Man Inherits Painting From His Aunt, It Turns Out To Be Worth $30 Million

Back in 2004 Carl Sabatino was taking care of his sick aunt, Jenny Verastro. The woman was not feeling well and she was on her deathbed. Seconds away from having her last breath, Jenny Verastro whispered something to Carl Sabatino that would change his life. The aunt’s last words have led Carl Sabatino to discover a piece of art that is worth 30 million dollars!

20. A Final Surprise

Carl Sabatino and his aunt have always had a great relationship. This is why Carl made sure to stick by her side during her last moments. He wanted to show his aunt just how much he cares for her. Little did he know, the aunt had a final surprise for him.

19. Her Last Words

The aunt pulled Carl close to her and she whispered “look under the sewing machine” into his ear. Carl didn’t know what to think of this and he stayed by his aunt’s side. He was not ready to let go yet…

18. The Sewing Machine

Sadly, the aunt passed away. This is the cycle of life and there was nothing that Carl could do about it. However, he was curious to find out what’s hiding beneath the sewing machine.

17. The Secret

As you would expect, Carl was intrigued to find out what his aunt has been hiding beneath the sewing machine all along. Her dying words were to tell Carl about the sewing machine, so the secret had to be important.

16. Old Newspapers

Carl started looking under the sewing machine and he found a bunch of old newspapers. The fact that his aunt wrapped something so careful in the old newspapers means that what’s hiding here is important. What could it be?

15. Life Changing Surprise Inside Edition

Carl found a bunch of illustrations and a painting. Little did Carl know, the painting that he found would change his life! Check out the next picture to see the painting.

14. Old Painting Inside Edition

Carl discovered an old painting that he remembered from his childhood. His aunt used to display it in the living room when he was younger, but for some unknown reason, she decided to take it down. What was the deal with this painting?

13. Europe Street Vendor

Carl remembered from his childhood that the painting was bought by his uncle when he was visiting Europe. The uncle got the painting for 10 euros from a street vendor. Could it have any value now? You will never believe who signed the painting!

12. The Signature

Everything made sense to Carl when he saw who signed the painting. It was none other than the famous Pablo Picasso!

11. Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artists who ever lived and his paintings are selling for millions of dollars. Do you think the painting from his aunt is authentic?

10. Special Style

Carl didn’t really think that the painting was authentic. He knew that Pablo Picasso had a special style and the painting from his aunt didn’t look at all like that style, so he decided to visit an expert.

9. The Art Expert

The art expert didn’t waste any time and told Carl that the painting is a fake. Carl could not believe this. The expert had to be wrong. Why would his aunt spend her dying breath talking about the painting if it was a fake?

8. A Second Opinion Inside Edition

Good thing that Carl was not sure of the expert because he went to get a second opinion. You better stick around for the next picture because you will never believe what the second expert told Carl.

7. Woman In A Cape

The second expert told Carl that his painting is authentic and it’s the first design for Pablo Picasso’s famous “Woman In A Cape” featured in the picture above. Things get even better than this…

6. Partial Fingerprint Inside Edition

The second expert was also able to find a partial fingerprint in the painting that Carl inherited from his aunt. Could this be the fingerprint of Pablo Picasso?

5. Gum Bichromate Edition

Another great thing that the second expert determined after analyzing the age of the paint and the style that Pablo Picasso used is that this painting was done in the “Gum Bichromate” style that Pablo Picasso was known to like. Nonetheless, let’s move on to the fingerprint.

4. It’s A Match! Inside Edition

Even though it was a partial fingerprint, it was a match. Carl could not believe this! He was in possession of an authentic Pablo Picasso painting. You better check out the next picture to see how the expert found the real fingerprint of Pablo Picasso.

3. The Mona Lisa

The reason why the police got the fingerprint of Pablo Picasso is that he was friends with one of the suspects who stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre Museum. Isn’t that crazy? The next picture will show you how much Carl’s painting costs.

2. Selling Price

As we previously mentioned, this painting changed Carl’s life! The painting is worth 30 million dollars! We think it’s safe to say that Carl is happy with the gift that his aunt left him.

1. The Book

Everyone was so amazed by the story behind the Pablo Picasso painting that Carl was inspired to write a book about it. The book is called “The Journey of A Lifetime” and Carl reveals lots of interesting details about how his uncle ended up buying the painting for just 10 euros.