Real-Life ‘Tomb Raider’ Discovers an Unexpected Abandoned Place

Adventurers are not only found in films, books or games. Real-life adventurers like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft exist and discover places which are hidden in plain sight, or that have been abandoned for a long, long time. Despite what the consequences may be, this young Russian adventurer infiltrated a top-secret facility. Stay with us to found out what she discovered!

#21.”No Trespassing”

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook

“No Trespassing” signs are obeyed by most people around the whole globe, but this is not the case of our Russian adventurer, Lana Sator. Since she was a teenager, she made a reputation for exploring abandoned buildings and forgotten places.

#20. Footage Share

Photo: Courtesy of Cyber Breeze

The online world proved very helpful to Lana, and after she shared footage of her exploits online, a group of adventurers offered to team up with her and share intel. That is how Lana got to a site that would prove to be her biggest expedition. Don’t forget to check where she went in our next slide!

#19. Khimki City

Photo: Courtesy of Gizmodo

In the city of Khimki, Russia, a mysterious factory that nobody knew nothing about pumped out smoke every day. The site was still completely active, and our intrepid adventurer Lana intended to find out what happened in there.

#18. Moving Out

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

Lana and her new team of explorers started to get close to the main building by using the storage sheds on the exterior of the facility under the cover of the night. They were shocked to find out that the place was much bigger than they had anticipated.

#17. Slow Approach

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook

Taking into account that there could be security, and trying not to be overwhelmed by their excitement, the team continued their slow approach towards the facility. They didn’t know what could happen if they were to get caught!

#16. Main Gate

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

Lana and her team had anticipated that the main gate would be the biggest obstacle they would encounter – professional guards, cameras and spotlights, and Lana was not used to these challenges. Nevertheless, what she saw left her breathless!

#15. No Guards

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

Although the factory was still operational, no guards were in sight! Lana and her team stormed the place and looked up in awe to the towers and catwalks above them. They had a lot to explore!

#14. Going Up

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

Being the intrepid adventurer she is, Lana wanted to get to the highest point of the factory. But to do so, she had to pass through several rooms filled with strange switches and meters. Halfway to the top, Lana and her team stumbled directly into the line of sight of a security camera.

#13. Running Away

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook

The first thought of the team was to run away from the place, but Lana made them wait, as there was no siren blaring nor any guards that came rushing in. Even if the cameras worked, Lana thought, nobody was watching them. They had a free pass to explore the whole factory!

#12. Renewed Confidence

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

Lana convinced her team to continue their expedition with renewed confidence, and they came across a room with what looked to be a construct out of a sci-fi film. They started to wonder what they were building in that factory.

#11. The Way Up

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook

After wandering for a while, Lana found what they were looking for: a way up to the highest point of the factory. The passage consisted of a series of vertical ladders, and Lana had no problem with that, so she started her way up!

#10. Top View

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

After arriving at the top, Lana and her team were lost in amazement. They could see everything around them for miles and miles! And, most importantly, Lana got a view of the entire facility, and the central building really caught her eye. Let’s see what was there!

#9. Heavy-Duty Machinery

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

While going deeper and deeper inside the factory, Lana stared at gigantic pipes and storage tanks that made everything else look really small. She started to think that this heavy-duty machinery was used to build something really special. There’s more!

#8. Amazing Discovery

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

After staring at the tubes that were in front of her for a very long time, while trying to figure out where she had seen them before, she realized what they were for! She knew what kind of factory she and her team were exploring!

#7. Rocket Engines

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

The tubes that littered the whole factory were the engines used for rockets! After discussing it with her team, they got to the realization that the Khimki factory made weapon parts for the Russian government! They started to wonder why there was no security…

#6. Main Floor

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

After Lana and her team located the main floor, they confirmed their theory. The main floor had a huge cylindrical stand where the workers of the factory assembled the rocket engines. As daylight was fast approaching, Lana and her team had to get going!

#5. Posting Photos Online

Photo: Courtesy Gizmodo

The adventure would not have been complete without a picture of Lana inside the rocket stand. She was so excited to post all her photos online that she never stopped to think who may be able to see them online. But what would happen to Lana?

#4. Cyber-Security Team

Photo: Courtesy of Giphy

Not many days after Lana had posted her pictures online in her Facebook, a Russian cyber-security team came across those photos. They were not happy that a bunch of adventurers had snuck into a top-secret factory and exposed its secrets.

#3. A Cease and Desist Letter

Photo: Courtesy of The Kremlin

Soon after the cyber-security team discovered the photos, Lana received a cease and desist letter from the Russian Defense Minister, Dmitry Rogozin. He addressed the adventurers as “cheeky mice” and warned that there would be severe consequences if they didn’t stop meddling.

#2. The End of the Adventure

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

After receiving and reading the letter, Lana shuddered at what the future had in store for her. Should she really give up her passion? She didn’t want to make herself an enemy of her country, Russia. Her entire future, and happiness was hanging in limbo.

#1. A New Beginning

Photo: Courtesy of Lana Sator

Although the Khimki discovery was massive, Lana knew and understood that it would not end there. She wouldn’t be stopped by threats and she would continue chasing her dreams. She knew that people would always try to stop her. She left this discovery in the past and went on in the search for new adventures!

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