Dog Sees Her “Twin” On The Street And Makes Mom Take Him Home

What do you do when you see someone on the street that looks exactly like you? You at least approach them and say “hi,” right? When Bethany Coleman went with her dog outside for a walk, she saw a pup that was exactly like the one she had on her leash.

26. Hello There!

Believe it or not, but the dog called Rogue, immediately pulled her mom to go and check for the strange pooch. What happened next? Let’s find out!

Rogue introduced herself to the other pooch and played for a bit. It was a match made in heaven and these pups really looked like they were twins! But where did Bethany and Rogue stumble upon this pooch? Did he have an owner? You won’t believe how things escalate from a simple day at the market!

25. Farmers Market

You see, it was all a coincidence. Bethany was shopping at the farmers market and took Rogue with her. Then her pooch saw that dog which looked exactly like her and couldn’t help but go and play. The dog was with the staff at the Last Hope K9 Rescue.

24. Rogue Has a Twin!

The dogs ran and played around for a long while and it was the first time Bethany has seen Rogue get along with a pooch and play nice! She forgot about shopping and just watched these two fur balls running and rolling on the grass. Then, she has an idea!

23. He Was Up For Adoption

Fate has it that Rogue’s “twin” was up for adoption! Seeing how great they were together, Bethany thought of adopting him. However, at home she had two senior cats and Rogue. What did she do? Here’s the cutest story we’ve ever heard…

22. Hands Full

Bethany was quite a busy mom as she had enough “kids” with her boyfriend Tyson. Adopting another dog was already too much! She had Rogue, the first rescue dog and two cats at home. However, Tyson was there, helping her raise their furry babies! What did Tyson say about getting another dog?

21. A Second Dog

In an interview, Bethany said that before stumbling upon Rogue’s twin, he “Tyson had mentioned getting another dog and I was like, ‘no way.’” Thinking that Tyson would be in on adopting a second dog, she wondered how he would react when he saw that she even found one that looked exactly like Rogue.

But there was a problem…

20. Slim Chances!

In the interview with The Dodo, Bethany Coleman explained that they lived in Boston and if they were to move, “no one in their right mind would rent a place to two humans, two cats and two dogs.” That was just too much! Little did she know that soon she’ll change her mind…

19. Meet Beast

Instagram / RogueAndBeast

With that in mind, Bethany went on for a long walk to their local farmers market. But instead of laying her eyes on the produce, she encountered the spitting image of her pooch Rogue: a dog named Beast. What did she do? Well, she was just as surprised as we were when we found out…

 18. Adopt Me!

“He was there with Last Hope K9 Rescue and a bunch of other dogs that were all up for adoption,” explained the happy mom of furry babies. But she knew that adding another animal in their family wouldn’t be a good idea. However, she couldn’t help it.

“I just instantly fell in love with him!” she said. So, she called Tyson…

17. They’re Like Twins!

What made Bethany want to adopt Beast and not another dog was that he looked like Rogue. Both dogs are Cairn terrier mixes. “Beast was a total oops baby!” she said, adding that he even got mistaken for a pig a few times. And as she called Tyson, she told him: “I found a dog I wanna rescue.”

16. Rogue and Beast

Instagram / RogueAndBeast

She let Rogue play with Beast and they immediately bonded. It was fate, you might say! And Bethany knew she had to take Beast with her. So, after talking with an overexcited boyfriend over the phone, she filled out the paperwork. Guess what happened after she got home with the new family member!

15. Best Photo Ever

“I even have the first picture ever of him when he was at the market,” recalled Bethany. She took the 8-month-old puppy and Rogue was as happy as her mom. She now was convinced that this pooch was her long-lost brother. Wait until you see Beast when he starts growing! 

14. Love at First Sight

Bethany explained that“Rogue and I had love at first sight with him.”And the fact that he looked just like Rogue, having the same coat, color and size also made them look like the perfect pair. As soon as the happy furry duo got outside for walks, people asked the owners if Beast and Rogue were brother and sister…

13. Home at Last

As soon as Beast got to his new home, he had to meet the cats. The felines had no beef with the new fur baby. It was Rogue who had some ground rules to settle with the new guy. He thought he’d be the one ruling the house, but Rogue put him in his place. She also had a talk with her mom in the most adorable way…

12. The Spoiled Only Child

As soon as Rogue realized what having a younger brother meant, she began to miss being the only child. She was used to competing with the cats for attention – because the cats are not as needy as Beast was. Plus, Bethany said that when Beast and Rogue got the same toys, “she would only want whatever Beast had and would always take it from him.”

11. Learning To Share

Instagram / RogueAndBeast

As with all sibling spats, Beast and Rogue had their share of huffs and puffs over the toys and the parents, but in the end they became best friends and even partners in crime! They learned to share everything, especially the couch.

And now, Beast is double the size of his sister. However, Bethany said he still thinks he’s tiny…

10. A Big Goof

The mom said that Beast thinks he can do all the things Rogue can do, but he’s too big for that: “He’s just a big lovable goober and definitely a mama’s boy. He’ll step on Tyson and on the cats just to get to me if I’m on the couch or bed.”

9. My MOM!

If she had to describe how Rogue and Beast react around each other and with her, Bethany has the best examples:

“Beast is the big baby and my cuddlebug who competes with the cats for lap space.” However, the once super hyperactive Rogue is now mellow since she has a partner in crime.

8. Ready To Move

The couple had to move to Hawaii and they took all their pets with them. It was tough, the dogs had to stay for a while in mandatory quarantine as they arrived in the state, but as soon as they were all reunited, tails wouldn’t stop wagging!

7. A Happy Family

Instagram / RogueAndBeast

Hawaii made the family bond more, and there were no trouble after they got there, said Bethany, adding that the “adventure across the country together proved this little family will always be together.”

And guess how they enjoy the spare time. We’ll give you a hint: wet pooches!

6. The Next Adventure

Moving to Hawaii looks like the best decision ever, and the family cannot wait to start the new adventure. She even said that it all feels like she’s starting their own Noah’s ark: “Two humans, two cats and two dogs.”

5. Beast, the Beach Dog

Instagram / B3thany_

Beast loves the sea and the sand. He is the perfect sea dog, and Rogue loves to chase the crabs and swim all day long. Bethany plans to buy Rogue a life jacket and teach her to surf. The pooch was born to ride the waves!

4. Thunder Buddies

Instagram / B3thany_

You don’t see too often dogs that immediately get friends like Rogue did with Beast. And thanks to Bethany, who finally gave in and adopted Beast, these pooches have become thunder buddies.

And they are even famous all over the internet!

3. A Lovely Story

Beast and Rogue’s story became viral as soon as Bethany created an Instagram account for her pooches: @rogueandbeast. They were also featured on The Dodo and many other websites. It just shows that the “twin” pups conquered the hearts of thousands of people. Here’s what some wrote about them…

2. A Home, a Friend and a Family

“No one can resist those two. They simply have to stay together,” wrote a person on Facebook. Another one said that it was “so wonderful that Beast got a good home and great friends.”

Bottom line: Rogue got a best friend for life – Beast, her “twin” brother!

1. Adopt a Friend

If you have a pup and you see it immediately befriending another one that does not have a home, you know what to do. Beast was so lucky to meet Rogue that day! One thing is true: two dogs are better than one!

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