this atrocity? The journalists figured it out.

#7. Time to Explain

The school superintendent, Dr. Stanley Jones, was the person responsible for making sure children are safe.

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As such, Jones had to answer for this problem and face the journalists and the parents.

#6. A Shocking Revelation

Apparently, Jones was already aware of the issue. How could he let it happen?

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According to him, the head of the school cafeteria had been suspended already after many complaints had been filed. But if she was suspended, why didn’t things change?

#5. The Other Side

Suzanne Gilbertson, the cafeteria head, told her side of the story.

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According to her, things didn’t go down the way Jones explained.

#4. A Different Story

Gilbertson said that she wasn’t in charge when she was suspended, and actually advocated for the children.

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According to her, she told the staff not to serve anything to the children they wouldn’t eat themselves.

#3. Placing Blame

So it seemed that nobody wanted to take the blame, and they all had different versions of what happened.

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In spite of that, something needed to be done about the problem, and the school had to right the wrong.

#2. Under Pressure

If it weren’t for the pressure of the media, the school wouldn’t have done anything to fix the problem.

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Luckily, the cameras were there to force Jones to finally offer a solution.

#1. The End

In the end, Jones promised a change. The school would no longer serve gruel to the kids and would make sure they were fed properly.

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This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Beth’s determination. Oh, what a mother’s love can do!

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