Two Treasure Hunters Find The Biggest Celtic Coin Hoard In The History Of England

One can only dream about winning the lottery or finding an enormous treasure to set them for life! Think about it: you get lucky once and then you won’t have to worry for the rest of your life. You get to do all the things you wanted to, with all the spare time. Two good friends had one common hobby that dreamed the same thing. They wanted to find a treasure, no matter how small it was. Instead, they stumble upon a hoard of Celtic gold!

26. A Historical Discovery

The two best friends had one single wish: to find a small item of historical value. Maybe their treasure hunting would be repaid with a couple of dollars or at least get their efforts recognized by museums.

They never dreamt that their wish would come true and make them worldwide famous!

25. Free Weekends

What do you like doing in your free weekends? Some people go to the pub and hang out with their friends? Well, Reg Mead and Richard Miles choose to head over to farming fields and search for treasures instead.

24. Reg Mead and Richard Miles

Reg Mead and Richard Miles have been friends for a long time and they both enjoy the same hobby, treasure hunting. The two men pick up metal detectors every weekend and go out looking for gold coins. One weekend, they got extremely lucky!

23. Ancient Relics

Reg Mead and Richard Miles say that their biggest dream is to find ancient relics that have historical values. Luckily for them, the friends found something of a much greater value and were stunned when they saw it. Check it out in the next photos and get ready to be amazed!

22. Metal Detectors

The hobby of searching for treasures with metal detectors is becoming a global sensation after news broke out of what Reg Mead and Richard Miles have managed to find on a farming field from Jersey, England. But this discovery was very weird…

21. Jersey, England

These two friends from England have been scanning the same farm field for more than 20 years. The reason why they picked this farming field is that a farmer told them that he once found gold coins there. Could this be true? After so many years, they still had hope.

20. Learning About England’s History

Not only do Reg and Richard find part of England’s history, but also an amazing detail about the Roman empire at #9. The two treasure hunters hoped to find gold, but instead, they stumble upon something better than gold!

19. The Rush

One day, Reg Mead and Richard Miles got lucky and they found a couple of gold coins in the Jersey farm field. However, these coins were too small to have any significant value. One thing was true – the two treasure hunters loved the rush they got when they found a coin. So, they carried on…

18. Another Lucky Day

Time passed since they found the small gold coins, and the two treasure hunters decided to go back and look for more ancient relics. But they were not prepared for this next discovery! Wait until you see the amazing hoard! The worth of this treasure is phenomenal…

17. The Dream

Their dream has always been to find a hoard of coins. If they ever did this, then they wouldn’t have to worry about money! Check out this photo at #11 and see the unbelievably huge treasure the two friends unearthed.

16. The Scanner Goes Crazy

It was a regular treasure-hunting weekend for the two friends, but as they were scanning the farming field in Jersey, their metal detector scanners started going crazy. They found something, could it be ancient coins? You will never guess what’s coming in the next pictures.

15. A Hoard

Reg and Richard started digging carefully and they were stunned when they saw something that, at first sight, looked out of this world. It was a huge chunk of scaly green objects that were made from metal. But what was this thing?

14. Are These Coins?

Taking a better look, the treasure hunters realized they got very lucky. It was not gold, but something way better! Believe it or not, but these green dirty things were actually a bunch of coins. Reg and Richard would soon find out how valuable these coins are!

13. Celtic Treasure

Reg Mead and Richard Miles got incredibly lucky and they stumbled upon the motherload!! The two friends found a hoard of Celtic coins. Check out the following pictures to see how many coins they got.

12. Analyzing the Coins

Reg Mead and Richard Miles called the museum experts to analyze the coins. The experts came to the conclusion that they were a Celtic hoard. But neither Reg or Richard knew how many coins they uncovered. Here’s how many coins there were…

11. Thousands Of Coins

According to the experts, the two treasure hunters found more than 50,000 coins stuck together. Can you believe this? Their discovery is even more important because historians could use them to find out more about Celts and their history.

As for Reg and Richard, they got extremely great news – check it out at #7!

10. Celtic History

Jersey is known for its Celtic history, but the coin hoard found by Reg Mead and Richard Miles is helping historians learn more about the Celtic culture. This is an incredible discovery and the two friends are going to be filthy rich!!

9. Caesar

To make things even cooler, some of those coins were also from Rome. Therefore, the historians believe that the coins have been hidden underground back when Caesar traveled through Gaul.

8. The Price Tag

Now that we’ve shown you what Reg Mead and Richard Miles found inside the farm field from Jersey, let’s see how much money the coins are worth. You should take a seat because what’s coming next will shock you!

7. $15 Million

The 50,000 Celtic coin hoard is valued at $15 million. Can you believe this? Reg Mead and Richard Miles have found the treasure that they have always dreamed about.

6. Fun Hobby

We think it’s safe to say that treasure hunting with metal detectors is a fun hobby that can really pay off. Don’t you think so?

5. Claiming The Gold

On the downside of things, Reg Mead and Richard Miles are going to have some problems claiming the gold. Even though they found it first, it wasn’t on their land…

4. Justice

The case of the 50,000 Celtic coins is being delivered to a judge who has the authority to determine who should get the coins and the money that comes with them. Let’s hope that Reg Mead and Richard Miles get the justice that they deserve.

3. Amazing Adventure

Even though there is a significant chance that Reg Mead and Richard Miles won’t get any money for the Celtic coins, they are happy knowing that they got the chance to live the fantastic adventure of finding them.

2. Celtic Heritage

If the judge decides that coins should go to the English museum for their Celtic heritage, then Reg Mead and Richard Miles are not going to get anything in return. Let’s hope that they get lucky once again and the judge chooses to give the coins to them.

1. Hard Work

Leaving the claim issue aside, what did you think of this awesome story? Isn’t it amazing how a fun weekend hobby can end up making you richer than you have ever dreamed?

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