These Foods In Your Kitchen May Actually Kill You

There are many delicacies around the world that, while being delicious, they are potentially deadly. Some might even be in your kitchen right now, so today we’ll count down 15 delicious foods that are actually deadly. Don’t forget to check #10, #7 and #2, you’ll be shocked at the consequences these foods may bring.

#15. Zucchini

Photo: Courtesy of Health Magazine

Cucurbitacins are toxins that occur naturally in zucchinis but have been bred out of seeds. Sometimes, however, they can still appear and make the zucchini taste extremely bitter, which usually stops people from eating them, but if you don’t, you might die from poisoning.

#14. Tuna

Photo: Courtesy of Manettas Seafood Market

Tuna is a crucial part of a balanced diet, but it also happens to contain mercury, a highly toxic chemical. That is why consuming too much might be very dangerous, especially in young children.  But that is nothing compared to what’s coming up next.

#13. Honey

Photo: Courtesy of Medical News Today

In 2016, the FDA discovered a pesticide known as glyphosate in every sample of honey they tested. It can lead to respiratory distress, shock, renal failure, and even death, but  It would take a hefty dose of glyphosate to harm you.

#12. Almonds

Photo: Courtesy of Medical News Today

There are two types of almonds: sweet almonds, which are the ones you would find in your kitchen and are harmless; and then there are bitter almonds, which contain a chemical known as glycoside amygdalin, which transforms into hydrogen cyanide when consumed, and can be very dangerous.

#11. Nutmeg

Photo: Courtesy of Tate Essence

When cooking with nutmeg, make sure you only use a little bit, as a toxic dose of nutmeg is no more than two or three teaspoons. Symptoms include nausea, dizziness and a slowing of brain functions. And the food that’s coming up next is even scarier.

#10. Potatoes

Photo: Courtesy of Great British Chefs

You can actually suffer from potato poisoning. They contain a toxin known as glycoalkaloids, which causes nausea, diarrhea, and even death. The amount of this substance is usually very small, but there have been many cases where the amounts were high enough to produce such symptoms.

#9. Mushrooms

Photo: Courtesy of Minds of Malady

Mushrooms are known for being dangerous, and mistaking or misidentifying a mushroom can lead to disaster. The death cap mushroom can be mistaken for edible fungi and can cause total liver failure.

#8. Fruit Seeds

Photo: Courtesy of Serious Eats

Certain seeds contain toxins that are harmful to the human body. For example, apple seeds contain amygdalin, so cyanide is involved. Also, stones such as those found in apricots are very dangerous.  The next one, however, is actually scary.

#7. Ackee

Photo: Courtesy of Youtube

Ackee is a plant native to West Africa and it’s also cultivated in Jamaica. If the fruit of the ackee is picked before fully ripening, it can contain hypoglycin A in a toxic amount that can cause vomiting, hypoglycemia, and even death.

#6. Rice

Photo: Courtesy of NYT Cooking

Although it seems harmless, rice contains arsenic, a chemical that should be avoided in large doses. Rice tends to absorb it more than any other food, so the FDA recommends not eating it in excess.

#5. Elderberries

Photo: Courtesy of Grow, Eat, Gather

Elderberries themselves are very healthy, but their seeds, stems, leaves, and roots all contain our good old friend glycoside and should be avoided at all costs. Same goes for the next food, which could be in your kitchen right now.

#4. Cassava

Photo: Courtesy of The Guardian Nigeria

Cassava is a root plant from South America, and just like almonds, it comes in a bitter and a sweet form and contains hydrocyanic acid. If the plant isn’t processed appropriately, or if it’s consumed raw, it can cause death, at worst.

#3. Castor Beans

Photo: Courtesy of Chemistry World

Castor oil is not only found in the kitchen, but also in many beauty products. However, the castor bean contains a very small amount of ricin, a toxin that will induce vomiting, kidney failure, convulsions, or death.
The next food on our list might be one of your favorite nuts.

#2. Cashew Nuts

Photo: Courtesy of Youtube

The shells of cashew nuts are deadly and covered in anarcardic acid, which can burn the skin if handled incorrectly. In addition, cashews must be cooked before consumption, because they are toxic in their raw state.

#1. Microwave Popcorn

Photo: Courtesy of Bigger, Bolder, Banking

A chemical used in the coating of popcorn bags can create perfluorooctanoic acid when decomposed, which is associated with liver and prostate cancer. Also, a flavoring agent called diacetyl is known to lead to a lung condition known as bronchiolitis obliterans.

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