Couple Donates Old Piano To College, The Tuner Finds England’s Biggest Gold Hoard Hidden Inside

Today we have an incredible story to share with you about a couple who decided to do something amazing and donate a piano to their local college. Little did the couple knew, they were giving up a fortune! 913 gold coins were hidden in the piano. The gold coins are worth 500,000 pounds but sadly, the couple who donated it can’t claim even a single coin!

20. Graham and Meg Hemmings

Graham and Meg Hemmings are the lovely couple who decided to do something amazing for their community and donate a piano. Unfortunately, they would end up regretting this decision…

19. Three Young Kids

The couple has three boys and they asked one of their friends to buy a piano for the kids when they were young. Graham and Meg wanted their kids to learn how to play and they started looking for a second-hand piano.

18. Broadwood Piano

The friend of the couple found a Broadwood piano available for sale and without giving it any second thought, Graham and Meg bought it. You will never believe what was hiding inside the piano!

17. Gold Treasure

Graham and Meg’s three boys learned how to play on the piano. However, what they didn’t know about the piano was that someone hid a gold treasure inside it! Can you believe this?

16. Time Flies

As time went on, the three boys finished college and they moved to different cities. Graham and Meg realized that the piano is just collecting dust in their living room and they wanted to do something special with it.

15. The Donation

Graham and Meg knew that they won’t be playing the piano any time soon and they decided to donate it to their local college. Isn’t this nice of them? However, you can be sure that they wouldn’t have donated it if they had any idea what was hiding inside.

14. Hidden Treasure

Even though the piano has been sitting in Graham and Meg’s living room for more than 20 years, the couple never thought to look inside it. Sadly for them, they missed out on finding a gold treasure that could change their lives.

13. Amazing Discovery

You better stick around for #11 because your jaw will drop when you see what one of the college’s piano tuners found inside the donation made by Graham and Meg to the college.

12. The Tuner

A man by the name of Blackhouse took the piano donated by Graham and Meg so that he can check inside it and tune it. Mister Blackhouse opened the back door and he couldn’t believe what was sitting in front of his eyes….a gold treasure!!

11. The Treasure

This is what the tuner found inside the piano! Can you believe this? Graham and Meg passed up on a gold treasure! Keep reading to find out how just how much this treasure is worth.

10. Life Changing Money

This treasure is so old that its worth 500,000 pounds! One gold coin is worth 800 pounds, isn’t this crazy?

9. Biggest Gold Hoard Ever

The museum reported that this is the biggest gold hoard that has ever been found in England. Graham and Meg have literally been sitting on a gold treasure and they never knew about it.

8. Twist Of Faith

The cruel thing about this is that Graham and Meg are not entitled to any of the gold coins. The judge who was put in charge of this treasure case said that the couple donated the piano to the college and therefore, they are not going to receive anything.

7. Splitting The Money

The only ones who are going to benefit from finding this gold treasure are Mister Blackhouse and the college. They are going to split the money and sadly, Graham and Meg will not get anything in return for their good deed.

6. Strangers Are Claiming The Treasure

What’s even crazier is that as the judge was trying to determine who is going to receive money for the treasure, more than 60 strangers have tried to claim that the treasure is theirs. Luckily, the judge didn’t fall for those lies.

5. Bad Luck

Graham and Meg are trying to laugh about it. Even though 500,000 pounds is life-changing money, they just had some bad luck and didn’t find in all the 20 years that the piano has been sitting in their living room.

4. The Good Thing

Mister Blackhouse said that he thinks he did the right thing. He could’ve simply replaced the piano after he found the gold treasure and never tell anyone where he got it from. However, he decided to split the money with the college.

3. Large Donation

Mister Blackhouse said that he is also going to follow the example of Graham and Meg and he will donate some of the money that he got from the museum for returning the gold treasure.

2. Incredible Story

Can you imagine how Graham and Meg must feel? They had 500,000 pounds worth of gold coins sitting in their living room all along!

1. The Real Winner

The real winner of this story is the community college. The college got the piano and 250,000 pounds extra. Graham and Meg are hoping that the college will the money to good use.

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