Couple Lost House In Fire, But They Still Decide To Do This For Strangers

A fire came and took their homes, but this loving couple never gave up hope. Even though they lost everything they owned in the fire, they did their best to keep a positive mental attitude because they knew that others have it worse than them, some people have lost their loved ones in the fire. However, what this couple did in order to raise people’s spirits will make your heart warm!

20. Camp Fire

A huge fire started in the Edgewood Lane neighborhood and it kept spreading until everyone lost their homes. This is one of the most terrible things that can happen to someone…

19. Losing Their Homes

Just imagine how much it must hurt to work all your life in order to build a house and to create memories in it only to have it go to ruin. This is heartbreaking and most people who go through things like this never recover.

18. Running Away

Obviously, everyone who’s house was burned got in their cars and started driving towards safety. The problem here is that the highway was packed and that the fire was getting close to them. Luckily, the fire never made it on the road.

17. Brenda and Buzz Clark

This lovely couple is named Brenda and Buzz Clark. Unfortunately, they lost their house in the blazing fire and they had nowhere else to go other than a Walmart parking lot. This is where everyone gathered around and made a camp after the wildfire took their homes.

16. Small Camp

As you can see in the picture above, people started putting up tents and making a small camp in the Walmart parking lot. Unfortunately for Brenda and Buzz, they didn’t have a tent and they were forced to sleep in their car.

15. Losing Everything

Even though Brenda and Buzz have lost their home and everything else they’ve worked for all their life, they still had each other. This is why they kept a positive mental attitude and decided to make a difference in the community.

14. Making A Difference

Brenda and Buzz were determined to make a difference and to try and ease the pain of all these people, but how could they achieve such an impossible task? Well, Buzz had a rather interesting idea…

13. Cash Money

The couple managed to take some cash with them when they ran out of the house and they figured out that they might as well spend it to help people out. Keep reading to find out what Brenda and Buzz do with their money.

12. Groceries Shopping

Brenda and Buzz decided to go groceries shopping in the nearby Walmart. However, you will never believe what the couple did with the groceries once they got out of the store…

11. Sharing Is Caring

Even though Brenda and Buzz spent all their money on groceries, they decided to put them in the middle of the parking lot so that everyone who needs something, but doesn’t have the money to buy it can simply pick it up. Isn’t this amazing?

10. Helping Out

Everyone was impressed after seeing what Brenda and Buzz did for the camp and to the couple’s surprise, more and more people started handing out free stuff to others. The community was helping each other out.

9. Pile Of Donations

It didn’t take long for people to gather a giant pile of donations from where everyone can take what they need. It’s incredible to see how these people who have lost everything are still willing to give to others.

8. Heartwarming Moment

Buzz says that seeing how people followed in his footsteps and bought groceries to donate almost made him cry. This was a heartwarming moment for everyone who lost their houses to the fire.

7. The Right Thing

When asked why they spent their last money on buying groceries for others, Brenda and Buzz said that they just wanted to do the right thing and didn’t care about anything else.

6. War Zone

The camp looks like a war zone with everyone living inside their cars and tents, but the one thing that the fire couldn’t take away from the people is their humanity and love. Don’t you think so?

5. Warm Clothes

Most people didn’t have enough time to pack warm clothes when they ran outside their homes because of the fire and seeing how other people are willing to donate their own jackets and shirts made Brenda and Buzz tear up.

4. A Strong Community

The only good thing to come out of the tragedy caused by the wildfire is this strong community. These people are going to be okay as long as they have each other.

3. Sleeping In Cars

Let’s hope that the government helps these people relocate to new homes because they don’t have any other option than to sleep inside their house and this is no way for hard-working people to live.

2. Chris’s Place

Tragedy struck these people, but their fighting spirit helped them get out of the blazing fire. Don’t you think this is amazing?

1. Sad Story

Sadly, we don’t have a happy ending for you. The people who lost their house in the wildfires need to wait for the government to lend them a helping hand. Luckily, these people have each other to count on during hard times such as these.

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