17 Cat Stories Proving What We Knew All Along

Cats are surprising creatures! Not only are they funny, and entertaining to look at, but also extremely weird! If you are a cat owner, you may think that nothing else can surprise you when it comes to cats. Well… Think again! When asked about their weirdest cat stories, cat owners have some pretty interesting stories. #7, #3 and #1 were our favorites!

#17. Grand Theft Catto Part 1

Photo: Courtesy of Reddit

Cat owners are used to their cats having a second life they don’t know anything about. But his kitty has taken things too far…

#16. Armpit lover?

Photo: Courtesy of Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

“My cat, Sandy, licks my husband’s armpits while he’s sleeping,” said MsTickles viaTwitter.

#15. No Reading Allowed

Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia

Chris Roll, a user from Facebook, said that his cat hates it when he reads aloud. He stares at him and paces around while meowing insistently. He even climbs on top of the book and bites Chris’ wrists to keep him away from the book! Can you believe the lengths this furry friend would go to just to stop his owner from reading aloud?

#14. Atheist Kitty

Photo: Courtesy of Know Your Meme

Another Facebook user, named Catherine Dallaire, had bought a portrait of Jesus to give to her great aunt as a Christmas present. When she went to look for something to wrap the gift, she found her cat chewing the edge of the picture frame, and slowly dragging it across the room! Guess this kitty wasn’t a religious one.

#13. Grand Theft Catto Part 2

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

“My cat kept stealing our neighbors’ underwear, so we decided to line all them up and publish an and on every corner of our neighborhood.” said Ryan Paul via Facebook.

#12. Bathing Habits?

Photo: Courtesy of Haircut Web

According to moonshineroxy (via Twitter), her cat spends ten minutes licking (or maybe bathing?) the hairdryer every morning. Luckily, that’s hair only problem!

#11. Gamer Kitty Cares

Photo: Courtesy of Quick Meme

“My cat knew how to press the release disc button on an Xbox. I would be playing and she would look dead into my eyes and press the button… It’s like she knew I didn’t save yet, ” said GLBabe (Twitter).

#10. Making Breakf… Cat?

Photo: Courtesy of Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

Lis Silva (via Facebook) was getting ready for work when suddenly, she smelled something funny coming from the kitchen. When she went there to check what was going on, she found her cat had turned on the gas stove and was standing over the burner huffing the fumes!

“Needless to say, I was forced to remove the knobs from my stove, and only put them on when I need to use it, “ she said.

We are pretty sure that this kitty saw its owner on a rush and decided to make her breakfast, right?

#9. Wake up Kisses

Photo: Courtesy of Doncaster Animal Clinic

“When I’m sleeping my cat likes to wake me up by giving me kisses…on the mouth. Which makes sleeping with an open mouth a horrible idea — she has a tendency to attack my tongue, ” said QueenLeah89 (via Twitter).

We should look at the bright side here, right? Who wouldn’t want to have its own kitty alarm?

#8. Forget the Food, Let’s Eat Plastic!

Photo: Courtesy of All Pet Magazine

Cats like eating tons of stuff that they shouldn’t eat, right? That includes plastic, can you believe it? A Twitter user (hannamburger) revealed that her cat gets on the kitchen counter and tends to eat the plastic wrap on the loaf bread.

#7. No French Allowed

Photo: Courtesy of Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

Another user, twinpicks91 (Twitter), owns a cat that hates the French National Anthem. It seems that no matter where you are if you sing it, the cat will find you and attack you!

#6. Grand Theft Catto Part 3

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

“My cat loves to steal thumbtacks from corkboards and put them in our shoes when we’re not looking, ” said Twitter user Jenn2Jenn.

#5. Musikitten

Photo: Courtesy of iStockphoto

Whenever Billie Choi (Facebook user) plays “I’m Gonna Be” by The Proclaimers, her cat runs up to the stereo and stands with his front paws on top of it. No matter where he is, he will always do this. It never fails!

#4. The Staring/Scary Game

Photo: Courtesy of Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

“All three of my cats stare into the fireplace when the flue is open and there is no fire. They just sit there and stare. Scares me every single time, ” said Katyna Singleton (via Facebook).

There might be a weird presence in there, but wait a minute! Let’s not panic and jump into any scary conclusion… Perhaps the cats are simply playing a staring competition with a friendly ghost, right?

#3. Spoiled

Photo: Courtesy of Animal Wised

According to Facebook user Stephanie Lopez, her cat will only eat if she’s rubbing her hips. Eating habits, right?

#2. Grand Theft Catto Part 4

Photo: Courtesy of Reddit

This kitty loves delivering socks. Her owner, Talia Everding (Facebook user), says she’ll sneak into the closets, grab a ball of socks, and walk down the hall making that “I caught something” yowl, and walk away after dropping the socks in the middle of the floor. We are pretty sure this lovely cat is just making sure her humans don’t forget to wear socks!

#1. Potato Delivery-Cat

Photo: Courtesy of Catster

If you think delivering socks was the craziest thing a cat could do… think again! lwk587 (Twitter) has a pretty particular cat that once presented its human with two large potatoes in the middle of the night! Wouldn’t you love a kitty that is devoted to reminding you when it’s time to eat fries? We sure would!

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