20 Genius Car Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning your car is usually a hassle. But today, we’ll look at 20 hacks that are guaranteed to make the process easier, faster, and cheaper.

#20. Carpet Cleaner

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Use carpet or upholstery cleaner to make the seats look as good as new. Also, start from the top down so everything only has to be wiped once. You won’t believe how good the next product works.

#19. Goo Gone

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Goo Gone is a product that removes the stickiness that builds up on the dashboard, and pretty much all gunk stuck in any other places. Click Next to see how to clean the vents easily.

#18. Vacuum Up

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As you’re cleaning the vents with a brush, vacuum the dust from the vents. That way, there’s no dust on the floor to clean later. Up next, the cheapest way to clean wipers.

#17. Rubbing Alcohol

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One of the many uses of rubbing alcohol is getting rid of the dirt on the windshield wipers. It’s quick and easy! We have a tip for cleaning small parts of the car on the next slide.

#16. Use a Toothbrush

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A toothbrush is 10x better than any fancy tool when it comes to cleaning all the nooks and crannies of the car. Plus, you save money. Some dirt just doesn’t come off with the vacuum cleaner, but we got a hack for that on the next page.

#15.  Use a Squeegee

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If there’s some tough dirt to get rid of,  like animal hair, use a squeegee and a spray bottle. A tip to clean those dirty car mats is coming up next.

#14. Throw Them in the Washing Machine

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Cleaning them like this will get them back to looking brand new. Make sure you use a gentle cycle so that the washer doesn’t get damaged. Even after cleaning them, the windshields sometimes just don’t look good. Click on the next page to see how to make them super clean.

#13. Use Steel Wool for Cleaning Windshields

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Using steel wool and glass cleaner is a great way to leave your windshields squeaky clean, but make sure you use the steel wool carefully. If used abrasively, it can damage the glass. Cup holders get dirty very easily, but we have a trick to avoid that on the next slide.

#12. Silicone Cupcake Liners

Photo: Courtesy of Bob Vila

Putting silicone cupcake liners in the bottom of cup holders is ideal for catching any crumbs or dirt that could potentially get stuck in there. What can you do if you have no brush to clean your car? Check out the next page to see.

#11. Use Flat Screwdriver as Brush

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If you have no extra toothbrush to clean small places, wrap a cloth around a flat head screwdriver, and problem solved! Got some bumper stickers you wanna get rid of? We have the perfect hack on the next slide.

#10. Use WD-40 to Remove Bumper Stickers

Photo: Courtesy of WD-40

WD-40 is great for removing bumper stickers. Spray it over the sticker and let it sit for a few seconds. After that, just pull the sticker off et voilà! We have a great tip to clean the outside of the car on the next slide.

#9. Rub a Clay Bar on It

Photo: Courtesy of TIBS

Rubbing a clay bar removes built in dirt from your car. Just rub and fold the clay until it looks grey. Cleaning the inside of the vents tends to be tricky, but we have the hack for that next.

#8. Use a Foam Brush

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A small foam brush is perfect for absorbing all the dirt in the vents of the car, and they’re super cheap to get. Check out the next slide to see how to properly clean your headlights.

#7. Use Toothpaste for the Headlights

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Toothpaste is definitely the easiest way to clean your headlights and increase visibility. You might find some corrosion on the battery terminals, but we have the tip getting rid of it on the next slide.

#6. Use Soda to Clean Corrosion

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Using soda on battery terminals is a great way to get rid of corrosion. Click on the next slide to see how to wash hubcaps easily.

#5. Throw Hubcaps in the Dishwasher

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Washing hubcaps in the dishwasher leave them looking amazing without any hassle. Are the vents still dirty after cleaning them? We have the right tip for you on the next page.

#4. Use Compressed Air to Fully Clean Vents

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Grab a can of compressed air and blast all the dust particles out to leave your vents looking brand new. Check out the next slide to see a super cheap way of detailing.

#3. Use an Old Sock

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Using an old sock as a soft cloth is a much cheaper way of detailing instead of buying a special cloth for that. Also, it works just as well! How can you clean the car ceiling easily? Click on the next page to find out.

#2. Clean Ceiling with a Microfiber Cloth

Photo: Courtesy of Liberty Mutual

Your car ceiling will look amazing after cleaning it with a microfiber cloth and some upholstery cleanerDon’t miss our #1 hack!

#1. Dryer Sheets

Photo: Courtesy of Awesome Jelly

Dryer sheets are perfect for removing bugs from the front of your car. Wet one, wring it out and use it as a wipe. The cheapest ones will do.

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