House Flippers Find Old Paintings That Are Worth $30 Million

Artists are not always appreciated during their lifetime and more than often, their masterpieces are not worth more than $100 until they die. There are many examples of situations like this, but the most amazing one has to be the story of Arthur Pinajian. Two friends who invest money in old houses in order to flip them for a better price found some of Arthur Pinajian’s paintings inside a small cottage. Little did they knew, they hit the jackpot!

20. Storage Wars

Do you know the show Storage Wars? Of course, you do because everyone knows this how. The crazy thing about Storage Wars is that it makes believe people believe that they can actually get rich overnight by finding something of significant value. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

19. Old Storage

Even though it might seem impossible to get rich overnight by finding something old and expensive, this is exactly what two friends named Thomas Schultz and Larry Joseph did after they bought an old cottage from Long Beach.

18. Old COttage

The two friends purchase old houses for a small price and then refurbish them so that they can flip them for a better price. This is what they had in mind for the cottage that you can see in the picture above. However, their plans changed when they noticed what was inside the house.

17. Long Beach

The reason why the two friends purchased this old cottage is that it’s located in Long Beach and houses can get pretty expensive there. Luckily for Thomas and Lucas, they had just stumbled upon a treasure!

16. Arthur Pinajian

An old painter by the name of Arthur Pinajian used to live in the cottage. However, his family had no intentions of remodeling it and they listed it for sale. Thomas and Larry bought the house for its good location and their jaws dropped when they saw what was inside!

15. Lots of Art

The two friends discovered that the old cottage was filled with paintings made by Arthur Pinajian. Could these paintings be worth something?

14. Dreams

Obviously, both Thomas and Larry dreamed of getting rich by selling the paintings, but they had no way of knowing if they are worth something. Therefore, they decided to ask the painter’s family what’s the deal with them.

13. The Garbage

To their surprise, the painter’s family told Thomas and Larry that they can throw the paintings to the garbage. The family didn’t believe that they were worth anything and didn’t want them. You won’t believe what the two friends did next…

12. Beautiful Art

Even though the paintings might be worthless, Thomas and Larry didn’t want to throw the paintings away. Arthur Pinajian worked all his life on them and it would be a waste to throw them in the garbage.

11. Curiosity

Thomas and Larry were amazed that these beautiful paintings don’t cost anything and they wanted to get a second opinion. Curiosity got the best of them and they went to visit an art expert.

10. Big Surprise

As the two friends were heading to the art expert, they joked around that maybe they are going to get enough money to pay the gas. Little did they know, they were in for the biggest surprise of their lives!

9. Master Painter

Arthur Pinajian was an incredible painter and he is believed to be one of the best abstract artists of our era. The incredible thing about Arthur Pinajian is the way he learned how to paint. Keep reading to find out how!

8. Self-Taught

As crazy as this might sound, Arthur Pinajian was a self-taught painter. He learned how to paint all on his own and he did it by impressionng other artists. This is how he managed to create his complex abstract style.

7. A Treasure!

The art expert was in awe after he saw the paintings that Thomas and Larry brought to him. These paintings are worth a treasure and you will never believe just how much money the two friends are going to get for them!!

6. $30 Million

The expert told Thomas and Larry that Arthur Pinajian’s paintings are going to sell for a total of $30 million. Can you believe this? The two friends are set for life!!

5. Incredible Discovery

The two friends were shocked to find out just how much money the paintings are worth. You only see this type of incredible discoveries in the movies. Check out the next picture to see what Arthur Pinajian’s family had to say about this.

4. Unlucky

The family gave up on the paintings a long time ago and they were ready to throw them in the garbage. Therefore, they don’t have any claim to the money that Thomas and Larry are going to get for them. 

3. War Hero

Arthur Pinajian lived a wonderful life. He even fought in World War 2! Unfortunately, his family never cared for him, and now, they are all surely regretting it. Don’t you think so?

2. No More Worries

Thomas and Larry can quit their day jobs of flipping houses. They don’t have to worry about anything now that they have $30 million in their bank account.

1. The Jackpot

The two friends hit the jackpot when they purchased the old cottage. We can be sure that Arthur Pinajian’s family regrets not giving any attention to his paintings. They could’ve been rich!

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