Eight Hedgehog Babies Were Saved By An Unexpected Surrogate Mother

There are many stories about animals becoming surrogate mothers for animals of different kinds, but the one we are about to show you today will make your jaw drop! You will never believe just how compassionate some animals can be and how strong the maternal instinct kicks in after they have babies.

24. Being A Mom


We all know that being a mom is difficult and not always what we expected, and this also goes for the moms in the animal kingdom. Warning: you will need some tissues because this story begins on a sad note, but in the end everything turns all right.

23. Hedgehog Family


Who doesn’t love seeing a hedgehog family running around in grass? They are adorable and their spiky backs make people laugh. This is why many zoos take in hedgehog families and put them on display for children.

22. Proud Mother


This proud hedgehog mother has given birth to eight babies and she was happier than ever. Unfortunately, this is where our story gets grim because the people at the Sadgorod Zoo from Russia who were taking care of the hedgehog family made a big, big mistake…

21. Sadgorod Zoo, Russia


One day, the staff at the zoo had no idea that the hedgehog mom was in the grass, away from her babies. Not thinking much about it, they began mowing the lawn… Unfortunately, the hedgehog mamma met the lawnmower and sadly, got so injured that she couldn’t make it. But what about the babies?

20. Hedgehog Babies


The zoo staff members had no way of helping her and the little babies were all alone without anyone to care for them. With the mother gone, the babies were crying all the time and the worst thing was that they refused to drink from the bottle… How could the keepers care for them?

19. Mourning Their Mother


It’s like the hedgehog babies somehow knew that their mamma got in a bad accident and she was not coming home. They were mourning her and they didn’t want to drink milk from anywhere else. This was a serious problem because, without proper food, the little babies would not be able to survive.

18. Low Survival Chance


The chances of survival for the hedgehog babies was really low now that their mother was not with them. They didn’t have anyone to feed them healthy milk or someone to show them the ways of the world. This is when one of the zookeepers came up with a rather… strange idea.

17. Strange Idea


There was a cat at the zoo that just had a litter of kittens. That’s when, seeing that the hedgehog babies were starving and looking for a mom, one of the staff members came with the crazy idea. He thought that maybe the cat would adopt the babies… Did she?

16. Musya


Musya just gave birth to her kittens and the zoo staffers thought she would accept to be a surrogate mother. Would she do it and help save the babies?

Doesn’t this sound crazy? Check out the next pictures because you will never believe what you are about to see.

15. Meeting a New Mom…


The zoo staff placed the newborn babies in the basket, next to the cat. They slowly approached and sniffed her and she did the same. Everyone witnessing the encounter was holding their breath, hoping the mommy would be willing to adopt the orphans…

14. Would They See Musya As a Mom?


After getting the time to know each other, Musya looked happy to help and adopt these little spikey babies. But for the adoption to be complete, the babies had to start feeding on her.

13. She is a Perfect Mom


They were very hungry and the smell of milk should be a good enough reason to feed on her. You’ll never believe what happened moments after!
To everyone’s surprise, Musya loved being around the little hedgehog babies. But would they accept their new mom?

12. Feeding Time!


Thankfully, after investigating the new mom for a few seconds, the babies didn’t waste any time getting to know each other better. They started feeding on the cat!

And they can’t get enough of it! Wait until you see the rest of the story…

11. Strong Maternal Instincts

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Even though Musya was in over her head adopting eight hedgehog babies, her maternal instincts were telling her that this was the right thing to do. And that’s not all! The mama cat didn’t stop here…

10. Healthy Milk

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Now that the hedgehog babies had someone to feed them healthy milk and help them grow, they were happier than ever. They are at a young age and their mother’s death might not affect them in the long run, especially now that Musya is there for them.

9. Getting Strong

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All that matters now is that Musya is giving it all to help the hedgehog babes. She is dedicating her time to be with them and this is leaving everyone in awe because cats are not known to be so altruistic.

8. Saying Thanks

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This picture makes it look like one of the hedgehog babies got closer to Musya ear to thank her for adopting him and his brothers. No one would believe this ever happened if we didn’t have these pictures as proof.

7. Pure Love

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The most amazing thing about Musya’s relationship with the hedgehog babies is that she doesn’t just feed them, she also cares for them really much. The cat has fallen in love with the little babies and she lets them sleep with her at night to keep them comfortable.

6. Sweet Dreams

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The zoo staff members can’t believe that Musya sleeps in the same place with the hedgehog babies, but they are happy that this is happening. The hedgehog babies have a loving mother and the zoo gets some new visitors because of this strange relationship.

5. True Surrogate Mother

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Musya is a true surrogate mother and the fact that she spends all her time with hedgehog babies shows us just how much she cares for them. Aren’t cats amazing?

4. Happy Ending

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We told you right from the start that this tragic story is going to have a happy ending, didn’t we? Hearing about the unfortunate death of the hedgehog mamma was heartbreaking, but at least her babies are healthy and Musya is taking care of them.

3. Cat Stereotypes

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As previously mentioned, cats are not known for being altruistic and this is what makes Musya’s actions even more incredible. She is destroying stereotypes about cats while taking care of eight hedgehog babies at the same time.

2. A Healthy Life


All that matters now is that the hedgehog babies are going to live a healthy life thanks to Musya and that they don’t have to worry about anything because the zoo staff members are taking care of all their needs.

1. Family Photo


This has been one of the most amazing stories that we covered. Let’s hope Musya gets all the delicious treats she deserves for being such a good mom from the zoo staff members.

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