Lara Croft Lives In Moscow And She Discovered A Secret Russian Factory

Even though Lara Croft is a movie character, she inspired many women to become explorers. Lara Croft is a strong woman who knows how to take care of herself and therefore, it should come as no surprise that many women have tried living a life like hers. However, no one has gotten closer to becoming a real-life Lara Craft than Lana Sator who sneaked inside a Russian secret factory and discovered something incredible!

20. Real-Life Lara Croft

The Lara Croft movie was a success, but did you know that she exists in real life? Her name is Lana Sator and she lives in Russia. Get ready to be amazed because Lana Sator’s story is incredible!

19. Lana Sator Lana Sator

The woman in this picture is Lana Sator. She is a photograph by day and explorer by night. Lana Sator lives a dangerous life because she loves to explore and find secret facilities in Russia which can sometimes get her in serious trouble.

18. Photographer and Explorer Lana Sator

Lana Sator is a photographer with a keen sense of exploration. Lana Sator has loved to explore uncharted places ever since she was a child and she is now taking her hobby to the next level by sneaking inside Russia’s most dangerous secret facilities.

17. Good Reputation

The real-life Lara Croft has a good reputation in the small community of explorers and this is how she learned about a secret factory. The factory is located in Russia and for some unknown reason, no one knows what really happens in there.

16. Curious Nature

Obviously, curiosity got the best of Lana Sator and she decided to call some friends and head over to the factory. The factory is in a small city named Khimki that is far from Moscow, but Lana Sator and her team were determined to find out what’s going in there.

15. The Factory

The spooky thing about this factory is that everyone says it’s abandoned. However, there is a large tower in the middle of it and it’s always blowing massive amounts of smoke.

14. Strange Things

Even though no one really knows what’s going inside the factory, Lana Sator was sure that something strange was happening there and she was determined to find out the truth. The next picture will show you how Lana Sator made her way inside the factory.

13. Hidden Entrance Lana Sator

After scouting the place, Lana Sator figured out that there are a couple of hidden entrances that lead inside the factory and she decided to pick this one, the spookiest out of them all!

12. Taking A Risk

Lana Sator bet everything on the fact that the factory doesn’t have any security. If she is to get caught, she might face serious jail time for breaking and entering.

11. Crawling

Crawling through the secret entrance was no easy task, but Lana Sator doesn’t have any problem with small spaces. She knew that what’s hiding inside the factory was worth the risk.

10. Weird Switches Lana Sator

The first thing that Lana Sator saw after she came out of the secret entrance is that there are rooms filled with weird switches. Something strange is going in this factory and the switches only made Lana Sator more curious than before. The next picture will make your jaw drop!

9. Star Wars Movie

Doesn’t this picture look like a screenshot from a Star Wars movie? This is the second room that Lana Sator found while exploring the factory and the massive size of the room made it clear to her that she needs to figure out what’s going on here.

8. Important Activity

This should come as no surprise, but the factory is building something important. The buildings are just way too high to be a simple factory. What kind of secrets does this factory hold?

7. Exploring Everything

Lana Sator and her team were exploring every room of the factory and taking pictures of everything they saw. However, it wasn’t till they stepped into the next room that they realized what kind of thing the factory produces.

6. Rocket Engine

Everything was made clear to Lana Sator when she saw these big rocket engines. This is where Russia builds some of its weapons and space rockets. Can you believe this?

5. Russian Weapons

Lana Sator stumbled upon something important which put her in great danger. However, the explorer couldn’t stop from asking herself why there wasn’t any security around the factory? Why do you think is going on?

4. Social Media

The real-life Lara Croft decided to post all the pictures that she took inside the factory on social media. She wanted the entire world to see her amazing discovery. Unfortunately for her, the Russian government also saw these pictures.

3. Dimitry Rogozin

Lana Sator received a letter from Dimitry Rogozin (right) asking her to take down the pictures immediately. This man is Russia’s Defense Minister and Lana Sator had no other choice than to take the pictures down.

2. Big Trouble

The reason why Lana Sator took down the pictures is that she didn’t want to get in trouble with the government. However, the letter from Dimitry Rogozin also let her know that she found something of great value.

1. Awesome Adventure

Even though Lana Sator took a big risk by venturing inside the Russian factory, it was all worth it. She got to experience an awesome adventure that made the world know her as the real-life Lara Croft.

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