23 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Although many people enjoy cooking, it can be pretty exhausting, take up a lot of time, and a mess to clean up. So today, we’ll look at 23 kitchen hacks that will make cooking easier and all the more fun.

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#23. Peeling Ginger

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Wrong: the shape of ginger makes it difficult to cut with a knife, and can lead to injury.

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Right: use a spoon instead! You won’t cut yourself that way.

#22. Storing Avocados

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Wrong: putting it in the fridge isn’t enough, and it’ll probably get brown overnight.

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Right: pair your avocado with an onion to keep it green much longer.

#21. Storing Bananas

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Wrong: leaving your bananas out and stuck together will only make them overripe.

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Right: separate the bananas to slow down the ripening process.

#20. Chopping Onions

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Wrong: don’t cut onions in a tight room. If there’s no fresh air coming in, you’ll most likely get teary-eyed quickly.

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Right: chop your onions under the kitchen vent, so all the gasses are redirected. If you don’t have one, do it next to an open window.

#19. Prevent The Pot From Overflowing

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Wrong: if you leave a boiling pot unattended, it might overflow and make a mess. Also, covering the pot with a lid will only make it overflow more.

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Right: put a wooden spoon over the pot. That way, it won’t spill all over.

#18. Peeling Boiled Eggs

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Wrong: peeling an egg with your fingers takes time, and you might end up breaking the egg.

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Right: put the boiled egg in a glass of water, cover the glass with your other hand, and shake it (over the sink, so it doesn’t spill).

#17. Keeping Potatoes Fresh

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Wrong: leaving your potatoes out for too long will make them sprout and shrivel.

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Right: put an apple among the potatoes so they stay pretty for longer.

#16. Leftover Coffee

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Wrong: although old coffee tastes bad,  you don’t need to throw it away.

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Right: freeze it in an ice tray instead. Then you’ll have a creamy, iced coffee treat.

#15. Cleaning Cutting Boards

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Wrong: cleaning it with regular dish soap won’t do.

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Right: sprinkle some coarse salt on the board and scrub it with half a lemon. Then, rinse it with warm water. It’ll look good as new.

#14. Emptying A Nutella Jar

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Wrong: don’t throw away your jar when you can’t scrape it anymore. You’ll be wasting some delicious Nutella.

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Right: add cake batter into the jar, put it in the microwave for 45 seconds, and enjoy a delicious Nutella cake!

#13. Cutting Cake

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Wrong: if your cake is too soft, you might end up ruining it by cutting it with a knife.

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Right: use dental floss to cut your cake instead. Just make sure the floss is unflavored.

#12. Easy, Healthy Snack

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Wrong: your kids might not be into eating yogurt, especially when they could be having ice cream.

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Right: stick some Popsicle sticks into the container to create an easy, refreshing treat for your kids (and yourself).

#11. Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

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Wrong: cutting cherry tomatoes can be tricky, especially because their juice spills all over the place.

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Right: sandwich them between two lids to save time and your fingers.

#10. Cleaning Sponges

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Wrong: leaving your sponge to dry on your skin won’t help cleaning it at all, and it’ll probably still be smelly.

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Right: use a binder clip to keep your sponge upright, so it dries faster and doesn’t get stinky.

#9. Softening Butter

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Wrong: putting butter in the microwave or a pan to soften it will probably end up melting it.

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Right: put boiling butter in a glass in order to heat it. Afterwards, put the glass over the stick of butter. The warmth of the glass will soften it to perfection.

#8. Keeping Herbs Fresh

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Wrong: storing herbs in the fridge will only help little when it comes to keeping them fresh.

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Right: preserve your herbs in ice cube trays filled with oil. You won’t regret it.

#7. Preventing Splatter

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Wrong: no matter how careful you might try to be, your batter will splatter everywhere if you use your mixer without protection.

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Right: stick a paper plate on your mixer to keep your kitchen splatter-free.

#6. Grow Your Own Herbs

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Wrong: if you don’t have enough space in your ice trays to store leftover herbs, you’ll probably end up throwing away the unused ones. Herbs come in very big packs and end up getting dry.

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Right: instead, grow your own herbs. It’ll be cheaper, waste-free, and will decorate your kitchen.

#5. More Pizza, Less Time

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Wrong: if one pizza isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger and your oven isn’t big enough, you end up wasting energy and time by cooking one pizza after the other.

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Right: cut two pizzas in half and lay them on the tray as shown. It’s genius!

#4. Powdered Sugar

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Wrong: buying powdered sugar can prove to be a waste of money, unless you bake extremely often.

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Right: just take the regular sugar you have in your kitchen, and use a spice grinder to make your own powdered sugar. Cheap and easy.

#3. Keeping Greens Fresh

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Wrong: simply putting your greens in the fridge won’t keep them fresh for long.

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Right: just put a paper towel in the container to absorb the moisture and keep them crisp and fresh for longer.

#2. Healthy Eggs

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Wrong: frying eggs is unhealthy, and a mess to clean.

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Right: trade the oil for some water. Just boil about two inches of water in the pan, and then cook your eggs for one minute.

#1. Make Easy, Delicious Waffles

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Wrong: don’t waste time making waffle batter, especially if you’re short on time.

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Right: stick some cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker, to create delicious, easy waffles that will earn your guests’ admiration.

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