A Strange Coincidence Saved This Man’s Life

Getting sick is something nobody enjoys, but it can’t get any worse than suffering a sudden illness while trapped thousands of feet above the ground. Fortunately for this man, a big coincidence saved his life.

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#16. Vietnam Veteran

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Tom McCay is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel. His service record is so extense it stretches back to Vietnam.

#15. Tom’s Story

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Tom knew all about flying as he is a retired US Air Force Colonel. As such, he felt completely comfortable while flying, and he never thought he’d have to go through what happened next…

#14. Enjoying Retirement

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Tom and his wife Maggie decided to go on a cruise after both of them retired. In March of 2017, they set sail on a wonderful Caribbean cruise. After enjoying their vacation, they were ready to head back home to Texas by plane.

#13. The Flight that Changed Their Lives

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The couple boarded a one-hour flight from Atlanta to Houston. What could happen in just one hour? Surely nothing too serious…right?

#12. Something Wasn’t Right

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After the first half of the flight, Maggie noticed something strange in Tom. He was sweating, lightheaded and clammed up. However, he told his wife there was nothing to worry about, and that he’d just tough it out.

#11. Tom Collapses

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As fast as it began, Tom’s condition worsened, and he collapsed in his seat. Maggie started yelling for help, hoping some passenger could save his husband.

#10. No Time to Wait

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As an experienced nurse, Maggie knew Tom was in serious trouble, and that he needed help immediately. Otherwise, it could be too late to save him. But who could help Tom in such a state?

#9. Luck Was on His Side

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After Maggie called out for help, one health care professional stood up and ran to his side. But that wasn’t all: another one joined him… and another…and another. What happened next was unbelievable.

#8. Strange Turn of Events

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One after the other, passengers kept coming to Tom’s aid. A whopping 25 health care professionals came to help. But how odd was it that 25 of them were on the same plane?

#7. The Explanation

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There was a reasonable explanation as to why all of them were on the same plane: they were in Atlanta for a medical conference at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. However, helping Tom didn’t turn out so easy.

#6. Saving Tom’s Life

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It was very difficult for the doctors to work in such a small and crowded space. But as professionals, they knew how to make it work. They used three plane seats as an impromptu bed, and they immediately got to work.

#5. Acting Fast

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The doctors needed to position Tom to fully open his airway and ensure oxygen traveled to his brain. His pulse was very weak, and his life could only be saved in a couple of minutes.

#4. Team Work

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The doctors administered oxygen to Tom, while the crew brought their medical bags. They also informed the pilots about what was happening, in case they needed to do an emergency landing.

#3. The Diagnosis

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After Tom’s pulse stabilized, the doctors agreed that his life was no longer in danger. However, they couldn’t figure out what had happened to him. Their initial diagnosis was that he mixed alcohol with his medication, but one doctor disagreed.

#2. What Really Happened

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One of the doctors realized that Tom’s alcohol consumption wasn’t enough to cause the emergency, as passengers are only served small glasses of alcohol. Instead, what caused Tom’s condition was dehydration.

#1. The End

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Had it not been for his fellow passengers, Tom’s emergency would have ended catastrophically.  “I just feel like God was hovering over the plane with the number of doctors there,” Maggie confessed.

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