Norwegian Photographer Runs Into Mythical Creature

Norway has a rich Norse history and there are many stories in the folklore about mystical beasts that can be found high up the mountains. However, these beasts are nearly impossible to track and they are seen only once in a century. Luckily for a young photographer from Norway, he had his camera with him when an all-white mythical beast ran through the woods.

24. Fishing Village

The photographer we mentioned previously is named Mads Nordsveen and he decided to travel to Hamnøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway. The reason why he picked this small village is because it looks very scenic.

The small Hamnøy village is filled with fishermen. There isn’t that much to do around here other than to hunt and fish. However, the beauty of Hamnøy is unparalleled as the next picture will show you.

23. Beautiful Village

Mads Nordsveen knew that the village looks amazing and he decided that it’s going to be the next place where he takes pictures. Little did the young photographer know, he was going to cross paths with a mythical beast!

22. Meet Mads Nordsveen

The man in this picture none other than Mads Nordsveen and as you can see, he is really young. Mads Nordsveen is only 22-years-old, but his age shouldn’t fool you. Mads Nordsveen is a master craftsman when it comes to shooting photos.

21. The Wild Side of Norway

Mads knew that the most beautiful and eerie places in Norway would be the snowy fields outside the cities or village. There he would spot wild animals, such as Lynx cats or white foxes. But one day, he was surprised by a very rare sight…

20. Incredible Shots

Mads Nordsveen was taking some incredible shots in the mountains of Norway when he heard a weird noise coming from the woods. He knew that the woods are filled with bears and the unusual noise sent shivers down his spine.

19. Taking Photos

The young photographer was trying to take pictures of the woods in hopes that maybe he could figure out what kind of animal was making the noise. Until that day, he’s found his fair share of white foxes, but he knew it wasn’t a fox heading his way this time!

18. A Legendary Creature

While he knew that mythical creatures like Odin’s eight-legged white stead Sleipnir were only in the legends, the noise did startle him. It looked bigger than a fox, but it was too white to make sense of its features, as it blended with the background… Can you spot it?

17. White Beast

Out of nowhere, a white beast appeared in front of Mads.

“I was walking in the mountains looking for nice landscapes for my travel photography when out of nowhere I saw this wonderful little creature,” he said to Caters News. The young photographer was amazed!

16. Mythical Creature

Even though Mads Nordsveen didn’t know what kind of animal this was, he did know about the old Norse stories that talk about mythical creatures who roam the forests up in the mountains. Could this all-white animal be one of those creatures?

15. Is It a Calf?

He took out his camera, zoomed in, and saw something that looked like a calf. It had hooves and a long snout… Mads had no idea that seeing the creature so close would make him squee with joy. You won’t believe what happens in the next photos!

14. Was Mads in Danger?

He didn’t know what kind of beast it was. He had no idea what its next move would be. All he was certain about was that this animal was still a calf, but big enough to injure him. And it was heading his way! Moreover, his mother was standing guard!

13. It Got Closer!

As Mads studied the animal from afar, he raised the camera and saw the calf’s antlers and it all made sense! It was a white reindeer, a creature said to bring good luck in Norwegian folklore. And Mads felt very lucky to see such a spectacular and adorable being. Then, this happens!

12. Good Luck Charm

Norwegian folklore says that any man who sees a mythical creature running through the woods is going to have good luck. This rumor might prove to be true because Mads Nordsveen’s Instagram page skyrocketed after he posted this picture on the web.

11. Fairy Land

Mads Nordsveen was in shock, but seeing the all-white animal made him feel like he was living in a fairy tale for a second. The craziest thing about this is that the animal didn’t shy away from the camera.

10. Photogenic Animal

Sighting of all-white animals in Norway are super rare! Luckily for Mads Nordsveen, the strange animal he found was not shy at all and it loved to stay in front of the camera: “He came to me very close and we looked into each other’s eyes,” he recalled in the interview.

9. What Is It?

After Mads Nordsveen took a couple more pictures, the strange animal ran away. The young photographer was still in shock and he wanted to find out what kind of animal it was so he sent the pictures to an expert. Check out the next picture to find out the truth!

8. White Reindeer

The animal expert told Mads Nordsveen that the creature he spotted in the woods is an all-white reindeer. To make things even more interesting, this is not an albino animal.

7. Albino Animals

There are lots of albino animals, but the reindeer that Mads Nordsveen found is not one of them. The reindeer still has pigmentation in its skin, horns and eyes. Not just that, but this is not the first time that an all-white reindeer has been spotted.

6. Rare Encourance

Just like albino animals, all-white reindeer are super rare! They come once in a hundred years and they mostly stay hidden in the woods. Mads Nordsveen got really lucky to find one…

5. Growing Up

We can only imagine how much cooler and fiercer the all-white reindeer is going to look like once it grows up. Talking about its color, there’s something important that we need to mention about it.

4. Camouflage

The rare condition that makes the reindeer all-white is actually an advantage. This makes it easier for the reindeer to camouflage itself in the snowy mountains of Norway and keep safe from predators.

3. Snowy Mountains

The all-white reindeer is never going to have to worry about predators as long as it doesn’t leave the snowy mountains of Norway. No one is ever going to find if it doesn’t want to get spotted.

2. Instagram Famous

Mads Nordsveen kept taking pictures of wild animals that he found in the woods and his Instagram page blew up. The young photographer now has over 176,000 followers.

1. Favorite Hobby

Mads Nordsveen has managed to take his favorite hobby and make a successful career out of it. There aren’t that many people who can say that they love their jobs, but Mads Nordsveen is an exception to that rule.

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