Father And Son Find Unusual Crate With Bite Marks In The Middle Of A Field

Bret Winingar and his son Zach love to ride their motorcycles during the weekends. This is a bonding activity for them and they get to enjoy themselves without anyone bothering them. However, what they found in a field during one of the motorcycle trips is going to shock you! The two men found a little doggy who starving in dire need of love. Luckily, Bret and Zach were there to help out.

20. Strange Crate


As Bret and Zach were riding around the highway, they spotted a strange white crate sitting in the middle of a field. The container was out of place and both Bret and Zach could feel that there’s something wrong about it.

19. Curiosity


Curiosity got the best of the two motorcycle riders and they wanted to check out the white crate. A weird noise started coming from the crate right at the moment after they shut down the engine of their motorcycles. What happens next shocked both men!

18. Scratched Crate


The white crate had scratch and bite marks. This made it clear to the two men that an animal was held inside the crate and that it has been here for a long. You won’t believe what happens next!

17. Scared Puppy


A puppy came out of the crate and tried to run away but couldn’t because she was tied to it. This was heartbreaking to see, especially since the puppy was starving and he was scared by Bret and Zach. The puppy thought that the two men are there to hurt her. The puppy couldn’t be more wrong.

16. Helping Out


Bret and Zach knew that there was no way they were going to leave the puppy all alone in the middle of the field. They had to help and there was no way around this.

15. Tasty Food


Luckily, one of the bikers had a bag of food around and he pulled it out to feed the starving puppy. This was the first time she ate in the last couple of days. Isn’t this heartbreaking?

14. Getting The Car


The father went home to get the car while Zack kept company to the puppy. It didn’t take long for the puppy to realize that the two men are there to save her. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

13. Puppy Kisses


From the looks of it, the puppy realized that she is being rescued and she wanted to show her gratitude towards Bret. The puppy gave Bret some kisses and, at that moment, the man knew he is going to adopt her.

12. Special Care


Bret and Zach brought the puppy to their home to feed her some food and give her a bath. This is when they realized that the puppy is hurt and that she needs special care that only the vet can give her.

11. First Bath


Bret’s wife was nearly moved to tears after she saw how bad the puppy looked and she helped bath her. Now that that the bath was done, Bret and Zach took the car and rushed to the vet’s office.

10. The Vet


The vet checked the little puppy and determined that she is eight months old. Not just that, but the vet also said that the puppy has stayed inside the white crate for quite a while and that she needs to eat lots of healthy food in order to recover.

9. Feeling Better


A couple of days passed since Bret and Zach rescued the puppy and she was feeling a whole lot better. Her energy levels were back and the most adorable thing about this is that she wouldn’t let Bret leave her sight.

8. Feeling Loved


This was the first time that the puppy was feeling loved. No one gave her this much attention ever and she grew attached to Bret and Zach. Nonetheless, check out what’s coming next to find out how they named the puppy.

7. Charlie Bravo


Bret and Zach decided that since they found the puppy while riding that they are going to name her Charlie Bravo. This name represented the motorcycles that they were riding when they found her in the middle of the field.

6. Happy Life


Charlie Bravo is now surrounded by loving people and she gets to live the happy life that she always deserved. Isn’t this a great turn of events?

5. Donations


Bret and Zach posted the story of Charlie Bravo over social media and as you probably expect, the story went viral. Animal lovers all over the world started sending donations to Bret and Zach to help them provide Charlie Bravo with everything that she needs.

4. The Charlie Bravo Foundation


Seeing how they were getting donations from all over the world, Bret and Zach started a foundation called “The Charlie Bravo Story”. The two men are doing their best to help other unfortunate animals.

3. Turn Of Events


Even though Charlie Bravo’s story was heartbreaking at first, everything changed when Bret and Zach found her. The two are life savers and there’s no doubt about that!

2. Great Times


Now that Charlie Bravo is surrounded by loving people, the only thing that she needs to do is to have fun and enjoy her time. This is the life that all dogs need to live!

1. Powerful Story


Bret and Zach are great people for saving the starving puppy that they found abandoned in the middle of the field. Nonetheless, what did you think of this powerful story?

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