Shelter Dog Gets A Day Out To Visit the Town And Cannot Stop Grinning

All animals love to roam free and sniff around, to run and enjoy the outdoors, and we know that dogs are especially happy when they hear they’re going out for a walk and for some playtime! All it takes for a sad dog to be happy is some care and love. But this pitbull called Elmo had a rough beginning, and he was quite depressed. Thankfully, his story has a great ending! How did he start grinning from ear to ear? Check out his story below and prepare to see his adorable smile!


It was the middle of July when Elmo and his friend were found abandoned in a yard. Tori Fugate with the KC Pet Project in Kansas City, Missouri was alerted about the two dogs when someone called Animal Control. Here is what she said…


“We think that a neighbor probably noticed that the dogs were left there and called animal control to report them,” said Fugate in an interview with The Dodo. The two pups were taken in by the KC Pet Project. Elmo was scared and miserable!

18. A TOUGH LIFE Pet Project

Elmo’s life looked like it has been tough. Both pups were abused and emaciated, hanging out in the yard and probably waiting for their owner. The officials haven’t yet identified the owner, but they did take the dogs to the KC Pet Project.


At the beginning of August, Elmo’s friend was adopted, but he was still waiting for his family. Two more months passed, and Elmo looked very depressed. The KC Rescue Project came with a great idea to allow Elmo to be himself. So they took him out to visit the town!


Wait until you see Elmo on his excursions! He looks like a new dog! It all looked like sitting in the shelter meant having no hope, but as soon as he got out for long walks, he transformed. Here he is basking in the sun…


The people at KC Rescue Project do their best to keep their pups happy and healthy, and all Elmo needed was a Furlough Day. The shelter lets dogs that live in shelters go out in the town with volunteers, and it was a great idea for Elmo!


There is nothing better than stretching your legs in Kansas City, meeting people and other dogs and even having the chance to meet potential families that would adopt him. Just look at his adorable smile in the next photo!

13. BEST TIME EVER Pet Project

You can see that Elmo had the time of his life outside the shelter. He was taken to the park where he made new friends, he saw historical sites and even visited a local hair salon where he grinned all the time… And that’s just the beginning of his happy story!

12. HE WAS ALL SMILES! Pet Project

The entire day was perfect, with Elmo taking in the sights and donning his prettiest smile. His personality immediately changed when he got outside. All the road downtown he had a smile plastered on his face!


His outing was all thanks to the volunteer who accompanied the pooch around town: Linda Smith. They hung out together at all the famous places and at the park, and he was even taken to a coffee shop!

You won’t believe what happens next!

10. FURLOUGH DAY Pet Project

Thanks to Furlough Day, the dogs can spend their energy and play around. Smith took Elmo to the Kansas City’s Penguin Park, where he wouldn’t stop playing! Everyone was so impressed with his reaction that they posted photos of him on social media…


Smith fell in love with Elmo’s smile, and she knew that this pooch would find a family now that he was photographed outside the shelter. On their Facebook page, KC Rescue Project wrote:

“This is what Furlough is all about. Seeing great dogs like Elmo out enjoying our city.”

8. SLEEPOVERS Pet Project

“Elmo had a blast meeting new people at Penguin Park,” added KC. And he didn’t just spend the day out. This special day, the pups that are taken outside will spend the night at the volunteers that take them out!


Elmo met new people, made friends, played in the backyard and cuddled with Smith on the couch! And if you thought that the smile would wear out as soon as he went back to the shelter, you’re wrong. Elmo changed from that day on, and he became the happiest dog at KC Rescue Project.


Elmo’s story and photos became so popular that the pooch became a star! His smile made everyone smile, and his story was shared by people all over the country. In a comment, Pam Babcock Powers says how she met him…

5. HE’S A CUDDLER! Pet Project

“Elmo is a sweet boy! He loves to snuggle when you sit on a bench with him. He’ll even reach over and lay his paw on your hand. Really rooting for this guy and hoping he finds an awesome home!” – wrote Powers. And here is the good news…


Alyssa Bettles wrote that she met Elmo too and he “is seriously the sweetest thing ever.” Fugate said that he immediately knows when he’s getting out:

“He even gets this cute little smile on his face when he’s running toward you or when he knows he’s going outside.”

3. A HAPPY SMILE Pet Project

“When you meet Elmo and see his happy smile, you know that he deserves a home and family that will love him,” added Fugate. And then, the best thing ever happened to this pooch! A couple read about his story and did this amazing thing!

2. HE HAS A FAMILY NOW! Pet Project

A couple drove five hours to meet Elmo, and when they saw him, they fell in love with him and wanted to adopt him! Now thanks to the Furlough Day, Elmo has a new family to smile at every day!

1. A NEW CHANCE Pet Project

Thanks to KC Rescue, animals get a new chance at life and find new families that would care and love them! If you’re looking to get a pet, adopt one. Giving them a great life is so rewarding when you see them smiling!

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